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Dr. Weasel
2007-09-27, 07:45 PM
The Truemind Disciple: A Psychic Practitioner of the Sublime Way

The Truemind Disciples are discipline incarnate. They are able to tap their minds to fuel their combat skills and to directly manipulate the world around themselves. They are knowledgable in both the ways of the mind and the ways of the blade.

Feats: Instant Clarity, Proficiency with all Diamond Mind weapons
Skills: Autohypnosis: 4 ranks; Balance: 4 ranks; Concentration: 8 ranks
Manifesting: Able to manifest 2nd level powers
Maneuvers: At least two maneuvers and at least one Diamond Mind Stance

The Truemind Disciple
{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Spells

+2|Truemind Style|

+3|True Unity|+1 level of existing manifesting class

+3| |+1 level of existing manifesting class

+4|True Adaption |+1 level of existing manifesting class

+4| |+1 level of existing manifesting class

+5|True Persistence|

+5| |+1 level of existing manifesting class

+6|True Balance|+1 level of existing manifesting class

+6| |+1 level of existing manifesting class

+7|Truemind Mastery |+1 level of existing manifesting class [/table]

HD: d6
Skill Points: 2+Intelligence modifier
Skill List: Autohypnosis, Balance, Concentration, Craft, Intimidate, Knowledge (Psionics), Martial Lore, Profession, Psicraft

Maneuvers: All Truemind Disciple adds his full class level to determine his Initiator level. Every even level grants one Maneuver from the Diamond Mind discipline. Upon reaching level 5, a Truemind Disciple can learn one Diamond Mind Stance.

Manifesting: At each level beside first and sixth, a Truemind Disciple gains new powers known, power points and manifester level for the purposes of determining the maximum power point usage of his powers as if he had leveled up in his previous psionic class.

Truemind Style: As a free action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity, a Truemind Disciple can expend up to 2 Power Points per class level to channel their psychic power through one Diamond Mind weapon. one attack made this round with that weapon gain +1 to hit and +1d6 to damage for every two Power Points spent this way. This ability may be used once per round.
Additionally, while recovering maneuvers, the Truemind Disciple automatically gains Psionic Focus.

True Unity: A Truemind Disciple of second level or higher may add his primary manifesting ability (Wisdom for a Psychic Warrior, Intelligence for a Psion, Charisma for a Wilder) modifier to all Concentration Checks and strike DCs in place of his regular modifiers.
Additionally, he may spend 2 pp to increase the DCs of his strikes by one to a maximum of 10+(maximum Maneuver level available) + (Relevant Ability modifier).

True Adaption: A 4th level Truemind Disciple may expend a Diamond Mind maneuver and Psionic Focus to manifest a power with a level up to one half of his class level at no Power Point cost. This Power can be augmented as normal for the regular Power Point cost, though augmentations can not exceed the Truemind Disciple's normal manifesting limits. A Truemind Disciple may not use the Psicrystal Containment feat to activate this ability.

True Persistance: A 6th level Truemind Disciple is able to stretch the capacity of his mind without tire; they gain the ability to use the Instant Clarity feat any number of times per day.

True Balance: As a swift action, an 8th level Truemind Disciple may forgo the normal benefit of any Diamond Mind stance they are in in order to add his primary Manifesting ability modifier to any one Attack roll, damage roll, Saving throw or skill check each round. As a second swift action, the Disciple may deactivate this ability to regain the benefits of their former stance.

Truemind Mastery: Upon reaching 10th level, a Truemind Disciple may use Quicken Power on any Power without increasing its Power Point consumption, though he must still expend his Psionic Focus. This ability must be used immediately after successfully executing a Diamond Mind strike (if an opponent beats a save DC to negate all benefit of the strike, it is considered unsuccessful). Manifesting this Power may consume Power Points up to the Truemind Disciple's Manifeter level minus 6. This ability can be used once per encounter and a Truemind Disciple may not use the Psicrystal Containment feat to activate this ability.


So what are you folks' opinions on this?

I know this has been done before, but the two I've seen have either been cut-and-paste jobs from the Elocater or have ignored Psionic Focus altogether.

Does anyone have any inconsequential but fun additions for the dead levels?

Also, any ideas on how to steer this away from the Jade Phoenix Mage would be appreciated.