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2007-09-28, 04:38 PM
[[Pop Up News(PUN)]] - Good Morning Seattle. Today is Tuesday June 3rd. Acid ash predicted across all Tacoma and Renton today. Bloggers report a clash between the Metroplex Guard and group of mutant lead Barghest in eastern Redmond. Gubernatorial hopeful Kenneth Brackhaven is holding a charity campaign fund raiser for abandoned metahuman children in Bellevue this afternoon.

[[Seattle Independent News(SIN)]] - Health warning for Tacoma and Renton through 10pm tonight. Partly Cloudy in other areas with rain predicted tomorrow through Monday. City officials report that the hackers allegedly involved in defacing the Emerald City AR will be caught and punished.

2007-09-28, 06:56 PM

Tuesday. I have to set up Annika's interview with Martin today, because I didn't get around to it yet. And I should call Dr. Vrock first thing when I walk out the door. I need to find someone to make up a gown for that awards dinner next month. She wanted teal this time, but she looks horrible in that color...

Sabrina finally opens her eyes. The alarm hadn't gone off, so she sucks in a breath when she sees the time, 8:37. Sitting very fast, though, brings a pain to her face and she shakes off the fog of sleep enough to remember. Oh yeah, I got fired. The day before yesterday. Dammit. Stupid slitch. She thumps back down into her pillow, wincing a little. How many more days until I can wake up without thinking I need to get things done for that cokehead glitch?

Unable to get back to sleep, she rolls out of bed slowly and pads out of her room, grabbing her green satin robe from where it is hanging off the light fixture on the ceiling and putting it on over her white, small floral print nightshirt as she goes. She closes the door to her room carefully and quietly behind herself, so as to avoid disturbing Sinkalip. Not that she has any idea when he gets up in the morning. She's usually well gone by then.

In the bathroom, she pokes at the bruising around her left eye very carefully while watching in the mirror. There is still plenty of purple to it, but some of it has faded into her brownish skin tone by now. A little makeup would probably cover most of it up. If only she had some. Damn, she has a mean right hook. If it just hadn't been in the same place as the first one, it might be a lot better already. While she's there, she takes a look at the one on her shin. That one, at least, is hardly noticeable already. It hadn't been nearly as bad, so it makes sense that it should heal sooner.

An hour later, she's in the kitchen getting some soykaf, showered and dressed in a navy suit skirt and white sleeveless blouse. I'm going to need some regular person clothes, I guess. Haven't needed them for 3 years. Three whole years I wasted on that damn tramp. She sits on the couch with her cup and her commlink, running through the real to-do list for today.

It seemed like everyone's lives were falling apart. Sinkalip's job had gone poof, her mechanic, Damien, hadn't been there the last time she'd brought in her scooter (Which was upsetting, as he'd come to get a really good feel for the damnable thing and all it's 'quirks'. She'd even gone so far as to track him down and pay him to do the work personally instead of trusting it to the shop), Renko, Johnny, and Onyx had all become unemployed recently, too. Not that she knew all of them all that well. Renko is kind of a casual acquaintance. But a big, strong one.

It had been a wild idea. probably inspired by just talking to Sinkalip yesterday while the trid was on, playing some drek flick about shadowrunners. If I hadn't already contacted all of them, I would would wimp out right now. But I did, and they all said they'd come. I'm not backing out now. What do I need to get for this? Some real food is probably in order. And alcohol. No one is going to agree to this sober.

2007-09-28, 07:46 PM
Alright, the plan is set. Break at a 45 for the side and beeline to the 50 yard line. Slide into the nearest bunker and hope like hell that the backrow is covering you good.

A group of people are gathered in a tight circle all facing one direction. Some with what looks like large pistols in their hands aimed above the heads of those in front, all wearing masks and long sleeved and panted clothing covering all body parts. Across the field is another group all in a similar position awaiting a similar time.

BUZZ!!! An extremely loud buzzer sounds and everyone on the fields break into motion. For the backrow it is like everything is in slow motion. Two people from each team step out to the sides from the back and start a nearly constant stream of shots across the fields. Both sides know they are too far to have any effect much past the 50 yard line but this shooting is more for cover than anything else.

The other 8 players per team make what seems like mad dashes across the field towards the other team. Some head towards side lines some directly center. After about 20 yards 4 of each team slides in behind their respective bunkers filled of air and begin calling out positions of the other sides. 2 more members stop short of the middle field, also called the 50 yard line, and take cover behind a long low pipe-like bunker just before the 50 yard line. The final 2 runners each took separate sides of the field and are sprinting and shouting down the outside of the field towards the 50 yard marker.

20 yards, 10 yards, what was that!

A blur of movement catches Onyx's eye and he instinctively fires sever rounds as he dives headfirst into the backside of a bunker. One shot got lucky and blasted the side of his opponents mask. Quickly that person's gun is raised in the air and he runs off the field at a referees direction. Opposite side of the field Onyx can see that a mid field player is also being escorted off. One of his teammates must have gotten lucky as well.

2 down, 8 to go.

The rest of the match goes fairly quickly. Onyx makes two more desperate moves and sinks two more opponents as he does. His backrow steadily moves up providing the right amount of cover fire to keep his enemies heads down. Another perfect match for team IronStar. Between matches Onyx rests with his team and cools down after a fast victory. Today his team is going to take 1st place and earn it's place on the world tour. Paintball has a limited following but the one's it does are loyal. This fast action sport is growing more and more as the world rebuilds.

"Onyx, do you feel that the rest of yours games will go this smooth", a reporter shouts over the small wall seperating his team from the fans.

"Well that I do not know, but I can say that we are ready to finally show the world our colors!"

"Onyx, can I see you a moment", the team trainer says with a concerned look on his face. After Onyx steps into his small tent currently being used as an office. "Bad news son. These gentlemen have come to tell inform you that your parents had an accident on their way home from London. Apparently some there were some diplomats aboard that a group of terrorists though deserved to die and your parents were caught in the violence. Please take some time to yourself son."

At that moment Onyx sat bolt upright in his bed. Sweat pouring off his body and shaking all over. Every night it's the same thing. Every night he remembers the day he was told his parents were dead. Onyx never returned to paintball after that. He left the field and never looked back. Ever since then he has maintained some odd jobs and had some issues here and there. Lately he has been getting more and more depressed remembering the day more vividly. Sometimes I wish I never quit those BTL's. Granted he knew if he hadn't he would be dead right now. His short but lasting addiction left him vulnerable in many ways.

[[Pop Up News(PUN)]] - Good Morning Seattle. Today is Tuesday June 3rd. Acid ash predicted across all Tacoma and Renton today. Bloggers report a clash between the Metroplex...

"Ahh drek!" Is today Tuesday? Damn I have a dinner meeting today. Ugh I wish I could take pain pills for this damn headache! Perhaps I shouldn't drink so much the night before I have plans."HA! Like that'll happen!"Well better get to it then. It must be early still. Yup 1pm, nice and early. I hope they got booze there, it will take the edge off. Man how long has it been since I seen ol' Sabrina. High School days at least. Maybe I can find out why she was so secretive about the occasion.

Onyx drags himself out of bed, not really sure how he even got to the bed last night. He picks up his commlink and pulls up Sabrina's number. Maybe I should call her to check if I should bring anything. I got a few nuyen around here for an emergency and lack of booze at a party can be considered an emergency!

A picture of Sabrina pops up on the commlink as she answers."Yo Rina, whats the haps? Need me to bring anything to this party tonight? Yeah yeah I know you keep saying it's not a party but come on 6 of us is enough to call it a party!"

As he closes the commlink Onyx is glad as the images of last's nights dream begin to fade away. Always at night. Always the dreams...

2007-09-29, 01:26 PM
The problem wasn't the window, it was the sun, he finially decided. Sinkalip opens one one eye, then immediately closes it and lets out a yawn. He stretches out for a moment then relaxes. It was time to get up though, that's why he liked this room. Unless it was raining, he always knew what time to get up because the sun told him.

He rolls out of bed and to his feet, already fully awake. He gives a slight frown as gets clothing out. Laundry would be needed done today, he decided as he walks to the shower. Sabrina's towel hung on the rack, barely damp from earlier. A quick shower, a blue shirt and a pair of black jeans completed the out fit for the day. The clock was glowing 11:45. Before noon, a full day and night ahead of him.

He wanders out into the apartment, glancing around. Sabrina was already gone it looked like. He thinks for a moment then knows why almost immediately. They had the get together tonight, and knowing her, she was out getting things ready before 9. He walks to the kitchen and rumages around for something to gnaw on, noting her mug sitting in the drainer. She had definitely been up early.

He drops onto the couch, grinning slightly as he stabs the remote for the Trid. Nothing much to do today for him, especially since there was no work to goto. A smile started across his face as he was met with nothing but static on the trid. Fraggin' thing.

He wanders back to his room and gathers up his clothing, taking it to the back room and dumps it into the washer. That's done, he thinks to himself then walks back to his own room, leaving the door open as he settles cross legged on the floor, closing his eyes. Let's see what's going on in the meantime.

He grins slightly, then leans back the edge of his bed. His eyes open, their shade a deep golden color as he grins, his teeth ever so slightly more pointed then usual. His head drops to his chest suddenly as he's off to see what's happening locally.

2007-09-29, 04:09 PM
A thousand face moved about his consciousness, friends, acquaintances, everyone he had ever known or would know was there; an ocean of memories. With a sigh and a smile, Johnny rolled over, sinking into his memories, letting them flood over him. With a feeling of weightlessness, Johnny felt at peace and wished that such dreams would never end...

With a start, Jphnny Starr bolts upright, rubbing the aching back of his head with his hand while looking up at the bed he had just rolled off of. Drek! Always gotta be doing something to ruin a good thing, eh? he thinks to himself as he extricates himself from a mass of tangle of sheets. Having freed himself, Johnny slips into a pair of leather racing pants that had been lying on the floor and tosses a white longsleeved button-up shirt into a pile of clothing in the corner after giving it a sniff. Pulling on a pair of combat boots, Johnny stumbles into the bathroom and twists the nob on the sink, first one for hot water, then the one for cold, neither of which meets with any results. Frag! I told that motherfragger that my water wasn't working. Can't depend on anyone to get drek done these days.

Pulling open the door of the dilapidated fridge, Johnny scans the empty shelves for some nutrasoy or any other form of food, finally settling on the only form of carbohydrates there, a lone bottle of beer. Taking a swig, Johnny grabs his shades and CommLink. Might as well check whats going on in the world... [[Pop Up News(PUN)]] - Good Morning Seattle. Today is Tuesday June 3rd. Acid ash predicted across all Tacoma and Renton today. Bloggers report a clash between the Metroplex Guard and group of mutant lead Barghest in eastern Redmond. Gubernatorial hopeful Kenneth Brackhaven is holding a charity campaign... Hey, looks like I've got some mail. Maybe its a response to one of those job applications I sent out... Hmm, Sabrina. Haven't seen her since Renko lost his job at Spike's. Guess I should pick up some brews and swing by there later today, it will be good to check in with old friends, seeing whats going on.

Grabbing a pack of smokes off the counter, Johnny runs down the steps of his apartment, pulling his bike off the landing and locking the door behind him. Revving up his bike, Johnny races off towards the Seattle Downtown, tossing the empty beer bottle into the gutter as he goes...

2007-09-29, 07:53 PM
He had always been a mechanic, always wanted to be a mechanic. Still was a mechanic, according to the tag he'd taken three hours attaching to his name on the resident listing. "Damien Carr, mechanic for hire". He almost laughed at that. So far the only one who had hired him to do anything was Sabrina.

He did laugh then. Sabrina and that damnable scooter of hers. She was always bringing it in, broken for whatever reason. He'd had a hell of a time fixing the pink screen of death. But that was back when he had a job. Back before Ron's Fix-it had been bought out by Hartford Mechanical.

At least she still went to him. Only job he'd had for weeks.

Damien pushed himself out from underneath his van. His arm clicked at him. Probably needed maintenance again. He sighed and left the little parking garage underneath his apartment building.

When he got to his apartment his commlink was beeping. Good mornin' to you too. He hit the switch and opened the fridge. Sabrina's voice played in the background, over the sound of the trid saying something about rain and hackers. Right, dinner at her place tonight. Wonder what she sounds so excited about.

He thought about it while his breakfast heated. Him, Sabrina, Sinkalip, Renko, Onyx and Johnny. None of them had jobs anymore. Maybe she's got a couple opportunities for us out of one of those bigshots she knows. The microwave beeped, his arm clicked, and three lights lit up on the central command console. Damien smiled and shook his head. Just another day in paradise...

2007-09-30, 11:19 AM

Onyx's commlink activates at 10:05 am with an incoming call. The call originates from The law offices of DC&H. The caller chooses to go direct to voicemail rather than speak with Onyx.

The commlink message is from one of the secretaries at DC&H :

Greetings Mr. Harper. Mr. Howe has asked me to call on his behalf. We are pleased to inform you that Boeing Federated has agreed to the proposed settlement we discussed in November. As a result, the account you provided has been credited with 15,000 nuyen, minus our legal fees and a good faith tax disbursement.

This concludes the contract you hired us for. If you have any questions or future legal matters feel free to contact DC&H.

2007-10-01, 08:19 AM
Laden with two shopping bags, Sabrina bumps the door open with her backside, then kicks it closed once she's inside, around 1 or so. Everything goes onto the table for now. "Sinkalip? You've got to be up by now, but are you here?" She busies herself putting everything away (properly, neatly, and in it's place) while she waits for him to either respond or not. In the end, she'd bought more alcohol than food. She knows of three different things Sinkalip will consent to drinking, and got all three, along with the stuff she's pretty sure Onyx likes and a few other high-end varieties that she knows are supposed to be good.

The food is simple stuff that doesn't take much effort or skill. She hasn't actually cooked a single thing since Mom and Dad moved to Wishkah. That was five years ago. She hardly ever ate at home over the past three years anyway. Once everything is put away, she stands there with her fists on her hip and does pretty much what she did yesterday - feel very strange to not have anything specific to do.

Walking through the apartment, hunting for something to do, she finds the laundry in needs of switching into the dryer, so she does that. And that's it. She'd done her own laundry yesterday. She'd vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom, dusted those silly eagle things from Dad, and swept the kitchen.

With no response from Sinkalip, she finds herself today standing in the doorway of her own room, surveying the chaos. Yesterday's skirt is hanging on her closet doorknob. one blue pump is in the corner where she'd tossed it. The other one somehow ended up on top of her 4 foot tall bookshelf. Her shirt is mixed in with the completely disheveled covers on her bed. There is a smattering of garbage on the floor - a couple of shiny food wrappers, and the plastic from the new tube of nanopaste trodes she'd bought last week. Oh, and there's that stupid eagle mask from Dad. Have to remember to put it on the wall before they come out to visit again. I can do that now, I guess. And clean up.

At least Mom gives us practical gifts. Towels. That was the best present I've ever gotten, I think. Definitely better than this stupid mask thing, at least. Her commlink beeps, and she answers it immediately.

"Yo Rina, whats the haps? Need me to bring anything to this party tonight? Yeah yeah I know you keep saying it's not a party but come on 6 of us is enough to call it a party!"

She smiles at Onyx's image. "No, just yourself. My treat tonight." That seems to be all he needs to hear, as he cuts off the call with just barely enough time for her to say "See you later." Hasn't changed a bit. Hardly leaves time to answer a question before he moves on, just like always. After hanging the mask on the wall over the couch, she starts in on her room, cleaning it from top to bottom. And playing music - some techno-trash her Dad hates.

2007-10-01, 10:03 AM

Sinkalip emerges from his room, stretching out his arms and legs as he walks. "Mornin' Sabrina," he says glancing in at her and chuckling. He makes a slight face at the mask hanging over the couch on his way to the kitchen to investigate her purchases for tonight. He can't help but laugh as he observes all the alcohol. "If I didn't know better, I would say you were trying to get everyone drunk," he call out over the music.

2007-10-01, 10:22 AM
The music shuts off abruptly. "Oh, you're here," comes from Sabrina's room. She pops her head out the door, her expression that of mock incredulity. "Would I do that? Just because this whole idea is crazy, that doesn't mean that I necessarily think people would have to be sauced to agree to it." She ducks back into her room for a moment, then pops her head back out again, grinning. "But it will undoubtedly help."

She steps out of the room and, knowing he will have noticed it, gestures over at the mask. "Sorry, I found it in my room. I guess it's been there since Christmas. You know how Dad'll be if it isn't hanging someplace prominent the next time he visits." She does her own personal impression of their father. "Hmm. That's funny. Didn't I give you an eagle mask? I could have sworn that it was my kids I bestowed that fine, expensive expression of our noble heritage upon. One would almost think they were ashamed to be Salish." She drops the impression.

"Easier to just put it up there and leave it then forget the day before they get here and get his crap about it." She looks over at the mask now. "Maybe you could move one of your coyote thingies next to it. Make it look like it's growling at the thing, or about to eat it."

