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2007-09-22, 11:34 AM
My RL group has just wrapped (woo hoo!) Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil, and we're hoping to relax with something a little different, less epic questy, and perhaps explore some alternate rulesets. So, we're going to start out a first-level group using Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved, probably set in the Diamond Throne world.

I'm wondering if any of you have experience with this set, and can give me a head's up on good low-level adventures out there, or any broken bits in AE that might need to get house-ruled? My group are really not powergamers, and they'll be starting at first level, but any pointers on the system would be much appreciated.

2007-09-22, 01:38 PM
The magic system is less win heavy than the standard D&D, with spells that are more focused on buffs and blasts than save-or-lose/suck. It's an amazing system, and one that I particularly enjoy.

2007-09-22, 02:29 PM
Sounds good. In the last campaign, they gravitated towards primary casters late in the campaign as a kind of self-defence against, well, TPK's, but their inclinations are more likely to take them towards warrior classes and mage blades. Maybe one magister, which'd sound about right.

One of the players is looking at the witch class. We haven't made any decisions about the campaign focus yet. Any recommendations about which of the witch variants is the most versatile/interesting?

2007-09-22, 04:11 PM
I like the green witch.. mostly for flavor.

2007-09-22, 04:33 PM
I like the system; it is a bit more balanced the standard fare DnD, which is far too "magikz rawkzorz" (or something like that) for me.

Fax Celestis
2007-09-22, 04:42 PM
"magikz rawkzorz"

"m4igk r0xx0rz t3h f0xx0rz s0xx0rz n00b lern 2 pley" is, I believe, the phrase you were looking for.