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2007-09-27, 05:33 AM
I am working on a homebrew system, in which you progress by HD type instead of by Class, and your Class is instead more of a template that you apply to your HD. It isn't fully worked out to the point of making much sense anywhere but in my own skull at this point, but the issue I am wanting your opinion on is the following:

The current races for the campaing seem to logically break down into the following HD types:

Fey, Giant, and Humanoid

From the perspective of advancing by HD type (as PCs), is the fact that type Fey has a weaker HD, and lower BAB enough of a balancing factor to make up for its getting better saves and 4 more skill points/level?

Note- For better context, here is the bare-bones class templates:

Also- class skills are determined by class, not race

Fighter- HD and BAB each improve one step, add Fort to good saves
Thief- Skills improve to 8+int, add Reflex to good saves
Cleric- (spellcasting not worked out yet), add Will to good saves
Mage- (spellcasting not worked out yet), add Will to good saves, reduce HD by one step, reduce BAB by one step (min. 1/2)