2007-10-01, 11:53 AM
"zzzz huh"
"woah who am I, right, two hands check, two legs, must be metahuman, horns, right I'm a troll, name, names are important, Renko, yeah, that sounds right, what am I, job, I remember jobs, Bouncer, guy at a bar, yeah, thats what I am".
The morning (okay, afternoon) Amnesia having faded Renko looked around his apartment, his eyes fell on the large revolver sitting on the coffee table and then at the dent in the wall near the door
"right, WAS a bouncer, then I was an idiot who had to pull a gun on some drunk drekhead, now I'm just an unemployed idiot. I was mad about that. Lesse, coffee, coffee would be good"
Renko got out of bed, pulled on a t-shirt and some sweatpants, put a boxed breakfast in the microwave and made some coffee, as the pot bubbled he started to think.
"Right, no job, where have I heard that before, oh yeah, Sabrina, that nice girl who would come by and chat while her drekhead boss hung out in one of the back rooms doing drek knows what, her brother, sinkalip, said she got fired, I heard hes out of work too, and Damien wasnt at the shop when I went to pick up the bike yesterday. And Johnny who lives upstairs, I heard hes out of work.
Renko sipped his soycaf, the horrid taste waking him up better then the caffeine as he scanned through his commlink
Hmm, mariners lost 4-3 against Denver after Romero got a homer in the ninth, hmm, ninth,nine, something is happening at nine oh yeah, Sabrina is having a get together at her place , I said Id go, I cant go, I have work. Wait, no I dont, thats right, I got fired, Spike was nice about it though."
Renko put on his shades and turned on the AR, pulled on his jacket, grabbed his taser (fraggin gangers, cant be too careful), moved a band poster to cover the dent in the wall so the landlord wouldnt give him drek about it, and walked out of the apartment.

2007-10-01, 12:30 PM
"Just myself? Now that suits me just...BEEP!!Ahh drek what is that? The commlink beeps again in Onyx's ear. BEEP! Quicker in action than in thought Onyx clicks the button indicating he had a message.

Greetings Mr. Harper. Mr. Howe has asked me to call on his behalf...

Hmm this sounds interesting. 15k!, HELL YEAH! This was the best news Onyx had received in a long time. Quickly the haze of the hangover begins to pass as he remembers why the lawyer was calling really. The money was nice but Onyx's mind quickly drifts back to the day he found out his parents were dead. That was the reason the lawyer was calling. Onyx had no interest in the legal battle that his parents former company wanted to put up over the fact that "terrorism" was not covered in their policy. As the flashback of images that were only creations of his imagination begin to dance through his mind again Onyx realizes that the other feeling in his head was a hangover. A hangover meant he was not drunk. Not being drunk meant he had to think...and remember.

A half-empty bottle of Jack Daniel's was conveniently lying half-exposed under the box that was serving as a coffee table in his living room. I always wonder how Jack stayed in business all these years past the Ghost Dance. Bah means nothing to me just glad there is someone making something hard still. Aww drek, I wonder if she is still there.As Onyx snatches the bottle out he realizes that Sabrina was on hold. He looks down to his commlink and there is no connection. Damn! She probably just hung up thinking I was in a hurry again. As Onyx cracks the bottle open he hears a scream from where seems like very far off. It sounds like a woman screaming as she is ripped out an opening in the side of a plane while it plummets to it's own doom. The woman's face is his mother's. Onyx tips back the bottle as he thinks to himself, Well the party is not until 9 so I got time for another nap., as the bottle empties Onyx stumbles back towards the kitchen his head colliding with the wall as he missed the doorway. The bump was enough to lay Onyx out on the floor barely conscious. Not the intended method but the results were the same. he thought as the world began to spin faster and the alcohol begins to work it's way through his system.

2007-10-01, 01:20 PM

Sinkalip drops onto the couch and looks up at the mask. "Yea, I can here him already," he says, grinning slightly as he raises his hand making a little mock blathering person. His eyes take on a deep golden color as he peers up at the mask. Suddenly, its mouth starts mimicking speech as Sabrina does her impression. Sinkalip laughs softly to himself, glancing over to make sure she notices.

Casting Animate on the mask:
Spellcasting: [3, 4, 5, 6, 3, 5, 3, 6, 4, 6] (http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=2243) = 5 hits
Overcomes the Object resistance (Manufactured low tech) of 2.
Force Level: 1 Drain: 1/2
Drain Resistance = 4 + 5 = 9 dice, so just buying off the hit to resist the drain.

2007-10-01, 02:08 PM

She takes a moment to get what's going on, but then she gets it. And starts laughing. "Yeah, exactly." Once the laughter fades, she sighs. "Okay, so this room is clean. The kitchen is clean," she uses her fingers to count out the points she's making, "the bathroom is clean, the fridge is stocked, the dishes are done, my room is basically clean, the library is clean, the laundry is done, The windows are washed, the shelves are dusted, and the food will only take a half hour to get ready."

She glances at the nearest clock. "It's not even two o'clock." She crosses her arms and rocks on her feet a little. "You want me to put away your laundry? Because I have no idea what to do with myself until 8:30."

2007-10-01, 02:50 PM
Zzzzz......Alright, the plan is set. Break at a 45 for the side and beeline to the 50 yard line. Slide into the nearest bunker... zzz...Always the dreams....always the dreams...

2007-10-01, 06:26 PM

"If you really feel you want to wait on me, ok, but you don't have to," he says, raising his eyebrow at her. "That woman did a number on you," he says shaking his head slightly. "Makes me glad I..." he says then shrugs. "Sit down, relax," he says, laughing softly as he turns to make room on the couch. "Maybe you can get the Trid to work."

2007-10-01, 06:46 PM

Makes me glad I-? Sabrina gives Sinkalip one uplifted eyebrow, but doesn't say anything. She shakes her head a little and walks around to pick up the remote. "I'm screwed up now because I don't like wasting time? Or sitting around on my butt doing nothing?" She hits the button to turn on the trid and sticks her tongue out at Sinkalip. Pulling off her shoes, she sets them neatly next to the couch, toes facing out, then sits down and folds her legs up onto the couch. "Free time just feels weird." Then she starts channel surfing.

2007-10-02, 01:46 AM

Sinkalip chuckles softly. "You just cleaned your own room and offered to put my laundry away," he says, smiling to her as he pushes himself up off the couch. "Its an obvious sign of mental trama," he says as he heads to the laundry. "Everythings ready, so relax, its not like we'll be able to later."

Sinkalip heads into the laundry and takes care of it, leaving Sabrina to relax til tonight. He spends a while back in his room, crosslegged on the floor and watching the Trid with Sabrina, waiting for the evening to start.

As time approched, he glances over to Sabrina. "Everyone knows what time, right?" he asks curiously.

2007-10-02, 02:06 AM
*click... click... whirrr* Damien pulls the wrench out of his arm and closes the maintenance panel. Nothing but routine today, all it had needed was a quick check. Ok, that takes care of you and breakfast. He grabs the premade dinner from the microwave and flops down onto an old couch. Party at nine. Wonder if I need to bring anything...

He shrugs and reaches for his commlink, punching in Sabrina's number. Hey, it's me. You want me to bring anything to this dinner party of yours? Like tools, maybe? He grins. Knowing that scooter you've got, it'll probably break down halfway through appetizers.

2007-10-02, 06:11 AM

Shae answers her commlink when it beeps. "Hi Damien." She smiles at him, chuckling a little at his joke. "No, you don't need to bring anything. Just yourself and an open mind."

Sabrina stands up at exactly 8:28pm and begins bustling around in the kitchen. "They'll all be here," she replies absently. Real food is a lot harder to deal with than soy. "Though I can't vouch for 'on time', just appearance in general." By 8:50, she's putting out the first batch of food items - just cubes of plain, ordinary cheese with plain, ordinary crackers. But it's all real. No soy crap tonight. Next she puts out bowls of genuine potato chips, genuine tortilla chips, and actual tomato-based salsa (extra hot). The little pizza things will be done at precisely 9pm.

All the food in the fridge has been moved and stacked carefully as far to the back and bottom as possible to make room for the four kinds of beer, all in bottles, and there is a small selection of bottles of hard alcohol lined up on the counter next to plain plastic cups. Plain plastic plates are on the table with all the food and with plain white napkins. With a little luck, the audience would appreciate that she hadn't gone overboard. That natural food store had a lot of things to choose from. She'd tried to stick to things that this crowd would actually recognize and like.

2007-10-02, 10:25 AM
Renko parked his bike outside the building and set the saftey to "deter", guarenteeing a loud noise and mild electric shock to any idiot who decided to steal it and walked inside, his thick dreadlocks still wet from the shower he'd taken at the gym 20 minutes ago. Checking his commlink for the apartment number he plodded upstairs and knocked on the door to Sabrina and Sinklip's apartment.

2007-10-02, 02:39 PM

Before Sinkalip can even get partway off his butt, Sabrina is at the door opening it. She smiles broadly at Renko and stands aside so he can come inside. "Welcome." At the moment, she's wearing a navy suit skirt and a white, short-sleeve blouse. Her straight hair is down, just hanging free, which makes her look a little less...uptight, maybe? Normally, it's up in a no-nonsense bun, and she looks very professional that way. Like this, and without the glasses she usually wears, she seems more like a normal, everyday, attractive person. Of course, the black eye doesn't enhance her looks any.

"Kitchen's that way. Drinks are in the fridge and on the counter. Plenty to eat. Make yourself at home."

The front door opens into a small entry, which leads in two directions through open doorways. One way looks like it is probably the laundry room, and the other is obviously the kitchen.

2007-10-02, 03:10 PM

Sinkalip just watches Sabrina all but sprint for the door. He chuckles softly and keeps watching the trid until he hears her talking, then stands and walks towards the kitchen. "Hey there," he says waving to Renko. "Enjoy, she's gone all out," he says, grinning slightly as he steals a cracker and munches on it.

2007-10-02, 05:40 PM
Renko ducked through the door and walked over to the snack table where he helped himself to some tortilla chips.
"Thanks for inviting me by the way, kinda weird to throw an unemployment party, not that I'm complaining."

2007-10-02, 06:39 PM

She lets Renko get past herself, then pops her head into the hallway. If any of the others are there, she smiles and holds the door open for him. Otherwise, she just closes it.

"Misery loves company, right? I'm about to go insane with nothing to do here. That's some kind of misery. For Sin, at least."

2007-10-02, 07:12 PM
Johnny swings into the parking lot of the apartment complex on his blue Mirage, quickly grinding the bike to a stop on the asphalt. Pulling off his helmet, Johnny runs a hand through his light blond hair, back to front, pushing the gelled strands back into their upright position. He unstraps a large case of beer from the back of the bike and hoists it onto his shoulder before running up the stairs and pulling open the door to the building. Seeing one of the doors down the hall beginning to close as he enters the building, Johnny rushes forward, jamming the door open with a boot and sticking one arm, covered in dark blue star tattoos of various sizes, through the entryway.

"Heres Johnny!!"

2007-10-02, 09:35 PM
As the time rolls around to 8:45, Onyx begins to groan. "Ugh...What? what time is it?" Looking at the clock reveals the late hour. "Well better late than early I always say."

Onyx pulls himself off the floor wiping a little blood away from the back of his head. "Must have been a good party." he mumbles to himself. Gotta find something clean to wear. "Must be the maids day off." After a bit of searching Onyx pulls on one of his old jersey's he found in the corner. "Heh, fitting for the occasion I guess." He sprays it down with some deodorant and heads out the door.

Heading out the back door he chirps the alarm on his Midnight Black Mirage. He swings a leg over and turns over the slightly modified engine. With a roar it leaps to life and within seconds he is screeching down the road. Sure hope I remember where her place is.

Two lefts, then a right and Onyx pulls up to the address he was given. "Not too far from home. I like that. Makes it easy to stumble my way home after the party."

Onyx chirps the bike's alarm again and heads up the stairs taking two at a time. He quickly finds the number on the door and rings the bell. After only a monent the doors swings open and there is Sabrina in all her glory. 9:15 "Sorry I am late. I missed lunch I heard there was some food?" At about that time Onyx notices the spread on the other side of the room. "Whoa you went all out Rina!" With a quick kiss on the cheek Onyx makes his way towards the food.

On his way past noticing Sinkalip, Damien, Johnny and Renko. Onyx nods and greets them."Damien, been awhile. Renko, still working out I see? Sink, your sister is looking good as always. Johnny, well there is Johnny."
So Rina, whats this really all about? I know you didn't want to slum and feed your old high school sweethearts here. Last I heard you were hanging with some big time and were too good for us." Onyx throws her a wink and a smile. "So how 'bout it? Is this a 'catch-up on old times' party or what?"

Onyx swings by what is set up as the bar and grabs a bottle of Jack. "I see you haven't forgotten my favorite drink." With that he flops himself, his bottle and a plate piled high with snacks into one end of the couch and props his feet up. "Oh and nice place you got here Rina. Seems you and Sink been doing well for yourself. So where is the celeb you are babysitting anyway?" Onyx begins to eat what food he was able to fit on his plate and take large drinks of alcohol as well. Time to enjoy...and forget.

2007-10-02, 10:23 PM
Damien nods. Sure thing. He closes the link and heads for the garage, locking the apartment behind him. The battered old van that served as his main transportation was right where he had left it. He climbed in, thumbed the starter a couple times and waited as the gate raised itself far enough to let him out.

The van rolled off down the street, headlights switching on automatically. In the way, he thought about the others. He hadn't seen any of them but Sabrina since his job went kaput. Well, he might have seen Johnny a couple times in bars, but that was about it. No more Renko at Spike's, no more Onyx on the trid... Damien grinned again. This would be fun.

He arrived at the apartment right behind Johnny, catching the door before it closed. Hey everyone. How you all doing?

2007-10-03, 10:12 AM
Renko turns at the sound of Damien's voice.
"Damien! Long time no see, do you still have your ace shot at the pool table? Jimmy's still got your luck cue behind the bar."

2007-10-03, 11:52 AM
"Come in, come in." Sabrina just stays at the door until Onyx shows up. That makes everyone. She rolls her eyes at him. "Yeah, way too good for you guys. Or, you know, BUSY." Then she chuckles. "Grab some food, have a seat, relax." Sabrina waits for everyone to get whatever they intend to get. She leans up against a wall, trying very, very hard not to look impatient or nervous.

She doesn't touch any of the food, but does get herself a stiff drink and knock it back in one gulp. Then she moves to where everyone can see her at once and steps into her professional self. The one that can handle meeting a drug dealer at 2 in the morning, being slapped for something stupid, calling around to get the best price on sex toys, negotiating with a snotty concierge about the ruined wallpaper in the hotel room, refraining from calling her boss a 'total bitch', and all the rest...and just starts. "So, I think we all know that we're all basically unemployed here. For me, I know I just can't stand not having anything to do, and after," the next six words are said through a clenched jaw, "dealing with Annika for three years, I'm not exactly excited to find a new job in my previous line of work. So."

She glances at Sinkalip, in a somewhat furtive way, then away from him. Candy coat it? Let them discuss that point while they drink? Frag it. "So, I kind of had an idea. For which I would need everyone's help. All of you, I mean. Because I happen to think that everyone here has the skills to maybe pull off something really great if we're all just willing to do it. We could start small, and slow, get our feet wet, see what we're good at and what we're not. I think I know enough people that I could line things up, but I didn't want to call anyone until I knew if you guys were willing." She takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly.

"I want to start shadowrunning."

2007-10-03, 12:44 PM
"I want to start shadowrunning."

COUGH COUGH Onyx coughs up some of his Jack as he was mid-swallow when Rina laid this on them.

So this is what she pulled me away from a perfectly good hangover for? After a minute or two of choking Onyx is finally able to respond. "Rina, I think you been watching too many Sim-flicks. What makes you think that we would survive a run?! Or better yet who would hire some out-of-work blue-collar stiffs for a Shadowrun!?"

Onyx grabs the bottle of Jack again and pours a large quantity down his throat as a strange idea seeps into his mind. I wonder if we COULD run the shadows. Perhaps it is the Jack, or perhaps it is the sudden idea that they may find some action in the shadows but the idea begins to seem not to half-bad. Well now I am completely confused, maybe I will let her give some more details.

Wiping a bit of Jack from his chin and glancing at his plate now turned over on the floor in front of him Onyx leans down to begin cleaning it up. Without looking up at her Onyx says "So Rina, you got something particular in mind or you just hoping someone needs some reservations made and a Shadowrun crew to go along with it?" Onyx gives her a quick wink as he stands up hands full of spilled food. "Where's the kitchen?"

2007-10-03, 01:04 PM

Sinkalip gathers some food for himself, mostly cheeses and crackers and sits back with a cup of tequila and coke. As Sabrina lets on to the others what she's been pondering, he watches them, taking a drink. Nice spittake, he thinks, snickering softly behind his cup.

"We would have to start small of course," he says, grinning slightly. "And probably find a few things so it would be possible."

2007-10-03, 02:10 PM
Sabrina grins at the spittake. It was worth it to blurt it out just for that. "What kind of people do you think get into that business? You think they're just born that way? Everybody starts someplace, and I'm damn tired of what I've been able to pull as far as legitimate jobs are concerned. Maybe I'd be better off if I studied more in school, but it's kind of late for that now. I don't see a better option out there for someone in my position." I don't want to end up like Mom.

