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2019-03-02, 04:59 PM
Hey Playgrounders,

I've started designing a d20 Modern campaign set in the 1860' American wild west.

However, even with d20 Past, there seem to be relatively little elements that really scream ''Wild West'' to me. So I started writing up some feats to give more playing styles to my players.

I'd really love to hear what you think of the ones I have so far, and if you've got better ideas !

Fanning - Can use one revolver handgun to perform autofire. Takes full barrel and is executed with two hands, -4 on attack. Prerequisites - Double Tap.

One Handed Cocking - Can use two handed Single shot rifles with only one hand multiple times per round, and with only -2 penalty to attack. Prerequisites - DEX 13, BAB +3, Quick Reload

Trick Riding - Can take 10 on ride checks without saddle, or bit & bridle (therefore without use of hands). Prerequisites - Ride rank 8

Handful - As Manyshot, but for thrown weapons. Prerequisites - Point Blank Shot

Pyromaniac - Can use a lighter as a free action to ignite held or unattended objects. Normal : Lighting something, such as a stick of dynamite, takes a move action.

Flurry of Dynamite - As Flurry of blows, but for explosives. Prerequisites - Pyromaniac

2019-03-02, 05:48 PM
You might like to google for a pdf of Deadlands d20, it might have some relevant material in it.

2019-03-07, 11:50 PM
Look's neat so far!

Maybe look at importing some 3.5 feats:
Able Sniper (RotW); +2 on attack rolls against flat-footed targets more than 30ft away, and +4 on subsequent hide check.
Dead Eye (DrC); Add dex modifier to ranged attack damage within 30ft.
Deadeye Shot (PHBII); Ready shot to have your target flat-footed.
Ranged Disarm (CWar); Use ranged weapon to disarm foe within 30ft.
Sharp-Shooting (CWar); Foes behing cover (but not total cover) only get +2 AC against you.
Woodland Archer (RotW); Refluffed as "Badland Shooter", gives various combat options.
Zen Archery (CWar); Refluffed as "Tempered by the Wasteland", use wisdom modifier on ranged attack rolls instead of dexterity.

From Pathfinder:
Clustered Shots; When full-attacking with a ranged weapon, total the damage before applying damage reduction.
Focused Shot; As a standard action, make a single ranged attack against a target within 30ft and add your intelligence modifier to the damage.

And since we're in homebrew territory:
Deadeye Deflection; Ready shot to deflect a projectile in midair, even another bullet!.
Cover Specialist; When behind cover (but not total cover) increase the bonus to your AC and reflex save granted by it by +1. When behind total cover increase your bonus to reflex by +2.

edit: added "Cover Specialist"

2019-03-08, 12:28 PM
So, I've had a look at d20 Deadlands, and it's mostly usable for fluff. Most of the actual class design looks somewhat clunky, espacially compared to actual Deadlands. Nonetheless, some classe features or feats looked flavourful enough to be slightly reworked and/or implemented in an actual game.

Here are some more feats I've found or cooked up :

Canny opportunist - Can use attack of opportunity vs drawing weapon or feint, even if flat-footed. Prerequisites 13 dex, 13 int, Combat Exp.

Extraordinary Luck - Adds CHA to saves, Prerequisites - CHA 13

Lasso Expert - Can use Rope to Trip mounted Character (15 Range increment Opposed Use Rope vs Ride) Prerequisites - Use Rope rank 5

Lasso Master - If a target is tripped by the use of Lasso Expert, it becomes bound. (Use Rope DC vs escape Artist, STR check dependant on rope quality) Prerequisites - Use Rope rank 8, Lasso Expert

Big Iron - As a full-attack action, a character can attack once and add her level as damage. Prerequisites : BAB +3

Stare - As long as you stare down your opponent (full-round action), it is forced to delay its round. (Lasts Level+CHA rounds), DC Will 10+Level+CHA+Reputation Negates. Prerequisites : Confident, CHA 15

Any thoughts ?

2019-03-09, 10:11 AM
As well as Deadlands, it may also be worth looking up Sidewinder Recoiled and Spellslinger.

brian 333
2019-03-09, 12:45 PM
Rabble Rouser/Snake Oil Salesman - character is proficient in convincing ordinary townsfolk to act in a way he desires them to, sometimes even against their own best interest. Be it hanging a creature suspected of or accused of a crime, (guilty or not,) buying cheap poisons sold as cure-alls, or ganging up on a person or group, the crowd will do as the Rabble Rouser suggests.

The character gains a +4 to Persuade checks, and for every 5 characters who fail their will save add another +1 to the check. Thus, in a crowd of twenty, if five of the first six characters checked fail their save, the seventh will check against a +5 bonus, and if ten of the first fifteen fail, the sixteenth will have to save against +6.

DC: 10 = listener will react positively to something he already believes, such as a religious sermon. He might be persuaded to give a small amount of money or goods.

DC: 15 = listener will react positively to something he wants to believe, such as in the guilt of a person who has already been arrested. He might be persuaded to give a moderate amount of money or perform an otherwise legal act.

DC: 20 = listener will react positively to virtually anything the speaker says, if nothing is required of him. He might be persuaded to give a moderate amount of money or commit somewhat questionable acts for a greater good.

DC: 25 = listener will react positively to the speaker's ideas and perform actions which may skirt the law. H might be persuaded to give a considerable amount of money.

DC: 30 = listener will react to the speaker with fanatic devotion and become susceptible to a suggestion effect similar to the spell. He can be persuaded to give whatever finances he has available or perform virtually any act.

Gunsmith - Character is adept in the assembly and repair of guns, and in the creating and loading of bullets. The character gains a +4 bonus on craft checks related to guns and their ammunition.

2019-03-09, 01:06 PM
Sidewinder looks to be a better basis for what I'm writing up then stock d20 Modern, thanks !