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2019-01-18, 06:42 AM
I am going to use this thread to help me with the various characters i am putting together because quite frankly I over think things and i just need to get it on paper and into play. I have a idea of my characters past and not all is relevant to a DM or needed upfront and distilling it back to some go to sentences would help me and the DM i am sure.

So today we have Elizabeth Swansword A Tortle FIGHTER privateer (smuggler, pirate when the job calls for a retrieval) with a past as below. Not your typical tortle she has a more human like figure although the years at sea have given he a weathered look.

My Past is a mystery. I remember only waking, running, and even swimming. Then nothing again. 'The Captain' found me on a beach and took me under his wing as his charge some 10 years prior to the campaign. Trait/Bond?: Idolizes the Captain. Father/daughter and first mate relationship.
Recently found herself in the water once more feeling groggy like she had been drugged and with no sign of her ship. But she is floating on her personal shield along with some gear.
Now travelling port to port for any news of her crew. She feels abandoned/betrayed and without purpose in some ways.
Has always felt like she is being chased. Flaw?: Paranoid, looking over her shoulder. Maybe claustrophobia so she always sleeps on deck?

One of the later reveals i hope to be is that she isnt actually a true tortle but a hybrid/fusion of two individuals, one a tortle another a human courtesan (hence the more human figure).
The other reveal could be that it was "The Captain" who set her adrift so that she might find her own place in the world, feeling he was holding her back from finding out about her past and having taught her to survive.