2007-10-03, 02:59 PM
Renko Looked at Sabrina for a few seconds.
"Thats a crazy idea and your crazy for thinking of it, if I was sensible I would walk out right now."
Renko reached over and grabbed a beer bottle from the fridge
"However, I'm not entierly sensible, and there have been crazier ideas that have worked well, so theres only one way to decide this."
Renko took the cap off the bottle, closing his eyes he flipped it, caught it, and clapped it onto his arm. After a second he took his hand away to reveal the cap, face down.
"Alright I'm in. After all, a man walked on the moon and a wizworm got elected president, and this is only slightly crazier then those ideas."
"Besides, I don't think any of them have been in a real fight before, if they go off and do this without me it won't end well."

2007-10-03, 03:02 PM
Johnny clamps a hand over his mouth to keep from spewing beer all over the kitchen at Sabrina's announcement. Quickly rushing over to the sinks, he sputters and spits the beer out, then throws back his head and lets out a long laugh.

"HAH! Wasn't expecting that. Doesn't seem like your typical line of work, but, what the frag, I'll hear you out. Will at least be good for a laugh or two down the road."

With a grin bisecting his face, Johnny leans back against the counter and takes a sip from his beer, listening for what else Sabrina will say.

2007-10-03, 04:17 PM
Sabrina brightens considerably with Renko's show of support. The nervousness seems to fall away, at least. "I'm not suggesting we go try to raid an Ares warehouse or anything. And no, I haven't lined anything up yet. That would have been pretty presumptuous, what with not even having asked any of you to do this yet. But I do know plenty of people, and not all of them are exactly upstanding, law abiding citizens. I'm sure they'd buy that I was representing some people trying to crack their foot in the door of the biz. You guys probably know people who might be looking to hire someone for a little under the counter work, too, even if you aren't aware of it.

"Look, I asked Renko," she points offhandedly to the troll, then moves her finger to each person as she names them, "because he's tough and knows how to fight. I asked Onyx because he's fast and knows how to shoot. I asked Damien because he's good with vehicles, which is essential for getting away. I asked Johnny because he's a mage of a different flavor than Sin."

2007-10-03, 04:24 PM
Onyx begins to think more on this. "You know Rina, fast might be an understatement." he says with a chuckle. "I may actually have to sober up for this but I might know someone in the biz. Or at least she might know some people in the biz that can get us started. I use to date this girl back in high school. I hear she is calling herself a fixer these days. She is calling herself Beguiler though I remember her before she had that name. I haven't talked to her for over a year but I think she still has a thing for me. Maybe she knows someone that could get us pointed in the right direction?"

Onyx comes back in to the living room from where he was washing up in the kitchen. "So the real question is, when can we get started? Might want to be quick before any of us think too hard on it! I will say Rina, you haven't changed much. If anyone could convince us to leave the legit life behind to hang our hides on the line for what might turn out to be nothing more than a quick trip to LoneStar lockup, or worse, the morgue you are the one to do it!"

2007-10-03, 05:20 PM
The party in full swing, it is now fully dark outside. The breeze coming in the second floor apartment windows begins to cool off a bit and birds have long since quieted down. The low staticy sounds of the nearby highway roll in on the breeze.

The occasional passing vehicle casts sound and light into the bedroom windows. The drinks and the food are above the nominal middle lifestyle fair. The conversation is suddenly interrupted by a pair of loud engines whining as they are strained to their limits. The extreme volume and sudden doppler change in the sound making it obvious what they are... a pair of motorcycles, street racing.

2007-10-03, 05:28 PM
The conversation is suddenly interrupted by a pair of loud engines whining as they are strained to their limits. The extreme volume and sudden doppler change in the sound making it obvious what they are... a pair of motorcycles, street racing.

"This could be good. Time for some fun!" Onyx races to the window to get a better look at the scene. If he cannot see from inside then out to the street he heads. Only having superficial mods on his bike he would not care and is seriously considering getting his bike although most likely they will be long gone before he is on it.

2007-10-04, 01:20 AM
Far as I know I do, Renko. Haven't been down to Spike's in forever though. Damien waits for Sabrina to make her announcement.

"I want to start shadowrunning."

Say what!? He laughs. Not in a mocking way though. You're crazy, Sabrina. Crazy. And you know what? I must be crazy too, 'cause I think you might have something there.

Damien grabs a beer from the fridge. Hell, between the six of us I bet we know enough people to get started anyways. He drops onto a couch, knocking back half the beer in one go.

And hears the race outside. I betcha Locke could get me a couple security drones, or at least the parts for them. All I've got are a couple of those little camera things.

2007-10-04, 11:17 AM

Sin chuckles softly, watching the others as Sabrina talks, laying out the plan. "It sounds like fun," he adds. "We don't have anything else lined up immediately anyways," he says, grinning slightly as he shrugs once, stretching out and taking a large drink as the bikes roar. He raises an eyebrow, chuckling. "Unless you want to go into street racing, which probably would end up with the same mortality rate." He blinks once as Onyx moves quickly to see them. "Though seems of some interest," he adds, chuckling softly.

2007-10-04, 11:31 AM

That was a little easier than I thought it would be. They must be having a tough time with the unemployed life. Or maybe I just waited long enough for the booze to kick in enough. Sabrina watches Onyx race through the open door to the largest of the bedrooms with an uplifted eyebrow and a grin. Yep, same old Onyx. "Okay, then. Great. 'Scuse me while I make some calls. Enjoy." She nods, mostly to herself. Unless someone stops her, she retreats into her room.

2007-10-04, 04:37 PM
Onyx rushes into the 'library' to watch the race. The library is full of all their extra stuff piled into what could have been a guest room. The room is dark, save for the light from the living room area. Once at the window, Onyx is able to look down the street and see the last seconds of the race.

Down at the end of the street he can see the cycle streak through a traffic signal. Moments later everyone can hear the engine sound turn into a squeal as the bikes skid to a stop. The riders looked to be about human size(human, elf, or orc) and wearing dark colored clothing, perhaps leather jackets and such.

The riders are still sitting on their cycles in the middle of the street, perhaps talking.

Anyone with an active commlink gets the following urgent bulletin :

[[Pop Up News(PUN)]] - Good Evening Seattle. This urgent traffic report just in. The northbound 405 is closed just north of the Tacoma border. Lone Star reports the Hellhounds are to blame for a massive accident and fire. Authorities report the fire is affecting some buildings adjacent to the freeway as well. The southbound lane is severely backed up with fire suppression and Doc Wagon vehicles.

2007-10-04, 11:37 PM
Damien's commlink beeps, informing him of the fire and accident. Trouble in Tacoma. He's onto his 5th beer by now. I wish I knew why I was doing this. Wait.. I think I do... No, that's the booze talking. Or is it? He decides to get a second opinion. Hey Renko, is this the booze talking? It's only slurred a little bit.

2007-10-05, 02:26 AM

Sinkalip sits, watching the others in the room. "Possibly," he says, grinning to the others. He stretches, smiling happily. "Its worth a shot though. I mean, we may not even get off the ground, but if we're successful..." he trails off, leaving a grin to the others.

2007-10-05, 04:42 PM
Damien's commlink beeps, informing him of the fire and accident. Trouble in Tacoma. He's onto his 5th beer by now. I wish I knew why I was doing this. Wait.. I think I do... No, that's the booze talking. Or is it? He decides to get a second opinion. Hey Renko, is this the booze talking? It's only slurred a little bit.
Renko looked over at Damien.
"Nah, its you talking, the booze is just writing your script."
Renko noticed the pop-up alert and thinks.
Hmm, the hellhounds, what do I know about them?
Seattle Street Gangs knowledge (2) plus intuition (3) to see what Renko can remember about hte hellhounds._: 5D6 = [3, 6, 3, 1, 5] = 18
(http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=2262), 2 hits.

2007-10-05, 05:57 PM
Soon the sounds of motorcycle engines again fills the air. As the bike speed back down the street, it is clear they are pushing the bikes to their limits. As the bikes approach the Sabrina's building, the one on the right is ahead.

Out of the corner of his eye, Onyx notices that a small car as turned onto the street headed straight towards the racers. Looks like a 4 or 5 year old Comet. The driver of the car swerves back and forth a bit in indecision and then tries to cut left after the lead bike passes by. His vehicle clips the trailing bike causing it to spill its rider. The Comet driver also loses control and crashes into a utility pole.

The pole sparks and then suddenly the whole apartment is filled with darkness.

2007-10-05, 06:02 PM
Onyx rushes back through the library and heads toward the front door. "Bad news guys! Party is over it seems! There was an accident out front we should go check it out and see if anyone is dead on your doorstep."

As he is probably the first one out I will slip on my glasses and allow the thermal to kick in if I cannot get good enough vision from low-light. I head towards the downed bike as quick as I can to see if he is alright. "You alright chummer? You took a mighty spill back there." I call out as I approach.

2007-10-05, 07:14 PM

Sinkalip frowns as the lights go out. "Sabrina, you did pay the bill, right?" he calls out as he pushes himself up, looking to Onyx as he rushes out. "Worth a look," he says. "Maybe one of them have DocWagon," he adds, chuckling softly, "Which might be a good idea," he adds, grinning to the others as he follows Onyx out the door, setting his cup deliberately on the very edge of the counter as he passes through the kitchen.

As they approach below, he closes his eyes for a moment and reopens them, his irises falling into a bright golden color as he peers towards the biker and into the vehicle.

Switching to Astral Perception and Assensing each in turn
Dice: Assensing(2) + Int(3) = 5
Buying one hit on each to tell 'general state of the subject's health)

2007-10-05, 07:15 PM

She's paused at her door when the lights go out. She was standing there for a few beats, just thinking that maybe once she ought to enjoy herself. Although the thoughts were shoved aside and she was actually just about to open the door, she stops now and looks up and back at the nearest light source, a floor lamp in the corner. "Lukqixt." Then Onyx runs through the place.

Do I actually care? "Onyx-" But it's too late. He's already out the door. "There are gangers out there. He shouldn't really go out alone. Bodies bring them out sometimes."

2007-10-05, 10:58 PM
Renko stood up and turned to Sabrina.
"I'll head out there, do you have a big flashlight I can borrow?"

2007-10-06, 05:28 AM
Ah. Thanksh Renko. I didn't.. Damien pauses, searching for the right words. bring anything of ushe.. use.. in a fight.. He heads over to the balcony and looks down at the street, bumping into a fair few things on the way there. Why ish that guy jusht short of lying there?

2007-10-06, 06:49 AM

"Bottom drawer, right side of the stove." Sabrina points to the kitchen as she explains where Renko can find a flashlight. It's one of those club-like ones, yet another practical gift from Mom. "Damien," she says gently while following him, "maybe you should just sit back down." She's used to handling a coked up woman, not a drunk man, but the principle seems like it ought to be the same. "Here, look, the floor is nice and stable. No spinning, no movement at all. I'm sure they can handle themselves out there just fine. There's even a window here so we can watch and not have to worry."

She steadies Damien with both arms, bracing him so he can watch out the window without falling over if he needs it. If he doesn't, she just keeps a light grip on his arm, in case he suddenly gets the bright idea that he should take off down there or try to jump through the window, or something equally silly or dangerous.

{No balcony, just a window.}

2007-10-06, 08:46 AM
Location Location Location

As everyone knows from the climb up to the apartment, the building sits 3 meters back from the road. Its 5 meters from the front door to the top of the stairs and another 10 meters from the top of the stairs to Sabrina's apartment. So, the total running/walking distance to the street is 18 meters.

The car crash is 15 meters to the right of the building entrance(29-30 meters from the window). The downed biker is 18 meters to the left of the building entrance(about 13 meters from the window).

Sabrina, Damien, and Sinkalip

The biker, which wasn't knocked down, begins to circle back to check on his buddy. The downed biker begins to stand back up and shake it off. About the same time a woman in her late 20's starts to climb out of the crashed Comet.

Sinkalip - Assensing

All three subjects are angry and the downed biker is injured.

Onyx and Renko

Onyx heads right down for the street and Renko follows after acquiring the flashlight club.


Johnny continues to hang out in the living room in the dark while everyone else scurries around like mice.

By the time they hit street level, the downed biker is standing rubbing his arm. The other biker has circled back and is just dismounting his bike a few meters from his buddy. The woman opens the rear door to the car, peers in for a moment and then closes the door and leans against the car.

The bikers are speaking to each other in hushed tones. Anyone wishing to hear should make a test(-1 dice for those at the window, a -2 dice for those at the building entrance, -4 dice for Johnny)

Vision :

There is sufficient light for Low Light vision. The utility pole keeps sparking every few seconds, so having 'flare compensation' will help.

2007-10-06, 12:48 PM
No point sticking around in here, looks like this party has died real fast. Johnny gropes his way towards the exit in the dark and, heading out of the apartment complex, makes his way towards Renko and Onyx, swaying a little as he walks.

2007-10-06, 02:19 PM
Renko pulled out his commlink and sent a message to those upstairs.
[[I'm going to try to see whats going on, I'd feel alot safer if I had some mojo backing me up. Get the wizboys to the window where they can see whats going on and throw some hocus-pocus my way in case things get nasty, but nothing before then.]].
That done Renko focused on the standing biker, trying to discern if he had a weapon.

2007-10-06, 04:58 PM
With the power outage, Renko finds that he can't access the grid from his commlink(only sensor 2). In fact anyone with less than sensor 3 will not be able to access the grid. He can still send a message to the rest of the group directly because he knows them, they probably have their commlinks in active mode and they are within 100m(max sensor 2 range).

2007-10-07, 06:36 AM
((That's cool. Low light Vision and Flare comp were the two things I had built into Damien's contacts))

Oh. Ok. Damien leans on the windowsill and watches the street below with a silly grin on his face. He probably should have stopped drinking two beers ago. Hehe. Lookit the world go round.

2007-10-07, 06:11 PM

With Damien not apparently interested in doing anything stupid, Sabrina relaxes and just gives him whatever support he needs. She sighs and grins. At least he's a good drunk. Ah hell, he'll probably need to stay for the night. I'll wager he can't make it home in one piece like this.

She gets gets a notification of Renko's message via nanotrode, and responds to it. [They're both on their way down to your location, Renko. And don't expect anything from Damien, he's wasted.]

Perception test: 2 hits (http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=2266)

2007-10-08, 03:00 AM

Sinkalip follows Rinko out, glancing around at the situation. "The biker's hurt," he says, "all of them are angry." He glances about, attempting to hear the conversation between the bikers or spot any weapons on them or the woman at the car.

Perception: 4 dice - 2 = 2 Hits (http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=2273)

2007-10-08, 09:03 PM
Renko nods and takes another look at the biker, checking to see if he is armed.
((Perception test to see if the standing biker is armed._: 6D6 = [3, 5, 5, 5, 1, 5] = 24

2007-10-09, 06:45 PM
The Street

The total darkness of the hallway and stairwell give way to a moonlit scene, with occasional flashes of sparks from the utility pole. Whatever that pole was it was apparently critical to the electrical infrastructure in this area. Looking up and down the street, its blacked out for several blocks.

Onyx and Renko step out of the front door onto the walk leading to the apartment building.

Sabrina / Sinkalip - The uninjured biker seems to be goading the injured biker into collecting some payback from the woman. ".. on, you going to let them knock you down and frag your bike and just walk away?" "No way." "Well, lets get some."

Renko / Onyx - At that point you see the bikers both pull out knifes.

Both of the bikers begin to walk towards the crashed car and the woman. One calls out, taunting the driver, "You got a nerve pulling a stunt like that. Your going to pay for fragging my bike and making me lose the race." The other biker mutters back, "I had you, there was no way you were going to win." The taunter says, "Drek, man, shutup will you."

Johnny and Sinkalip reach the front door and step out. A slight breeze blows the smell of rotting garbage past the four men on the street. The utility pole flashes again and reveals the glint of knifes in the hands of the two bikers.

Seeing the bikers closing, the woman screams and climbs back into her car. The sound of the starter motor grinding broken gears fills the air.

The uninjured biker says, "Ooh. We got a live one here."

2007-10-09, 07:09 PM
This is getting ugly, time for a little Deus Ex Machina for the lady.
Renko stepped forwards into the street and turned on the flashlight, pointing it at the bikers.
"Hey, Whats going on out here"

2007-10-10, 11:06 AM

Sinkalip frowns slightly as he steps out the front door, crinkling his nose up. Taking stock of the situation astrally, he moves forward behind Renko whispering quietly and closing his eyes as he reaches out to touch the troll. As he opens them again, the gold color is fully pronounced in his eyes, reflecting the flashes of light. He grins, his teeth seemingly more pointed than normal in the sparks of the transformer, along with a scruffier took to him, his hair taking on a tan color along the sides.

