View Full Version : D&D 3.x Other Need some help balancing

2019-02-26, 03:15 PM
So I am planning on running a game mixing some different stuff and game systems
Mainly I will be running the Stargate SG1 rules, since that is the modern version d20 I have. (Its what is also called Spycraft 1.5)
The game world / campaign idea is stolen from Corporia. Ie that the Players are the reincarnation of Arthurian Knights (or the like). But they will not know that from the start.
To make it not feel like they waste their initial character class choices, my thought is to add some special abilities to them instead.

But I want to make sure stuff is balanced.
My thoughts are to make three templates
The Reincarnated Knight
The Reincarnated Ranger
The Reincarnated Wizard
The Knight would get the Fantasy Paladins Smite Evil
The Ranger would get the Rangers Favored Enemy
The Wizard would get ..... Probably the Rangers or Bards Spell Progression, since having a proper wizards Spell Progression would be immensely more powerfull than anything else.

How do you smart people think these three things rate up against each other ?
What could be added / removed to balance things out?
Other thoughts?