Casting: Increased Reflexes: Force Level 4
Drain Value = (4 / 2) + 2 = 4
Spellcasting: [5, 2, 6, 5, 5, 6, 4, 1, 2, 1] (http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=2294) - 4 hits
Drain Resist: [4, 5, 4, 6, 4, 1, 6, 6, 1] (http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=2294)- 4 hits
Effect: +3 Initiative, +3 Initiative Passes (Max 4 IP)
You're welcome. *grins*

2007-10-10, 12:12 PM
As Onyx crosses the street towards the angry biker's. "Whoa whoa fellas let's not get too hasty here. I am sure the lady didn't mean to ruin that race of yours. And by the way he did have you so tehre is no need to get pissed at her. By the looks of that race you needed new hardware anyway."

If the biker's seem to make hostile movement's towards me or the lady I will pull out my Yamaha Pulsar and shoot the closest one.

2007-10-11, 01:23 AM
Johnny Starr
Reaching the bottom of the stairs, Johnny looks about for the accident, and not finding anything, he snaps his fingers and vanishes from sight.

"Did you see where the accident was?" Sinkalip hears from the brightly glowing astral signature standing behind him.

Going to follow Sinkalip since I can't seem to find the accident. Perception (-2 for Partial Darkness): 1D6 = [1] = 1
1D6 = [4] = 4
1D6 = [4] = 4
1D6 = [3] = 3

Cast Invisibility: 1D6 = [1] = 1
1D6 = [5] = 5
1D6 = [4] = 4
1D6 = [6] = 6
1D6 = [6] = 6
1D6 = [3] = 3
1D6 = [6] = 6
1D6 = [1] = 1
1D6 = [5] = 5
1D6 = [3] = 3

Resist Drain (3): 1D6 = [5] = 5
1D6 = [4] = 4
1D6 = [6] = 6
1D6 = [2] = 2
1D6 = [4] = 4
1D6 = [4] = 4
1D6 = [2] = 2
1D6 = [2] = 2
1D6 = [6] = 6

2007-10-11, 01:46 AM
There ish... Damien tries to push himself off the floor, which he seems to have formed an irresistible attraction to. That I am too drink.. drunk.. to give a hand. Only got one real hand to give though, hehehe.

He manages to prop himself against the window so he can see out.

2007-10-11, 06:13 AM

Sabrina gives Damien a boost, holding him up so he can watch, even though he's obviously too smashed to do anything productive. "Mm hmm. Can you tell how many people are out there? I can't make them out too well without my glasses." It's not even a lie. Her glasses have image magnification and low-light enhancement. Sabrina can barely tell what's going on out there. As an added plus, if Damien keeps talking, it should be obvious when he's about to crash. Then she can steer him to the couch. Or leave him on the floor if he goes to fast.

At least he's not trying to cop a feel. Or am I disappointed about that? Hrm. Not sure.

2007-10-11, 09:31 PM
Aroun' twelve. Four bikers, two of Renko, two people in crashed cars.. an' a couple others, I think. Damien squints out the window. Could use better lightin' ou' there... don' think all the flashing is any good at illu- ilimi- lightin' stuff up.

2007-10-12, 06:24 AM

"Twelve, hmm? Well, maybe both Renkos can move our couch later." At least he's a pleasant drunk... Sabrina just rambles a bit, talking about whatever pops into her head. "Stupid gangers. Always doing stupid things around here. It's hardly safe to go out at night, and this is supposed to be a decent neighborhood. I'm glad I have that scooter, even if it does break down all the time. At least it meant I didn't have to walk or ride public transit all the time at odd hours. You let me know if you're ready to lie down, Damien. The couch is pretty comfortable, and you can have it for the night if you want."

2007-10-12, 04:44 PM
Onyx rushes out into the street and confronts the bikers. He starts by trying to calm the situation and then decides to insult the man's bike. Oh... this is going to go downhill for him.

Renko shines the flashlight on the bikers and Onyx and in his booming voice inquires what is going on. Fully illuminated, the bikers now obviously wear gang colors(brown and red) and have stylized tattoos on their faces, neck, and arms.

The uninjured biker holds one hand up in front of his face to block the light and says, "Back off pops. Go back ta bed." The injured biker, after being insulted by Onyx, and still feeling the adrenaline rush, decides to press his luck and says, "My? He? What? Oh, you're going to pay for that." With that he lunges at Onyx. What had looked like knives before actually turn out to be forearm snap-blades. His lunges (4,3,1,1) and Onyx steps aside(6,6,5,4,4,4,3,3,2,1,1). The biker falls forward and snaps off one of the blades and the other two become embedded in the pavement.

Sinkalip casts his spell(successfully). Johnny casts invisibility on himself and disappears.

So... if you don't tell me what force you are going to use, you get the maximum which won't cause physical damage...

Along the same lines... if you don't specify a target, you target yourself.

{{ Things feel like they may get ugly, you may want to roll initiative. Otherwise, you go last. So long as Renko keeps them illuminated everyone can see fine. The other biker also has a forearm snap-blade sheath with his blades extended. }}

2007-10-12, 05:29 PM
Onyx smirks at the fallen ganger. "Heh, so you want to make this tough?" Onyx steps forward pulling his Yamaha Pulsar from the small of his back where he normally carries it when leaving the house. He takes aim at the ganger that did not just trip and fires a shot at him.

Initiative _: 10D6 = [1, 6, 4, 6, 2, 1, 2, 1, 6, 4] = 33
(http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=2312) 3 hits +10 for a 13 initiative. Attempting to quick draw and fire the Yamaha Pulsar at the standing ganger. Quick Draw roll Pistol + Reaction (3), I think this means I need 3 hits?: 11D6 = [3, 5, 6, 1, 4, 3, 2, 4, 5, 5, 4] = 42

Edits were because I am a looney and can't get the spoiler to work correctly.

2007-10-12, 11:17 PM
"Ah geeze, you idiots don't know when to stop, now Drop the Knife, or I'll give the best fraggin docwagon sales pitch youve ever seen, namely since it will involve me and my buddies kicking you into the middle of the fraggin ocean."
Renko says this while running towrds the gangers.
Initiative roll _: 10D6 = [1, 6, 1, 6, 4, 2, 4, 6, 6, 5] = 41
(http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=2318) (I get +3 inititive from Sinkalips boosted reflexes), 5 hits +10=15, booya.

Intimidation Roll
_: 7D6 = [5, 1, 5, 4, 5, 5, 1] = 26
4 hits plus whatever modifiers seem appropriate (didn't want to roll them yet since I didn't know which ones you felt like applying), GM's discretion, possible modifiers
Character is physically imposing in some way +1 to +3
Character is wielding a weapon (Onxy is, so I guess it could apply), +2

2007-10-13, 12:31 AM
Alrigh', but I wanna shee whash goin' on fer a while. An' mebbe have another beer. Beer shoundsh good righ' abou' now.

2007-10-13, 06:03 AM

Chuckling a little bit, Sabrina smirks at Damien. "If you can get it, you can have it." She shakes her head and turns her attention back out the window. "Oh, hell. Are they getting into a fight?"

2007-10-13, 12:46 PM

Sinkalip watches the others rush to subdue or otherwise discourage the gangers. "Over by the flashing I would assume," he says to Johnny, nodding towards where the transformer is sparking. Maintaining the spell he cast upon Renko, he begins moving in the direction of the passenger side, making sure to give it a decent birth so he doesn't completely surprise the woman inside. "Are you alright?" he calls out to the car.

2007-10-13, 05:09 PM
Renko charges the blinded bikers attempting to scare them off as Onyx pulls his taser out and fires his darts at one of the bikers. The darts hit the previously uninjured biker and with a flash surge a huge amount of electricity through him. There is a puff of smoke that rises from his chest and the air is filled with the smell of burning flesh. The bikers, obviously affected by this tactic stagger backwards and head running for their bikes.

As they board their bikes, the one says to the other, "Come on lets get out of here. We know where they live, we can come back for them later."

Intimidate :
Renko - 7 dice +2(outnumber the bikers) -2(bikers have weapons) = 7 dice = 4 hits.
Biker - 6 dice = {4,5,4,4,6,4}

Taser Shot:
Quick Draw - Successful
Single Pistol Shot - Agility+Pistol = 10 = {5,5,5,4,4,3,3,2,2,1} = 3 hits
Full Defense - Reaction+Dodge = 6 dice = {6,2,1,6,3,4} = 2 hits
Result = 1 net hit = DV 7S(e)
Damage Resistance Test = Body+(1/2armor) = 5 dice = {5,4,3,3,3} = 1 hit
Damage = 6 boxes of stun
Incapacitate Test(3) = Body+Will+(1/2 armor) = 8 dice = {4,4,5,1,6,4,6,3}

Biker 1 (0 Stun, 2 physical damage) .. -1 from damage
Biker 2 (6 Stun, 0 physical damage) .. -4 from electricity/stun

The bikers start their bikes and would seem to be leaving. Sinkalip heads over to check on the woman. He finds her desperately trying to start he car. When she sees him, she screams. Just after that the sound of a baby crying can be heard from within the car too.

Johnny Star disappears as the invisibility kicks in and he lurks about unseen.

2007-10-14, 02:52 AM

Sinkalip holds his hands up, staying back from the car and waving them slightly. "Ma'am, ma'am. Calm down, the bikers are gone, I'm not with them," he says. "Friends and I heard the commotion and came out is all," he says. "We don't want to hurt either of you, just wanted to make sure you're alright."

If needed, and assuming that Con couldn't really be used, defaulting Negotiation to Charisma with the 1 die penalty.
Negotiation: [2, 6, 3, 3] (http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=2330) = 1 hit (Well, at least its not a glitch?)

2007-10-15, 02:11 AM
Dunno. Thoshe other guysh look like theysh leavin' pretty fasht. Mebbe the two Renko's shcared 'em off. Damien tries to get to his feet in order to get a beer and doesn't seem to be very good at it. Ok, I think I'ma go lie down now...

2007-10-15, 06:04 AM

'We know where they live'...Great. Sabrina gives a light sigh and slips Damien's arm over her shoulders to help him stagger to the couch. "Sounds like a plan to me." Ah well, at least watching over a drunk friend is a step up from watching over a stoned bitch. Maybe one of them even got a picture of those damn gangers.

As soon as the thought occurs to her, she figures it wouldn't hurt to share it, just in case no one else is considering such things or really heard them say that last bit. Who knows if Sin has his commlink. But I know Renko does.

To Renko: [Can you get someone to snap a pic of those stupid kids? If 'mysterious stuff' starts happening around here, I'd like to have someone to hunt down for it.]

2007-10-15, 04:27 PM
Sinkalip approaches the car and tries calm the panicked woman. As he approaches the passenger side of the car she scream again and after a moment of fumbling for her keys, sprays some liquid on the inside of the passenger window.

The bikers streak off leaving black marks on the pavement. The forearm snap blades from one of them, still sticking out of the pavement, quivers slightly on the breeze.

The lights for the next block to the right just came back on. In the distance you hear the sounds of another accident. After the initial collision, you can hear the faint sound of a car horn.

The woman exits he car coughing and gagging. She then turns and opens the rear door. After a moment she pulls a crying baby from the backseat.

2007-10-15, 04:38 PM

Sinkalip frowns, STILL not moving from where he was before away from the car. "Ma'am, you need to calm down before you injure your child," he says, pointing down the street where the two gangers had left. "They're gone and we have no interest in doing anything but making sure you're alright now that we've stepped in and made ourselves targets on your behalf," he adds, looking at her.

2007-10-15, 10:23 PM
Renko recieves Sabrina's message, and instantly opens a Word Processor on his commlink and records everything he remembers about the bikers. Once he's done that he sends a message to Sabrina.
[sorry, no picture, my shades don't have image cap, but I got some descriptions. I got a buddy in the Star, I'll forward him the descriptions and see if he can get a watch around here, in the meantime, I suggjest you find somewhere else to stay for a week or so, if I know fraggers like this if they don't come back within a week they'll have forgotten about it. Especially since all we really did was stop them knifing that lady, if we had trashed their bikes or actually hurt them it would be a different matter.]
Renko then walks over to the car.
"Hey Sink, whats going on with her?"

2007-10-16, 01:17 AM
Damien accepts the help, and ends up sprawled on the couch, likely unconscious. He won't be doing much for the rest of the evening.

2007-10-16, 06:36 AM

To Renko: [Better than nothing. You big galoots need any help with the woman? Oh, and Damien passed out.]

Without waiting for an answer, Sabrina grabs a cup and fills it with water before heading for the door, intending to go downstairs and outside with it.

2007-10-17, 08:18 AM
Onyx chuckles a little as he watches the bikers ride off in the distance considering the time it would take to get to his bike and follow them. "Bah, just not worth it!" Onyx turns around and surveys the situation. "Looks like you all got this under control"

Onyx quickly glances down the road again as another car crash is heard. Hmm More drink or more fight? Bah how come the drink is always closer lately? Onyx heads upstairs for one last drink for a long ride home.

2007-10-17, 10:57 AM

Sin stays where he is, not approaching any closer to the woman. He lets his spell on Renko drop, but keeps his eyes on her. "She's scared and worried about her child... and just maced herself," he says out loud, not having his commlink with him. "Let her relax and get her bearings," he adds.

2007-10-17, 06:20 PM
The woman and child begin to wander down the street towards the nearest street lamp. Obviously, being led like a moth to the flame. The screams of the child echo off the apartment buildings which form the walls of this arena. As the arena's gladiators, the team manages to emerge completely unharmed from a violent run-in with a pair of armed gangers.

The wind changes again and again brings the smell or rotting garbage from a nearby open dumpster. As the team moves inside, the forearm snap blade, which is still embedded in the pavement, finally stops vibrating. Moments later, power is restored to the block, once again bathing it in a familiar orange glow. When the lights come up suddenly, several rats can be seen scurrying for the shadows.

2007-10-18, 09:34 AM

Walking outside just as the power comes back, Sabrina looks around carefully, then heads for the woman and baby. Her pace is brisk, and she keeps the cup of water covered with one hand so it doesn't slosh too much. "Hey! Are you okay? I saw part of that from upstairs. I have some water if you want it. It must have been pretty scary, but those dumbass gangers are gone." She makes sure to speak loudly enough to be heard, and tries to sound friendly. Though, she doesn't have to try very hard. Sabrina can imagine pretty easily what it's like to be in her situation - physically unimposing, threatened by men with blades, surrounded by other men whose real intentions are unknown...okay, the baby part is pretty foreign, but the rest of it, she gets.

2007-10-19, 06:03 AM
When Sabrina yells, the woman stops and whips around. The baby continues to howl and scream in her ear. As she looks around she pleads, "No. Please. Don't hurt me. I didn't see your faces. Please. Let me go." While saying this she isn't even looking directly at Sabrina, but rather, a bit off to the left, as if she was talking to the street lamp.

She continues to back up slowly away from Sabrina. Suddenly a small car rounds the corner and is heading down the street. It honks at the woman in the middle of the road. She is startled by the sound and motion and falls to the gutter sobbing.

2007-10-19, 06:41 AM

"Whoa." Sabrina dashes over to make sure the woman is out of the car's way and gives her a hand. "Hey, no, it's okay. I just live here. Here," she offers the cup of water to the woman, "it's water." If allowed to, she helps the woman to get up enough to sit on the curb. "Seems like nowhere is safe these days, yeah? Stupid gangers. Think they own the damn streets." She glances down at her commlink then, strapped to her arm. "You want me to call someone for you? Tow truck? Cops?"

She takes a critical look over the woman, trying to make sure she isn't anything more than just shaken up.

First Aid to diagnose (8 dice): 3,2,2,3,5,5,4,2 (http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=2352)
(2 hits)

2007-10-19, 07:11 AM

Sin slowly makes his way towards his sister and the woman, keeping his hands in front of him. He looks down the street, slightly ponderously for a moment and moves away, not far from Sabrina, but slightly closer to the building so he can see further down the street.

He whispers quietly, peering intently as he eyes fade to the golden color once more. He squints slightly as his hair suddenly fades to a deep tan color, the sides taking on an even lighter shade. A thoughtful, growling sound eminates from him slightly as he looks about, his eyes focused on something distant that no one else can apparently see. His movement draws attention lower along his back were what appears to be a tan tail swishes back and forth.

Casting Clairavoyance to see if he can see what the sound of the accident was down the street.
Casting Claravoyance at Force Level 10(whoo hoo for physical damage! *crosses fingers* for 40m range
Drain: Resist 4: [2, 6, 5, 1, 4, 6, 1, 6, 6] (http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=2353): 5 hits (*dodges magic bullet*)
Magic Test:
10D6 = [6, 5, 1, 3, 2, 4, 2, 3, 4, 5] (http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=2353): 3 hits

Ok, I admit I didn't think of the spirit mask until after I decided "Hey, casting at max force sounds fun!".....

2007-10-19, 10:51 AM

Sinkalip reaches out with his spell, but comes to realize the 50 meters isn't as far as it seems in a city. Scanning the general area, he can find no accident. Behind the next building down, he detect some movement in the deep shadows of the back alley, but little detail. At the end of the block, in a building on the side street, he can see a man sitting in an open third floor window looking down the street at something.


The woman initially flinches away from Sabrina and then, after a moment, she realizes that she isn't in danger calms a bit. The child continue to scream. After a moment of fumbling around she tries to take the water, but can't really see it. With Sabrina's help, she washes the eyes of the baby, which relieves the pain, but makes the baby wet. It continues to cry, but using a slightly different tone.

The woman still needs help, but, the cup is out of water. She says, "Yes, my thanks to you. I still can't really see. Do you have any more water? I don't think I'll be able to drive until my vision clears and I.. I think my car may be damaged. I couldn't get it to start." Her voice seems very constrained. She keeps trying to wipe her eyes on her shirt, but she can't get the burning to stop.


Finally, "help" arrives. Everyone can hear the approach of a Lone Star cruiser and its siren. Although obviously late for this party, they may be headed somewhere else.

2007-10-19, 11:33 AM

Over the commlink to Renko: [Hey, can you ask Onyx to get some water and bring it out? or go yourself, please?]

"No problem." Sabrina looks around and sees Sinkalip doing...something. No help there. "Johnny?" She calls out to the street. "Are you still here? Can you give us a hand?" Looking back at the woman, "My name is Sabrina. How do you feel about heading back over to your car?"

2007-10-19, 11:50 AM
Renko nods to Sabrina and heads inside to get more water, if nothing else happens he will fill up the biggest glass he can find in the kitchen and bring it back out.

2007-10-19, 01:14 PM
Johnny Starr

The scent of tobacco smoke wafts past Sabrina as she calls out for Johnny's assistance. Turning in the direction of the smoke, she can make out Johnny's lips as he exhales, smoke emanating from the air not far away. "Yeah, I'm still here. What do you need?"

2007-10-19, 01:32 PM

Giving a light snort, Sabrina chuckles a little. "She can't see right now. Gimme a hand guiding her back to her car, yeah?" Of course, her car needs help, and the mechanic is passed out on the couch.

2007-10-19, 02:45 PM
Johnny Starr

"Not a problem."

Johnny blinks back into sight, dropping his half burnt cigarette onto the asphalt and putting it out with his boot, he then offers the distraught damsel in distress a hand up.

"Come on, no reason to be shy. I'll help you back to the car and we'll call a mechanic to see if we can get your car fixed, though it might be rough getting one at this time of night. 'See what we can do."

2007-10-19, 03:01 PM

Sinkalip lets the spell drop with a slight huff and a final agitated swish of the spirit mask's tail. He turns, looking to the woman and child near Sabrina for a moment. "Shame I didn't take after dad I suppose," he says with a smirk, glancing towards Sabrina. "Do you have anyone that could give you a lift home if needed?" he asks the woman, attempting to keep his voice as soothing as possible.

2007-10-19, 04:27 PM
The woman, walking seemingly on autopilot is startled by John's invisible touch and Sinkalip's voice, but continues to walk slowly in the direction of her car.

When questioned about her car and ride, she stutters a bit and says, "I um, I think I just live down there a block or two." She points off in the direction he car had been going. She continues to blink rapidly and cry as her eyes try to clear the irritant. She begins rocking and patting the crying infant to try and calm it. She murmurs, "I think I just need my keys. And my bag. Any the baby bag. And I should grab the car seat in case it takes a long time to get repaired."

She looks around with fright as Renko lumbers up with the water. She turns away from him shielding her baby from the unknown terror.

2007-10-19, 07:17 PM

Taking the glass of water from Renko, Sabrina brings it back for the woman. "We'll help." She gives the boys an eyebrow lift. "Right?" Unless prevented form doing so, she ducks into the car and passes out whatever bags she sees, fully expecting someone to take it (or them) so she can see if there's anything else and pass it out also.

"Oh, and Sin, Damien is passed out on the couch."

2007-10-20, 05:41 PM
After a moment, when the impending horrible attack doesn't come, the woman turns slowly around and finds Sabrina offering more water. The woman washes her eyes out. Finished, she blinks her eyes clear of the water and gets her first good look at the good samaritans. She eyes each in turn(Johnny Starr, Renko, Sinkalip, and Sabrina), but seeing no weapons or gang signs, she relaxes a bit and the baby begins to calm as well. The ear piercing screams and subsided to a subtles whine alternating with a kind of cooing.

The woman steps up to the car with Sabrina and takes the bags that Sabrina hands out. As the bags come out, the woman says, "Thank you so much. I'm Mrs Johanson. You can call me Sandy." Slinging each in turn over her shoulders until she is more bag than mother. As this happens, a Lone Star cruiser rounds the corner with its lights on(sirens off). This bathes the area in alternating red, blue, and orange(from the street lamp) lights.

The cruiser rolls up behind the wrecked car and stops just as Sabrina hands off the last bag...

2007-10-21, 06:31 PM

Cops are always bad news. If the cops showed up when Annika was around, it was because something had gone very badly and would likely be in the press in two minutes. She had no idea how many times she'd had to hurry Annika along, or flush her drugs, or hide her in a crowd, or something because cops showed up. Upon seeing the lights, her first instinct is to try to get clear of the area.

Hold on, we're not doing anything wrong. Get a grip. "Imagine that, a cop around almost when you need one." The half-hearted attampt at a joke sounds flat and her grin is fairly weak. She stops moving, doesn't make any sudden movements and just shields her eyes from the annoying lights with her mouth shut. As far as she is concerned, it's best to keep quiet until they ask a question.

2007-10-22, 12:48 AM
((Sorry I haven't been able to help with this. I'm still here, and I'll be good to go once Damien wakes up))

2007-10-22, 08:51 AM

Sinkalip raises a brow, chuckling softly at the thoughts running through his own mind. As the Lonestar cruiser pulls up he nods, laying his hand on his sister's shoulder for a mere moment. "I'll go talk to them," he says. "I have no doubt they'll want to talk to you as well though," he adds as he starts walking slowly towards the cruiser. A relieved smile crosses his face as he stops a respecting distance away from the cruiser and waits for them to exit their vehicle, his hands in front of him, one holding the wrist of the other.

2007-10-22, 02:35 PM
Realizing that the alcohol and the excitement had not hit him yet Onyx takes one more shot and promptly passes out on the couch. "Burnt toast, more power captain.... Onyx mumbles as he buries his face in a cushion.

2007-10-22, 05:33 PM
The patrolmen turn the two mounted flood lamps on the group gathered near the vehicle. The closer of the two patrolmen stays seated in the vehicle, while the driver opens his door and steps out. He leaves his door open and the vehicle in between him and the civilians.

The officer is about 2 meters tall, wearing a standard Lone Star armored uniform with helmet. When he speaks, its obvious his helmet or some other piece of equipment has voice amplification. His voice is quite loud, almost booming. "Lone Star is here to serve Seattle and its fine citizens. We have received a report of an accident and altercation. We have dispatched utility services to repair the power grid interruption. City ordinances do not permit parking your vehicle on the sidewalk. If you leave your vehicle in its current position it will be towed. Do you require continued assistance?"

Obviously the higher-ups at Lone Star gave some new orders regarding interactions with the citizenry. Probably in response to the bidding war over the Seattle law enforcement contract. LS obviously hopes to win by swaying public opinion.

2007-10-24, 05:47 AM
While everyone else stands around, the bag and child laden woman steps up to the patrol vehicle. After adjusting her grip on everything she asks, "Can you give me a ride down to my apartment? I can call for a tow from there."

The patrolman shrugs and glances into the vehicle at his partner who also shrugs. He then says, "Of course. Always happy to be of assistance."

The woman, much more calm now, walks around to the other side of the patrol car to get in the rear seat. She tilts her head at the group, smiles, and says, "Thank you for the help. Sorry I had a bit of a panic attack on you."

The officer trigger the rear door release and the woman gets in. The officer give the group a suspicious look and then climbs back into the driver seat. A moment or two later, he drives off with her. You can see the vehicle go down the block, down the next block, and then stop almost 3 blocks away. The woman exits and stands there talking with the officers for a minute before going inside the building.

2007-10-24, 06:25 AM

Keeping a frozen silence while the cops do their thing and the woman talks to them, Sabrina only relaxes when they've driven off, apparently not intending to harass anyone. "I hate cops," she mutters. "Now I really need a drink. Anyone else?"

2007-10-25, 12:51 PM

Sinkalip follow Sabrina in, shrugging slightly at the whole mess. "Nice of them to be concerned about the whole attack, or give someone a chance to speak," he says as he follows, taking his cup from the edge of the counter and crossing into the living. Spotting the two already on the couch he slips up on the the bar chair and sips at his drink. "So, now that we've had excitement for the night, what's next?"

2007-10-25, 01:57 PM

Once back inside, Sabrina liberates the bottle of Jack from Onyx's limp hand and takes a swig from the bottle. Which she immediately gags on and has to rush to the sink to spit out. "Fragging-a! How does he drink this crap?" She rinses her mouth out with water and looks to Johnny and Renko. "If you guys want to take any of that stuff home with you, go ahead. If you want to drink it 'til you pass out on the floor, go ahead, though both couches are apparently taken." She smirks. "My bed is not available, though Sin can share if he wants. I'm gonna go make those phone calls, see if I can't line us up something soon."

She hesitates for a moment, then gives Renko a kind of half-hearted hug, and Johnny a little light punch in the shoulder. "Drive safe if you're going. Don't puke on the carpet if you're staying." Then she heads into her room and shuts the door behind herself.

Call, in this order: Dr. Vrock, Snitch, Slap Patch, Mercurio. Positioning herself as a rep for some people who have guns and need cash and are willing to operate on the 'shadowy side of legality'.

2007-10-26, 06:41 AM

Sinkalip chuckles softly and shakes his head at his sister's reaction to the Jack. "Graceful," he says quietly under his breath before taking a drink.

As she makes her way to the bedroom, he shrugs slightly and tips his cup back to drain it. "Feel free to stay," he says as he snags a few of the last snacks. "But no, you get to sleep on the couch or floor," he adds with a grin to the others.

2007-10-26, 09:52 AM

It isn't even a full minute before Sabrina's door opens again, and quickly. "They'll be on their way in a few minutes. Hang tight, Doc." She smirks at her commlink as she strides purposefully back into the room. "And I don't particularly want to get hurt, either. See you soon."

She looks up, face serious. "Put the drink down and you guys get moving. One of my friends needs help. He's in Renton, and there are some para-critters trying to invite themselves over for tea. He offered to pay, and I didn't even counter-offer to do it for free."

She moves briskly to the kitchen and yanks a cabinet open, pulling out a bright white box. Then she takes the box to Damien's side and kneels down beside him. After opening it, she fills a syringe with a translucent blue liquid and shoves it into the side of his neck, pushing the plunger to send the liquid into his body. "Wakey, wakey, Damien." She yanks the needle out, fishes out another one and prepares it the same way, taking it over to Onyx and repeating the procedure. "Get off the damn couch, boys. We have work to do."

She disposes of both needles and replaces them, then grabs a bag and stuffs the medkit inside, along with her taser and squirt gun. And she puts her glasses on. "Let's go."

14 dice for First Aid. If 3 successes will do it, I'll just buy the hits.

2007-10-26, 03:22 PM
Johnny Starr

Johnny, having slumped down at the foot of the couch, opens up one blurred eye to look up at Sabrina. "Whats going on?"

2007-10-26, 03:32 PM
...dash for the 50 yard line...mmm warm feeling in my neck, my head, my...bright light!!! "What the FRAG!?"Looking up seeing Sabrina. "An angel?...bah it's just the devil woman! What are ya thinking waking a sleeping drunk...wait drunk, why don't I feel drunk? Bah where is the whiskey?" Onyx says as he looks around for the bottle temporarily forgetting what they were doing that night.

"What are you doing running around like that Rina? What is the commotion? Did that lady make it out alright? I got a little light0headed and needed a break. Sorry I missed the rest but the gangers looked they bugged out."

2007-10-26, 08:28 PM
It isn't even a full minute before Sabrina's door opens again, and quickly. "They'll be on their way in a few minutes. Hang tight, Doc." She smirks at her commlink as she strides purposefully back into the room. "And I don't particularly want to get hurt, either. See you soon."

She looks up, face serious. "Put the drink down and you guys get moving. One of my friends needs help. He's in Renton, and there are some para-critters trying to invite themselves over for tea. He offered to pay, and I didn't even counter-offer to do it for free."

She moves briskly to the kitchen and yanks a cabinet open, pulling out a bright white box. Then she takes the box to Damien's side and kneels down beside him. After opening it, she fills a syringe with a translucent blue liquid and shoves it into the side of his neck, pushing the plunger to send the liquid into his body. "Wakey, wakey, Damien." She yanks the needle out, fishes out another one and prepares it the same way, taking it over to Onyx and repeating the procedure. "Get off the damn couch, boys. We have work to do."

She disposes of both needles and replaces them, then grabs a bag and stuffs the medkit inside, along with her taser and squirt gun. And she puts her glasses on. "Let's go."

14 dice for First Aid. If 3 successes will do it, I'll just buy the hits.

Renko looks up
"Paras? geeze, were going to need everybody we can get, here, lemme at drunk and drunker for a minute, I know a few tricks for soberin em up."

2007-10-26, 08:29 PM

Sinkalip watches Sabrina move about to the others, chuckling softly as he pops one of the treats into his mouth. "No, no more booze tonight," he says, raising an eyebrow at Onyx. "At not until we get back," he adds, then looks towards Sabrina. "Did he tell you anything about the bugs?" he asks, pushing him self off the stool and striding into his room.

He walks back out a moment later wearing a full length duster and a a leather case over his shoulder. The leather cord around his neck is pulled out and a small, sharp canine tooth lays on the front of his shirt. He pushes a pair of small sunglasses up into his hair as he looks towards the others. "So, who's driving?"

2007-10-27, 02:28 AM
Gah! Jeez, you know better than to wake a man when he's sleeping! Damien shakes his head to help clear it and pushes himself up off the couch. What the hell was that stuff anyways?

He grins. Actually, never mind. If you've got something for us to do, I guess I'm good to go. My van's downstairs.

2007-10-27, 07:07 AM

Giving a light smirk to Onyx, Sabrina cannot help but say something. She uses a dreamy, light voice. "Oh, my sleeping prince. I have wakened you from your deepest sleep." She switches to a voice more suited to an evil witch queen then. "Now get up off your ass and do my bidding." This is followed by a little bit of evil sounding laughter, which fades into more normal sounding chuckling.

She stops when asked about what was actually said, though, and relates it as best she can. "What did he say? Well, he seemed a little...uh, out of it, in a way, I guess. Whatever they are, he was obsessed with whether it was dark already or not, and I could hear thumping and scraping on his door. He seemed to think they would go away in the morning. At least, I think that's what he meant. But he's going to pay us if we can get rid of them. Probably because he's sure they'll come back again and again."

Sabrina slings her bag over one shoulder. She gives Sin a once over and grins. "Nice coat." As soon as Damien gets up and leads the way, she follows, grabbing up her keys and shaking them visibly to show Sinkalip that she has them. She waits outside the door for everyone else to leave and locks the apartment up, then jogs to catch up with everyone else.

2007-10-28, 08:14 PM
Damien slides into the Van's front seat and starts the engine. Everyone on board? As soo as everyone is, he adds Good. Okay, ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking. All aboard for departure to wherever it is we're going. He chuckles to himself and puts the van in gear, pulling out onto the street.

2007-10-28, 08:39 PM
Renko opts not to ride in the van and take up alot of space, but instead follows on his bike.
["Hey, do we have time to swing by my apartment and get some heavier ordnance? You can't be too safe with paras."]

2007-10-29, 06:21 AM

To Renko: [Shouldn't be a problem. Here's the address.] She sends the address to Renko. [We'll wait for you there if need be.]

Sabrina also tells Damien the address. "Maybe we should set up one of those network thingies with our commlinks." Despite the fact that she's set on this course of action - Dr. Vrock had been very cool on several occasions, and if he needed help, she wasn't going to turn her back on him - Sabrina's hand starts to shake a little bit. She shakes it out deliberately, and starts clenching and unclenching both fists, just to keep them doing something so the shaking isn't obvious. And it's nothing compared to the butterflies in her stomach.

2007-10-29, 09:39 AM

Sinkalip climbs into the van, sitting in the back. He sets the case next to him and grins slightly as they move out onto the street. "Hey, kind of nice knowing someone with a working vehicle," he says, stealing a glance towards Sabrina. He fishes in his pocket and pulls out his commlink and holds it out towards Sabrina, a slight grin on his face. "Hey, I don't want to break it again," he says.

2007-10-29, 02:46 PM
"Alright I am up I am up! So where we headed?" Onyx says as he heads towards his bike attaching the subvocal mike to his throat. Good thing I hung onto this from my paintball days. Onyx thinks as he dials up the network number Sabrina gives him.

"This thing on? Oh good there you are. I will just follow on my bike. I gotta stop by the pad real quick for a few toys. Don't worry about me I should get there about the same time as you do. I don't always follow those speed laws." Onyx slides into the saddle of his bike and after the engine purrs to life he throttles it for home. While there he picks up a few items and again speeds off in the direction Sabrina gives him. Commlink is always on now in case she needs something. Damn devil woman. I swear she can sober a man faster than a cold shower and soycaf.

2007-10-29, 03:55 PM

Sabrina gives Sinkalip an eyeroll and takes his commlink. "I'm amazed you even know how to work this thing at all." She quickly links it into the network then holds it out. She yoinks it back when Sin reaches for it, then sticks her tongue out at him and hands it over. Which has the effect of calming her down. A little bit, anyway.

2007-10-29, 04:18 PM

Sinkalip grins slightly, taking the comm back as he raises his brow. "I know perfectly well how to do it, I do the exact same thing you do, and then it lets out the smoke and you yell at me," he says with a shrug as she tucks it back into his pocket and pulls down the sunglasses, looking through them for a moment before pushing them back up into his hair. "You know I don't get along with all this fancy dreg," he says. "Or it doesn't get along with me at least."

2007-10-29, 06:08 PM
The Address :

Vrockenhimer's Medical Supply Company
1872 Spring Street, Renton.
Distance (LOS 19.4 km, Estimated Driving Distance: 23km, Estimated Travel Time: 19 minutes)

{{OOC : I'm assuming Johnny's riding with Damien for now(because he didn't say). Sure he brought his bike, but he's been drinking, etc. He can get his bike back when Damien drops everyone back at Sabrina's Apartment. }}

Renko and Onyx speed off to their apartments to recover some gear. Damien loads up Sabrina, Sinkalip, and Johnny into his van and heads directly towards the Dr's. Damien makes good progress and then gets bogged down in traffic by what must be some sort of detour.

Eventually impatience wins out and Damien utilizes a bit of modern technology to begin cutting around the traffic flow problem. After zigging and zagging a bit, he is eventually clear of the jam. He hops on the 515 N for the last section of the trip and finds himself merging into traffic, not 30 meters from Onyx and Renko and their bikes.

With just 2.3 km to go, the ride becomes deadly. In a flash, both of a beige sedan's passenger side tires blow out. The sedan swerves across traffic. Everyone suddenly changes lanes, breaks, accelerates, or all three.

Pilot Tests(threshold = 2)

Renko : 6,6,6,5
Onyx : 5,5,5,4,3,3,1
Damien : 6,6,5,5,3,1

The beige sedan, manages to get across traffic into the breakdown lane and stops. The main flow of traffic settles a bit, although it temporarily has slowed to about 30kph.

2007-10-29, 07:10 PM

At the first sign of anything remotely resembling trouble, Sabrina grabs whatever's close and starts squeezing. Hard. "Lukqixt! Tekimit nkw'am ixsit!" Sabrina cuts the rest of what she would really like to say off, fairly certain that swearing at Damien isn't going to help him drive better.

2007-10-30, 01:36 AM
Easy Sabrina. I don't speak gibberish. Damien grins and does his best to avoid crushing anything with his van, as easygoing as always, despite having a very firm grip on the wheel. When the initial panic is over he leans back in his seat and slows down a bit to match the traffic.

((Did I have a negative modifier to the dice pool there? I count six rolls, and I've got 9 dice when driving anything ground based with wheels. Not complaining, just curious))

2007-10-30, 09:53 AM

Sinkalip winces, partially from trying to brace himself for the impact he expected, partially because it was his arm Sabrina grabbed hold of and squeezed. "She just likes to curse in our 'native tongue'," he says laughing as he pries Sabrina off his arm. "This is why I like walking..."

2007-10-30, 11:40 AM

Once she realizes that she's grabbed Sin, she lets go and tries very hard to stop watching where they are going. Maybe that will help. She turns away from the front of the vehicle and uses one hand to shield off her view outside while focusing on Sin. "Yeah, it pisses Dad off since I can't remember how to say his stupid prayer of thanks over a meal, but I can tell him to go get some head from a donkey or to bite my ass with a woodchuck. Man, he hates that one."

Sabrina starts to giggle, remembering the first time she pulled that one out. Gaping fish face for all to see, including his friends who happened to be over that evening. Then she ducked and ran for it, laughing all the way out the front door. Gaping fish face was always worth being grounded.

2007-10-30, 05:54 PM
Soon enough the speed picks up on the 515. The team exits and drives the last couple blocks towards Dr. Vrock's. Leaving the excitement behind on the highway, the team of three vehicles pulls up outside of Doctor Vrock's storefront. Parked across the street directly in front of the darkened offices of some tax preparation company, the team disembarks.

Looking around, this business area is fairly deserted at this time of night. All the nearby buildings have second and third floor apartments, a few of which have lights on. Vrock's storefront and the lights above his store are all dark. Streetlights here keep everything well lit, but the alley's between the buildings are deep with shadows and the critters that run in them.

Vrock's Block (http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l25/dauphinous/DrVrock.jpg) {{ Van and two bike are at the top. DVMS is Vrock's place }}

2007-10-30, 06:38 PM

Sabrina pulls her taser out and slings her bag over her shoulder. She's got some spare darts in there, but there are 4 in the magazine. If she needs more than that before she can have a chance to reload, well, that just seems Very Bad. She holds the taser like a person in a simflick holds a gun, having had just a couple of lessons in self defense with it and no real idea how one is actually supposed to carry a weapon.

She looks around and bites her lip. "Um. I'll...uh, crap. What should I do here?"

2007-10-30, 11:59 PM
Johnny Starr

"Depends. You know how to use that thing?", Johnny asks, nodding at the taser. "If you don't feel like coming out, it would probably be a good idea to have someone waiting in the van 'case we need to jam. But before we get out our metal casing here, may be a wizzer idea to shine the head lights over into that ally way."

2007-10-31, 12:17 AM
I can do that if you want, or you can use the flashlight in the back. The van is kind of big, and I don't want to block the road... Damien reaches under the seat and removes an Ares Predator. He checks to see if it's loaded before putting it on the dash and rooting around in the glovebox for his survival knife.

2007-10-31, 05:58 AM

"I know which end to point where. And I know how to reload it. This is one of the dart thrower ones. I have a pepper shooter, too." Sabrina's eyes go a little wide at the sight of a real gun. She'd seen prop ones before, but Damien's obviously isn't a fake prop gun. "Um, I, uh, can stay in the back. I want to make sure the Doc is okay, though."

2007-10-31, 09:15 AM

Sinkalip chuckles slightly, glancing towards Sabrina. "Might want to give him a call and let him know we're here," he says. He eyes the gun for a moment as he pulls the leather case up and pulls its top off to reveal the top of a bow and end of several arrows.

He pulls the door open and peers across the street, his eyes once again fading to a deep golden color.

((Turning on Astral Perception))

2007-10-31, 10:34 AM

Sinkalip's chuckle earns a glare from Sabrina. "Oh, sure," she mutters, "this is just qw'lewm to you. Cs'qawqn." A little louder, though, she says, "I'll call him when we're about to knock on the door."

2007-10-31, 11:13 AM
Renko looks down the alleyway, checks the ammo on his revolver before putting it back in his holster, and makes sure his retractable baton and taser are both within easy reach.

2007-10-31, 03:42 PM
Onyx pulls up right behind the van cursing silently he let them beat him here. "Stupid riggers" he says under his breath forgetting his sub-vocal mic is still on. Once he remembers it is on he compose himself and addresses Sabrina. "So what are we looking for here? Everything looks chill from out here."

Onyx dismounts his bike and heads around to where everyone is getting out of the van. He turns on his therm and scans the area through either low-light or thermo, whichever is easier to see out here.

2007-11-01, 12:50 AM
Damien finds his knife and sticks it into his belt. He does the same with the predator, first making sure the safety is on. Really hope I don't have to use this... Then he gets out of his seat and heads into the back of the van to pick up his flashlight.

2007-11-01, 03:02 AM

Sinkalip reaches into his coat, pulling out a short silver knife which he holds upward in the palm of his hand. "As you wish," he says, shrugging slightly. "Just figured he might have more info as to what's currently happening about." He peers as deeply into the shadows of the alley as he can, his eyes reflecting the dim night's lights.

2007-11-01, 06:00 AM
Peering up and down the street, the team can see a few parked cars in the adjacent blocks, but nothing of obvious threat. The street itself is fairly well lit with orange tinted street lights. One of the lights is out on the block to the east. Looking in that area with low-light or thermal vision, you can see a couple small rats eating a dead bird. The rats seem to be of fairly standard size and demeanor.

The team move a bit to the east and peers down the alleyway. The edges of the alley are strewn with debris. Black bags of garbage, boxes of garbage, broken chairs, and similar debris piled nearly a meter high(creating a bit of difficult terrain). The center meter of the alley remains clear except for a small stream flowing down the center(about 8 cm wide).

About 15 meters down the alley is a dumpster. Sticking out of the dumpster is a pair of legs. The upper body is fully in the dumpster. As the team watchs the legs move and it becomes obvious it is someone digging in the dumpster, either for food, loot, or safety from something else which remains out of view. The legs wear denim and brown workboots splattered with white paint.

As the team watches this poor fellow dig, a car passes by the other end of the alley, driving on the next road south of Spring Street. The momentary illumination allows the team to see the whole alley, backlit, for a moment. In that momentary glimpse, no one sees anything of much threat. Also in that moment, the winds swirl a little and the smell of rotting garbage is brought out from the alley to the team.

2007-11-01, 09:24 AM

"Um, yeah, ok, this looks threatening." Sabrina whispers it, though, unwilling to chance that the guy in the dumpster is actually just a harmless trash surfer. "I can call him if you want, I guess. Maybe all we're going to find out here is kw'six'snewit."

She dials the number for Dr. Vrock and then directs her attention to her commlink.

2007-11-01, 09:34 AM
Renk turns back.
"Nothing here but some poor fragger dupster diving, it happens you know."

2007-11-01, 09:44 AM

Sinkalip points towards the door to the building, snickering softly at Sabrina. "In we go then," he says, moving towards the door of the buiilding, casting his eyes back and forth as he moves and waits at the door of the building(O9) for the others and for any response from Sabrina's call before attempting to open it.

2007-11-01, 01:25 PM
The group stands watching the alley(standing at Y3) while Sabrina chats with Dr. Vrock. Sinkalip, having grown impatient, moves up to the front door and peers in the window(at the door O9). All is dark and nothing is disturbed.

Doc : <muffled>...
Sabrina : Uh, we're at your shop, and there's nothing here but some guy dumpster diving. Where are you?
Doc : <muffled> ... <faint> Go Away </faint>

Sinkalip can hear the 'Go Away' bit, but it sounds like its coming from inside, while everyone else hears it from the commlink. At that point the guy in the dumpster hops out of the dumpster and quickly moves away to the right(west). The team didn't get a good look at him, but he looked dirty and seemed to be wearing suspender type demin coveralls and what used to be a white T shirt.

The team can now hear the echos of someone pounding on metal(maybe a bat, or fists, or a chair or something). A howl or scream echos out of the alleyway as well. Sabrina can hear the howl and scream via the commlink as well, followed by Dr. Vrock's muffled whimpering before his commlink disconnects.

2007-11-01, 01:58 PM

"Doc? Crap, he hung up or it cut out or something." I hope it's not 'or something'. She looks up at the thumping. "Whatever it is, I guess maybe it's inside already?" The tone and slight quavering of her voice obviously reveals Sabrina to be nervous. 'Oh, yeah, we could do that. Just look at those guys. They're nothing special. If I can handle interviewing Annika's potential dates in the middle of a high profile party without anyone catching on, I can do this shadowrunning stuff.' Yeah, sure.

2007-11-01, 04:46 PM
"Sink, Johnny, Do your mojo-sight, i'm going in."
Renko pulls out his Taser and heads for the door to the doctor's office, if it's locked, he will get ready to break it down if nobody stops him.

2007-11-01, 05:43 PM
Onyx draws his Predator as he steps in line behind Renko, using his mass as a 'blocker'. "I got your back Renko, break it in if you have to." Directed more for the commlink this time Onyx says "We need cover around back someone head that way."

Onyx indicates for Renko to bash through the door as the Doc is already under attack.

2007-11-01, 07:55 PM

Sabrina peers down the alleyway. "Renko, wait. He said he's in the back. There's another door there, I think. We should take a look down there before we smash any doors down or break anything."

OOC:I was a little confused, thinking we were already in the alley, but we are apparently not, so let's go down that way before we start smashing stuff.

2007-11-02, 02:03 AM
Johnny Starr

"Never been good at the whole astral perception thing, but i do have other tricks up my sleeve." With that, Johnny snaps his fingers and vanishes from sight. "I'll sneak up to the window and see whats going on inside." If no one makes any objection, Johnny sneaks over to the DMVS window and takes a look inside.

Spell Casting: Imp. Invisibility (Force: 5) (1d6=6, 1d6=4, 1d6=4, 1d6=6, 1d6=2, 1d6=5, 1d6=4, 1d6=3, 1d6=2, 1d6=5) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1348985) (4 successes)

Resist Drain (4) (1d6=1, 1d6=2, 1d6=1, 1d6=2, 1d6=3, 1d6=5, 1d6=5, 1d6=6, 1d6=3) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1348997) 93 successes) 1 pt of stun from drain.

Specifically looking for people (That gives me a +2 right?)
Perception (1d6=4, 1d6=4, 1d6=4, 1d6=4, 1d6=4, 1d6=4, 1d6=6, 1d6=6) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1348999) (2 successes) Yahtzee!!!+1

An I'll trade in 4 rolls for 1 successful stealth in case I need to move silently.

2007-11-02, 02:17 AM
Damien looks around, holding his knife in his real arm and playing the flashlight beam over the alley with his metal one. Think he meant for us to go away, or for whatever's inside with him?

2007-11-02, 05:45 AM

"He meant for the things to go away. He wants us to hurry." Despite the fact that haste seems to be in order, Sabrina's feet are rooted to the spot. She watches as everyone else seems to be taking this all in stride. At least they're all fine with this. Why the hell am I here? I'm like extra baggage.

2007-11-02, 06:03 AM
Office Front

Sinkalip and Invisible Johnny peer around inside the DVMS storefront. The large window to the right of the door allows a clear view of the contents, even if the steel bars prevent entry. It is a fairly sparse showroom of medical supplies. Their are wheelchairs, ventalators, oxygen tanks(in their own locked cart), various bins of needles, gauze, and other things you'd find stocked in a medical kit.

The office is quite dark, but using astral perception, its clear that no one is home. Even at the back of the office, there is a counter, cred stick processor, and such, but No Doctors or paranormal animals.

Alleyway Entrance

Everyone else stands at the entrance to the alleyway(Y9). Using the flashlights, the alleyway is illuminated. The middle meter or so of the alley allows a passage without climbing over heaps of garbage piled on the sides of the alley. Ahead is the dumpster, though the dumpster diver has departed or at least moved away.

Echoing down the alley is a thudding. It almost sounds like someone is pounding relentlessly on a metal door or a car hood or something similar.

Just after Damien speaks, the thudding stops and the dumpster diver returns to view. He appears to be running away from something, but is running right up the alley towards the group. The man is bald and looks like he is suffering from some disease or maybe radiation poisoning. Aside from various sores or cuts on his face he seems uninjured. He has some blood splattered on his face and chest, not no obvious wounds.. He's at about Y21 and running north towards the group.

{{ Composure Test Threshold : 2 (failure keeps you from doing anything "constructive" for 1 round)}}
{{May want to roll initiative}}

2007-11-02, 06:51 AM

"Um." Sabrina steps aside and out of the way. If he's the problem, she wants to not be in his way. It doesn't occur to her to lift the gun and actually aim it him, she just watches. Her lip curls a little at the sight of him, though. Even though she's got a pretty good grounding in first aid, and has seen some blood before, his appearance is just not pleasant, and if this is what being poor is all about, she's happy to pass on the experience.

Composure: buy 2 hits (9 dice)
Initiative: 3 hits (http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=2461) + 7 = 10

2007-11-02, 09:02 AM

Sinkalip frowns slightly as he peers into the storefront. "Could have sworn I heard something," he says. With a slight shrug he heads over to the others around the corner, peering around curiously, paying attention to the man running toward them in particuliar once he sees him.

Initiative: [5, 5, 5, 5, 4, 3] = 27 (http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=2462)
Composure: [6, 6, 5, 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2] (http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=2462)(4 hits)
Assensing(If needed): [5, 4, 3, 2, 1] (http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=2463)(1 hit)

2007-11-02, 12:48 PM
Johnny Starr

"Yeah, doesn't look like theres anything in here anyway. I'm going to go around the block to see what was making that noise." Johnny turns right and heads around the corner of the block, hoping to find the source of the banging noise.

Initiative (1d6=3, 1d6=1, 1d6=3, 1d6=4, 1d6=2, 1d6=5, 1d6=4, 1d6=1) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1349616) (1 hit)

2007-11-03, 12:55 AM
What the frag? Damien moves aside and makes sure he has a good grip on his knife, just in case. Whatever the hell was making that noise had stopped, and he really doesn't want to be unprepared in case it decides to head in their direction.

Composure: 2,3,5,5,6,6 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1350885) (4 hits)
Initiative: 1,2,2,3,3,5,5,6 (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1350890) (3 hits + 8: 11)

2007-11-03, 01:24 PM

Johnny moves away from the group towards the intersection to find the source of the pounding. Once he reaches the intersection he can no longer hear the pounding(either because it stopped or because he moved away from it). {{ everyone else knows it stopped(see my previous post) }}

Running Man

The man charges towards the group. As he gets closer it becomes obvious he isn't running from anything, he is something that you should run from. His eyes seem to be pure "whites" with no iris at all. The blood splattered on him seems to be clustered mostly around his hands and mouth, almost as if he clawed apart a steak and ate it raw. Speaking of claws, his hands, fingers, and fingernails all seem unusually long(and blood covered).

Everyone mutters to themselves and steps back. As the man approachs it becomes obvious he is running towards the group. The man says nothing as he runs up, just the sounds of his boots echoing between the buildings let you know he is there.

{{ Round 2}}
Running Man : Y11
Renko : Y7
Johnny : B9
Sabrina : AA8
Damien : W8
Sinkalip : X9
Onyx : AA9

2007-11-03, 01:50 PM

Sabrina's eyes get very wide as she realizes that what she is looking at is probably a ghoul. A stream of words - some English, some Japanese, some Salish - starts coming from her mouth as she begins swearing in all three of the languages she knows at once. Her instincts say run, but Sin isn't running, so she damn well isn't going to, either.

Even though it feels like her heart is going to explode from how fast it's beating, she raises her gun and holds it in both of her slightly shaking hands, shooting one dart at the thing. It's a thing, not a person. Really. Believe it. ^&$%. She can't find it in herself to squeeze the trigger a second time.

Shoot taser dart (Yamaha Pulsar) at the running dude: 1 hit (http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=2469)

2007-11-03, 03:19 PM

Sinkalip blinks once at the man approaching and backs away as he pulls out his bow. "Naisq," he mutters, peering at the thing."

Moving back to W7 and drawing bow.

Knowledge Magical Threats (Might apply?): [6, 4, 3, 2, 1] (http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=2476) - 1 Hit

2007-11-03, 07:53 PM
Damien says something in German, probably an expletive of some sort. It's just like a game. Not real, only a bunch of programmed behaviors. Not real, not real, not real... Yeah, right. He shakes his head and holds his knife defensively, in case it decides he looks like food.

Delay action until just after the ghoul. If it attacks anyone Damien will move over to it and attack with his knife.

2007-11-04, 02:17 AM
Holy Fraggin **** on a Fraggin stick, it's like one of those bad horror trids they show during lunch.
Once he regains his compusre, Renko draws his revolver and shoots.

Consider renko as doing this once he regains composure unless I post somthing else later in response to a drasticly changed situation
Agi 4 + Pistols 3+ Laser Sight +1 edge die: 9D6 = [3, 6, 1, 5, 3, 4, 6, 2, 1] = 31
Current Edge: 3.
Renko's revolver deals 6P damage and has an AP of -2
Shots Till Reload: 5

2007-11-05, 12:50 PM
Onyx freezes as the thing drives straight at him and his friends. This is not a game it's real fragging life! That thing wants to kill us! thoughts roll through his mind as he tries to compose himself.

Once the initial shock of the horror fades Onyx will bring his Ares to bear bear and shoot at the 'thing' rushing towards him.

This is what I do when I regain my composure unless I am in a position not to have a clean shot. In that case I move to a position I can shoot at it and fire on my turn.

Shooting: 10D6 = [4, 5, 4, 3, 2, 3, 1, 3, 2, 5] = 32
(http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=2498) Looks like 2 hits?
Damage is 5P and AP -1

2007-11-05, 08:52 PM

Name (passes / score)
Onyx (3 / 17)
Running Man (1/14) { 5,6,5,6,6,2,2,3,3 = 5 hits}
Damien (1/11)
Sabrina (1/10)
Sinkalip (1/10)
Renko (1/9) {4,6,4,2,5,1,1 = 2 hits}
Starr (1/8)

The mans boots splash in the drainage stream as he charges the group. Onyx, after pausing to consider his options, pulls an Ares Predator and fires a round into the man. The man nearly dodges the bullet, but doesn't and it rips a hole in his chest exposing a rib and creating another blood stain on the man's shirt.

The man ignores the shooter and attacks the first target he encounters: Sinkalip. Lashing at the wily mage with his razor sharp blood covered claws, the man fails to make any meaningful contact as Sinkalip back pedals and attempts to ready his bow and arrow.

Fearing for her brother's life, Sabrina raises her taser to fire at the man, but Damien steps into the way and attempts to stab he man with his survival knife. The man, used to such attacks, counters and knocks Damien back several steps.

Her target in the clear, Sabrina fires her taser, the electrical discharge momentarily blinding everyone(that doesn't have flare comp). The darts don't make solid contact, but sink in enough to discharge 50,000 volts into the former painter. As smoke rises from him, and the blood on his hands and face boil into steam, the man begins to collapse to the ground.

Renko, sensing his moment takes aim and puts the man down while he is paralyzed with electrical current. The force from Renko's revolver knocks the man over backwards into a pile of black garbage bags.

Before the echo from the two shots begins to fade or the ringing stops in everyone's ears, Renko's flashlight illuminates another figure in the darkness of the alley. This one, sensing his own destruction flees south out of the range of the flashlight(to beyond Y44).

OOC Details of Action :

Onyx shoots (2 hits). Man reacts{6,4,3,4,2=1hit}. Damage = 5+1 net hit.
Damage Resistance Test = {4,4,4,4,4,5,2}. Takes 5 boxes(-1 to dice)

Move to Y10.
Attack Sinkalip= {4,5,3,4,5,4=2 hits}. Sinkalip Dodges{1,6,2,4,6=2hits}. Glancing blow.

Move to Y9.
Attack(defaulting with knife) Man = {1,5=1hit+glitch}. Man blocks {5,6,5,5,6,4=5 hits}. Damien is knocked back by the block.

Attack(Taser) Man (1 hit). Man dodges{1,3,2,3,6=1hit} Grazing electrical attack = 5S. Damage Resistance{1,2,2,2,5,6=2 hits}. Take 3 boxes electrical stun(-1 dice). Pass Out test Body+Wil(3) = {1,3,4,1,3,2,1,1,6,5} = 2 hits. KO for 2 turns.

Moves back to W7

Renko Attack(3 hits). Man KO(no dodge). Net Damage = 6+3. Damage Resistance{4,1,5,4,4} = 8 boxes damage.

Man : 13 boxes physical damage + 3 boxes stun damage

Same old Map (http://i92.photobucket.com/albums/l25/dauphinous/DrVrock.jpg)

End of Round Locations :

Onyx : AA9
Running Man : Y10
Damien : X8
Sabrina : AA8
Sinkalip : W7
Renko : Y7
Johnny : B9

2007-11-05, 09:10 PM
Johnny Starr

Hearing the gunshots echo about the buildings, Johnny turns and runs to see whats going on, preparing to Manabolt anything that comes into sight.

Move as far as I can back towards the party.

Damn, ninja'd by the GM :smallyuk: .

2007-11-06, 03:08 AM
Is it... dead? Damien asks once he's regained his balance.

2007-11-06, 07:28 AM

Sabrina swallows audibly, taking a little bit to digest what just happened. Wow. These things really work. Her head snaps around to see what the other noise is, but it's just something else, maybe another one, running away. She looks at the gun she's holding, mostly just wondering how it is that she managed to actually hit something with it. "I, uh, I dunno. It's a ghoul, right? I, um, have never seen one before in real life. These dart things are supposed to knock a body out for 'long enough to get away', whatever that means." She swallows again. "But, um, Renko shot it, so maybe it won't get back up." It, yes, 'it'. Definitely 'it'.

2007-11-07, 09:56 AM
Alright that seemed too easy. Something must be up. Hey who is that running? Onyx leaps over the downed man he just shot and tries to get a clear shot at the runner. When a clear shot presents itself Onyx takes a pop shot while shouting out "Stop there or you will end up like your friend back there!" Not bothering to glance back knowing his subdermal mic will react to his voice Onyx addresses the rest "One running down the alley, I am taking pursuit. Check for the Doc, I will clear this way."

If I get a clear shot LE you can roll for my shooting with whatever negatives I need. I have my thermo on along with any image mag I need (I think the multiplier I chose was up to x5 but I will review that.) I am also using Laser sight if it helps.Thanks

2007-11-07, 10:44 AM

"Its a ghoul," Sinkalips says, frowning slightly. He pulls an arrow from the case and notches it. "Don't tou..." he trails off as Onyx takes off. "Stay together!" he hisses at the man as he draws back his bow, aiming at the ghoul's head and releasing it. "Be careful, Johnny," he says, frowning as he peers into the alleyway. "These naisq can get us even astrally..."

Archery: 7D6 = [6, 6, 6, 4, 2, 2, 1] = 27
Damage: 4P

2007-11-07, 02:31 PM
Johnny Starr

Johnny Starr, obviously not where Sinkalip thinks he is, yells a warning from somewhere down the ally to the southwest. "Something has just run from the back of the Doc's place and is heading south down the ally way! Couldn't get a good look at it so I don't know if its the Doc or not!"

Still invisible, I'm am going to take off around the block to try to catch the guy when he comes out the other side of the ally.
Heres a run check if needed:
Run Check (-2 for being Invisible): (1d6=3, 1d6=1) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1358959)

2007-11-07, 06:18 PM
Onyx rushes into the darkened alley out of the sweep of Renko's flashlight. Once clear of the group, he is able to take relatively clean shots at the fleeing man. Blam, Blam, Blam, Blam.

The man twists after each shot(except the third) and collapses to the ground after the last shot(at about Y45 on the map). As the sounds of the pistols finally start to die down in his ears, he is able to hear Johnny's warning, albeit a bit late.

Onyx just gets too many actions(as compared with everyone else).

Round 1, Pass 2, Shot 1
Attack Dice 6+4 -3 -2 + 1(ag+pis-vis-run+laser) = {5,5,5,4,3,2 = 3 hits}
Man Reacts = {2,4,2,6,6 = 2 hits}
Damage = 5+1
Damage Resistance = {1,4,4,2,5,1,3 = 1 hit} Takes 5 boxes of damage

Round 1, Pass 2, Shot 2
Attack = {2,6,2,4,3,2}
Reaction = {4,4,1,2}
Damage = 5+1
Damage Resistance = {6,6,4,4,1,1} Takes 5 boxes of damage

Round 1, Pass 3, Shot 1
Attack = {3,3,4,1,4,2 = miss}

Round 1, Pass 3, Shot 2
Attack = {6,4,3,6,5,4 = 3 hits}
Reaction = {4,2}
Damage 5+3
Damage Resistance = {6,6,2,1} Takes 6 boxes of damage.

2007-11-07, 07:02 PM

Sabrina takes a few hesitant steps towards the downed ghoul, but isn't really excited about the prospect of getting close. She flinches with the gunshots down the alley. Coming on the heels of Johnny's warning, she blinks a couple fo times. He wouldn't be that dumb, right? He'd stay put. Right? She dials the Doc on her commlink. Answer. Because you didn't run for it and Onyx didn't just shoot you.

2007-11-07, 07:08 PM
Not wiz. Very not wiz... Damien runs back to his van to grab his First Aid kit, just in case.

2007-11-07, 07:29 PM
Onyx posts up against the wall and looks up and down the alley for more danger working his way towards whatever he just shot. What the frag is a Ghoul doing here? I never saw one before, and I am not excited to see one for the first time either. he thinks to himself as adrenaline races through his veins.

As he cautiously approaches whatever he shot Onyx will switch between thermal and low-light to get the best view of it. If it resembles a Ghoul I will pump it with more shells. Being trained for shootouts with paintball guns Onyx's adrenaline is overriding the nerves that he knows will creep through should he allow himself to slow down. If no other action presents itself Onyx's gun hand begins to shake slightly, both from the alcohol and fear beginning to creep into him.

"This one is down everyone. I am not sure what it was but it ran like mad." Once I get a better look at it I will report more to the team.

If it is the Doc I will react by dropping my gun and dropping myself to the ground. Most likely vomiting, due to both nerves and alcohol, then attempting to revive, or do whatever basic first aid I know on the Doc.

2007-11-08, 01:57 PM
Onyx runs into the darkened alley to check on the person he just shot in the back while fleeing from a nearby battle. Sabrina dials up the Doc.


Damian turns and runs back over to the van to get the First Aid kit.


Onyx switch his thermo and lowlight capabilities around to let him see a bit better.


Damien rushs back towards the group with the First Aid kit.


Onyx comes up on the man, face down with three bullet hole in his back. The man seems to be old and bald, wearing a trench coat.


Using his foot, Onyx flips the man over, so he is face up.

"He.. He.. Hello?" The doc's stuttering voice comes over Sabrina's commlink. "He.. He.. Help! They're shooting at me!"

Onyx discovers the man is actually a woman. 'She' also seems to be ghoul-like, in that she's covered with sores, is bald, and has some really nasty hygeine. Her hands and face are covered with mostly dried blood, and her fingers and nails look abnormally long.

2007-11-08, 02:04 PM
"Another Ghoul guys. Check inside for the Doc." Thank god it wasn't the Doc. No clue if those simflicks are right but I better take no chances. Pump another shot into her head.

"This one is waxed best I can tell guys, better get the doc outta there!"

Onyx will now check this end of the alley for anymore Ghouls and, pending confirmation it is clear, will move back to support the team at the Doc's place.

2007-11-08, 02:07 PM

Pick up, pick up, pick up, oh thank god. "No, Doc, it's okay! That's us. We're shooting. There are ghouls out here. Are you okay? Do you have any idea how many there might have been? We've taken down two so far."

2007-11-08, 03:25 PM
The doc's voice is very shaken and unsure.. "Ghouls, yes, Ghouls... I warned you... Don't let them.. No mustent let them.. Many? More than one. I can't see them.. I can hear them pounding and digging and clawing."

He pauses.

Then he says, "Yes, scratch scratch scratch. Thump thump thump. All night... yes.. ooh.. sleep... sleep."

2007-11-08, 03:45 PM

He must have taken something to calm down. Or something. "Doc, we're going to open the door. So just relax and don't freak when we do." Sabrina looks up at the others. "Maybe I should go in first." She starts for the back door.

2007-11-08, 04:15 PM
Renko fires another bullet into the first ghoul's head and follows Sabrina, reloading hsi revolver as he does so.

2007-11-08, 10:13 PM
Damien comes back with his first aid kit. Upon being informed that Onyx's target wasn't the Doc he relaxes slightly and breathes a sigh of relief. That's good. Really good. Ok, so what now? He starts after Sabrina, carrying the kit and flashlight. His knife is stuck back into his belt now.

2007-11-09, 02:00 AM

Sinkalip moves after Onyx, keeping the arrow he evidently never fired notched as he moves, watching all about as he moves.

((Still have Astral Perceptions up))

2007-11-09, 05:55 PM
Johnny arrives at the location of the second ghoul just as Onyx finishes it off and begins walking back towards the group. The team moves into the alley and are nearly forced to go single file by the garbage and debris on either side of the alley. Their feet splash in a small stream of highly polluted water that flows down the middle of the garbage.

Astral :

The static in astral down this alley is fairly intense. Lots of emotion. Lots of conflict, death, and despair. When you get to the corner you can see Johnny round the corner and come up behind Onyx. He glows with an active spell.

When the team reaches the 'intersection', and shine the flashlight around, they can see the overflowing dumpster as well as lots of other trash strewn about. The water drains down through a loose grate in the middle of the intersection(at about Y26).

The door to the doctor's place(S25) is a heavy thick metal fire door. It is also fairly dented with lots of gouges and places where the paint has recently been scraped off the metal. While it is obvious there is a door there, the door has no handle or obvious way to open it. Based on the garbage patterns on the ground, you would guess the door opens outward(into the alley).

The doc responds to Sabrina's statement with, "No! No! Must'nt open the door at night. No.. Ghouls. Yes Ghouls. Oh! Leave me alone. Please... quiet. Oh yes. No no. I won't open the door. No."

2007-11-09, 08:41 PM

"Um, Doc? Did you take something to relax? The ghouls are gone. You can open the door now. It's Sabrina. I'm standing out side your door," she knocks lightly three times on the door, "with my friends. That's me knocking, not a ghoul, not a hallucination."

2007-11-10, 09:39 AM
The doc replies, "No.. No can't trust them.. they can trick you.. yes, trick you and eat you. Stories.. oh the stories. You think you are you eh? Okay, you knock to the beat of that Ork'n Man song I hear all the time. Then I'll let you in. I knows them drek eaters don't do music. Come on, you know the one."

At this point, the Doc starts crooning totally out of tune and without any beat, "...drek woman, I'm your man. Stroke my horns, rub my head, lets keep dancin' till were dead...."

{{ Knowledge roll - modern music, club music, etc. Threshold 2 or default to intuition }}

2007-11-10, 04:27 PM
Johnny Starr

"Oh, I know that that tune.." Johnny's voice sounds from behind Onyx, and he begins to hum along to the Doc's singing (though more in tune) and snaps his fingers to the actual beat of the song.

Knowledge (Club Music): (1d6=5, 1d6=3, 1d6=6, 1d6=1, 1d6=1, 1d6=3, 1d6=6, 1d6=2) (http://invisiblecastle.com/find.py?id=1365854) 3 Hits

2007-11-10, 07:34 PM

Listening to the Doc sing, Sabrina's face is blank. Whatever drek song he's singing, she doesn't damn well recognize it. When Johnny starts humming, the tune sounds vaguely familiar, but then again, a lot of those songs sound the same. "Well, get your ass over here and start knocking, Johnny." Sabrina steps aside so he can get up to the door.

2007-11-11, 11:24 AM
Johnny Starr

"Just be chill, I'll be there in a sec." Johnny drops his invisibility spell before he moves to the Doc's back door and begins knocking on it to the beat of the song. "Alright chummer, that do it for you?"

2007-11-12, 11:45 AM
The doc comes back on the commlink, "Hmm.. Are you sure you are at the right building? Argh! *pause* Okay, fine, I'll do it."

The sound of metal scraping on metal are heard and then the fire door swings outward with great groan. A feeble old man with pale skin, sunken cheeks, and grey hair(which seems to be falling out in clumps) steps out into the alley.

The doctor wears a classic white lab coat with a very dirty button up shirt and tie underneath. Once he sees the group he says smiles and says, "Ah, see nothing to worry about." The large metal door swings shut behind him. he pats Sabrina on the shoulder and says, "You've got to toughen up my dear." He starts walking with deliberate steps towards the northern alley exit.

2007-11-12, 12:22 PM

Yeah, whatever. Sabrina trots after the Doc, pulling her bag from her shoulder and stowing the gun back in it. "Are you okay? You look kind of..." She pauses, because she doesn't really want to insult him or anything, and because she has no idea if he's on something or not. She selects the least offensive term she can think of while still conveying at least part of her meaning. "Rumpled."

2007-11-12, 05:04 PM
"So are we done here?" Onyx's voices comes in over the commlink. "All clear down here, I am coming back to you. How is the Doc?" Onyx notices the group moving out of the building and towards the end of the alley. I sure as drek hope he is alive after all this. Actually this was a bit of fun. Next time I might actually sober up for this sort of thing.

Onyx begins backing slowly towards Sabrina and the rest, always scanning the alley both directions for movement.

2007-11-12, 08:07 PM
The doc continues to walk towards the alley exit while he responds to Sabrina, "Rum.. what? No, this is a deliberate disguise so that I won't get mugged on the way home. I think, I'll be fine. I just need to get a little sleep and get back on schedule."

Once he gets to the sidewalk and the glow of the orange street lamp, he turns back towards the group and says, "I am grateful and a deals-a-deal. Stop by next Thursday Morning and I'll give you a cut."

He waits there in the light for anyone who follows him out of the alley.

2007-11-12, 10:09 PM
Damien nods and steps out of the alley after the doc, glad his medkit wasn't needed. I can give you a ride if you want. The van is big enough to hold all of us.

2007-11-13, 06:55 AM

Sabrina nods and smiles lightly. "Okay. I'm glad you're okay. Listen, if you need anything, give me a call. We're available for freelance work on short notice." If he decides he still wants to walk, she waves and says, "see you Thursday."

2007-11-13, 11:43 AM

Sinkalip frowns slightly, tilting his head as he follows the others. Something wasn't adding up right in his head. His eyes sparkle slightly gold in the streetlight as he watches the doc, trying to see anything about him that looked off.

Assensing: 5D6 =
[6, 5, 3, 3, 2] (http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=2795) = 2 Hits

2007-11-13, 06:35 PM
The doc stays on the well lit street sidewalk and responds, "A ride. Is your vehicle close? That would be nice, sonny. My flat is only 6 blocks from here, but no sense in pushing my luck." The doc lingers in the light waiting to be directed to the vehicle and to get a good look at his rescuers.

Assensing :

The doc has some damage. System wide physical decay, either from lack of sleep, lack of healthy food, slow poisoning, drugs, or some similar source. His aura is struggling to keep his emotions in check, but he is clearly frightened, angry, and happy.

When Sabrina emerges and offers freelance work, the Doc suggests, "Maybe.. How are you on debt collection? I've got this guy that owes me big time. If I could get some of that cash, I'd be able to upgrade my establishment a bit, maybe clean it up enough that those ghouls don't come back. So, maybe you could convince him to make some payments. Like a debt collection agency."

2007-11-13, 06:46 PM
"Heh if we wanted to be thugs we could go work for the mob." Onyx half whispers to himself, forgetting again the sub-dermal mic is still on. Onyx will follow the rest back to the van and assuming they all get in to leave I will get on my bike and head out myself. The night have been rough and I could use to finally pass out.
"Find out more about this 'collection' job and lets wrap this up." Onyx says into his mic as he mounts up on his bike.

2007-11-13, 07:54 PM

"Okay. Cool." Sabrina leads the Doc back to the van, giving him sidelong glances as she walks. He doesn't usually look this crappy. Maybe it's just that he's shaken up from putting up with the ghouls. "We could handle that for you. Give me the information and we'll bring you whatever we can get out of them next Thursday when we meet up."

2007-11-14, 01:57 AM
Damien just smiles and gets into the drivers seat of the van. I'll need an address or directions, but after that I'm good to go. Climb on up!

2007-11-14, 06:44 AM
Sabrina :

You notices as he walks that he is hiding some sort of limp.

The doc walks up to the big van and says, "Ah.. nice. I had a van back in secondary school. Oh yeah. Oh directions. hmm... " He fumbles around in his pockets and lab coat and eventually pulls out Transys brand commlink. Looks like an older model, probably top of the line(4 or 5 years ago).

He taps it a couple times and then says, "Directions home." It displays the address and map showing the route. He hands it to Damien. Seems to be straight forward or straight reverse as the case may be. Turn around, go 5 blocks, turn right, second building on the left, 3rd floor. Should be easy, except for the 3rd floor bit.

The doc then turns to Sabrina, "Yeah. It'll have to wait till morning. I've got it back in the lab, I'll have to pull his file and see if he left an address. I could use some sleep and I don't want to go back into the alley until the sun is up."

2007-11-14, 09:50 AM

Sinkalip raises an eyebrow for a moment, then shakes his head as he slips his bow back into the case behind his shoulder. "Could be interesting," he says with a slight shrug as he looks to the others. He climbs in the back of the Van, moving clear to the back to give the Doc some room to sit.

2007-11-14, 10:05 AM

"Fair enough. Sit yourself down and let me take a look atcha. Have you slept anytime recently? Don't doctors know better?" Sabrina grins at him as she takes a seat in the van and motions for the Doc to sit next to her. She swings her bag around and pulls out her medkit, then gives the Doc a very critical looking over.

Diagnose on the Doc. First Aid (14 dice): 4 hits (http://roll.coyotecode.net/lookup.php?rollid=2815)

2007-11-14, 06:29 PM
The doc climbs into the van and sits down. Once Sabrina starts going all medical on him, he pushs her and her gear away saying, "I don't need nuna that drek. I just been cooped up in the lab for the last couple days and I ain't got much sleep. Make matters worse, I twisted my ankle on Sunday. I'll be fine, I just need to get home and to bed before the stims wears off and I really crash."

He get comfy on the seat and looks around at the bikers asking, "They gonna ride escort for us? Like a presidential motorcade? That'd be sweet."

Glancing back at Sabrina, "Seriously". She can see his pupils are pin points and his hands are kind of twitchy. Given his change in speech since she first called him, he has obviously taken something. Who knows how the drugs in the medkit would react with whatever is in his system.

The doc sits fairly patiently while everyone loads up. His only other comment is to Sinkalip, "Interesting? You mean the debt collection thing? They teach you a lot about business financing and debt models in ah..". He pauses to glance at the bow, and then adds, "In hunting school?"

Looking to Damien, the doc asks, "So, how fast can this thing go? What kind of sound system you got? This one of those models with the fold away seating and fold out bedding? So, how do you know Sabrina? How well that is..." He smiles and waggles his eyebrows up and down at Damien.

2007-11-14, 07:58 PM

"Fine, fine." Sabrina stows her kit again and slouches in her seat, muttering something that sounds a lot like "medical men".

The Doc's insinuation isn't remotely lost on Sabrina. She rolls her eyes and waves a hand to indicate Damien. "This is Damien, a friend of mine. How I know him is none of your business. And this," she waves at Sinkalip in the same fashion, "is my brother, Sin."

2007-11-15, 02:24 AM
Thanks. Damien takes the commlink and sets it on the dash. He starts the van and pulls a quick u-turn, driving back towards the doc's house.

It goes fast enough, at any rate. The sound system is stock, and not very good. I don't mind, though. I don't think this has beds, but it has seats, which I installed. Before that it was pretty much just storage space back there. And the last question? No comment. Damien grins and shakes his head.

2007-11-15, 03:51 AM

Sinkalip raises an eyebrow and chuckles at the doctor, leaning back in the seat. He rolls his eyes slightly. This coming from a drugged up doctor that doesn't have the sense not to do business with someone who won't pay, he thinks quietly to himself, then chuckles softly.

2007-11-16, 06:15 AM
Damien rolls up to the Doc's building with his presidential escort. The doc exits the vehicle, turns around nods to everyone and says, "Thanks for the ride sonny." He then turns to Sabrina and say, "I'll send you the information tomorrow." He takes a couple steps towards the building and then turns back to the whole group and says with an honest sincere voice, "Thank you. Really. Thanks."

With that he walks up to the building. He submits to a retinal scan and then the doors open. He goes inside and after a moment or two disappears from sight.

2007-11-16, 07:33 AM

Sabrina waves with a smile when the Doc turns back to them all, watching as he goes inside. Then she turns to Sin. "He's a decent guy. Really." Rather than talk about what she agreed to in a public place, Sabrina sends over her commlink to everyone now that they're all gathered in one place again with no apparent threats and away from the scene of the adrenaline-inducing events.

[Dr. Vrock has requested that we see if we can get one of his clients to fork over an outstanding balance. He'll get the info to me tomorrow, and I said we'd see about it by next Thursday. I'm going to call around and see if I can find anything else for us to do in the near future. You guys should probably do that, too. Let me know if you set anything up, or are about to, and I'll coordinate so we don't get double-booked. I can come along to meet with anyone if you want, too.]

2007-11-17, 02:49 AM
[Got It, I'm going to head over to Spikes for abit, I'll keep my eyes open for jobs.]
Renko takes his bike and heads off towrds Spikes.

2007-11-17, 07:02 AM
Damien waves to the Doc, then pulls out and heads for Sabrina's apartment. [Alright. I'll give Flynn a call, see if he's heard anything. Maybe get an upgrade for my arm too.]

2007-11-18, 01:14 PM
Once the rest of the team departs, Onyx pauses and then drives off into the blackness of the night which so accurately mirrors his blacken skin.

Damien manages to make it from Doc's back to Sabrina's without much of a hitch. Everyone seems very quiet on the drive over, obviously in shock about what happened and what was happening to their lives. Sabrina, Sinkalip, and Johnny Star exit Damien's van. Sabrina and Sinkalip have a short climb up to the second floor ahead of them while JS has a lone motorcycle ride home in front of him, at least Damien's van has heat, not that is really that cold tonight.

Its still, barely, June 3rd. Its nearly midnight when Renko arrives at Spikes. Tuesday isn't a big bar night normally, but tonight the place is quite full of small groups having private conversations.

2007-11-18, 03:12 PM

"Drive safe, yeah?" Sabrina waves to Renko and Onyx as they start away from the Doc's. Once they reach the apartment building, she double checks her bag to make sure she has everything before getting out. "You can come up if you want. Still plenty of booze, and some food. And a couch." She grins. "What kind of a date would I be if I didn't offer a drink after taking you out to shoot ghouls?"

2007-11-18, 10:40 PM
Damien laughs. Yeah, I could use a drink. Alright, just let me park the van. Once that's accomplished he jumps out, locks it, and follows Sabrina back up to the apartment.

So what's on the agenda for tomorrow? He asks as he pops the top off a beer.

2007-11-18, 10:47 PM
Its still, barely, June 3rd. Its nearly midnight when Renko arrives at Spikes. Tuesday isn't a big bar night normally, but tonight the place is quite full of small groups having private conversations.

Renko walks straight towards the bar and waves to Jimmy.
"Hey, Jimbo, how's life been treating you?"

2007-11-19, 01:10 AM
Johnny Starr

"Was fun tonight chummers, we'll have to do it again." Johnny waves good night to his friends before jumping on his bike and riding off into the darkness.

2007-11-19, 07:06 AM

"See ya, Johnny." She pulls her keys out of her bag and lets people in, taking the bag to her room and just dropping it gently on the floor just inside the door "I think that I shall have to indulge now." She breezes back through to the kitchen and grabs a bottle of wine, pouring some into a cup. Then it's the couch for her. She pulls off her shoes and sits down, sinking into the cushions. "I've never shot anything but a target before."

2007-11-19, 09:09 AM
Jimmy "Don't call me Jimbo" Trammel looks across the bar at one of the few familiar faces in the joint tonight. He shakes his head and says, "Don't tell me you're in on this too? Aw, I should have known you'd get drawn in. Well, you've only got 22 more minutes till the meetings start; Get you a beer while you wait?" He turns to draw out a draft and says over his shoulder, "You catch the game tonight, Wheew, what a squeeker."

2007-11-19, 11:27 AM

Sin follows the others up to the apartment, frowning slightly as he stops outside the door in and looks up and down the street once. After everything tonight, relaxing would be good, but... it was nothing. He shakes his head and heads up the stairs. He pushes the door behind himself closed and hits the lock. He makes a beeline for the tequila again and pours a small amount into a cup and waters it down with something carbonated.

He walks into the room and drops into a seat, reaching out and poking a button on the remote for the sound system. He gets a surprised, but pleased look as it comes to life, playing music quietly. "Could have gone much worse," he comments, leaning back and taking a long drink.

2007-11-19, 07:36 PM
Onyx mounts his Mirage and gives a head nod to the others as he revs his engine. The back tire peels out and he swings the bike around towards the opposite end of the street. As the night air breezes through his white hair while he sweeps down the streets towards his apartment Onyx's mind begins to drift.

That was quite an interesting night. Ghouls, cracked up Docs, and that 'team'. Hmm, team? I never thought I would be on a team again. I haven't even shot a gun, well paintball or real, since my parents died. You know it didn't feel so bad. Not nearly as bad as I thought. In fact shooting that Ghoul helped relieve a ton of tension that I only ever felt after a good night of drinking and it happened much faster. With how fast it all happened I didn't even have to think, which is good lately. Well, I guess if they really want to get something moving I might need to call a few 'friends' tomorrow. Beguiler will be happy to hear from me. I wonder if she still has that high school crush on me?

Onyx snaps back to reality as he realizes he just missed his offramp. Frag it! I missed my stop. Oh well it's a nice night for a ride. Besides the cool air is starting to sober me up. I wonder if Beguiler is awake now. I guess it doesn't hurt to call, though if she is still into me calling at midnight might give her the wrong idea. Onyx queues up voice-dialing on his commlink as he says "Call Beguiler" into the sub-dermal mic. Luckily sub-dermal mics don't pick up the wind noise of him riding.

I will try to call Beguiler, a girl I dated in high school and never really lost her crush on me, especially after I started becoming a sports star. Last I talked to her she was still hung up on me, and in fact dumped one of her boyfriends in hopes of getting me back a couple years ago. Unfortunately that was right after my parents died and my life was mostly **** then. Though from what I hear she is what she likes to call a "fixer" and tends to deal in a lot of underground stuff. I never paid it any mind until now.

If she answers I ask if she wants to meet and catch up. I can either handle the rest in PM with LE or here it's up to you LE.

2007-11-19, 09:54 PM
Me neither. I mostly kept this for the sentimental value. Still, if we ever get into a tight spot, it's good to know that I've got it. Hell, that sort of thing could probably scare the small time gangers pretty good. Damien sighs and takes a swig of his beer. I gotta make a couple calls. Back in a few. He heads out onto the balcony, pulling up numbers on his commlink as he goes.

2007-11-19, 11:01 PM
Jimmy "Don't call me Jimbo" Trammel looks across the bar at one of the few familiar faces in the joint tonight. He shakes his head and says, "Don't tell me you're in on this too? Aw, I should have known you'd get drawn in. Well, you've only got 22 more minutes till the meetings start; Get you a beer while you wait?" He turns to draw out a draft and says over his shoulder, "You catch the game tonight, Wheew, what a squeeker."
"Nah, I missed it, I was busy tonight but I'll catch a replay later so don't spoil it for me."
Renko accepts the beer and pulls out his comlink, and sends a message to Jimmy so as not to alert other people in case this is the wrong question to ask about now.[Wait, what meeting is this?]
Renko and Spike are the only ones who call Jimmy Jimbo, the name originated when, on an almost empty night they were watching an old film noir that Spike had found somewhere with a bartender named Jimbo who looked abit like Jimmy. If anybody else uses the nickname Jimmy ignores them until they drop the "Bo". if you do it for too long he'll get mad and proably water down/spit in/put a humerous special ingredient in your drink.

2007-11-20, 06:26 AM

Jimmy says, "Oh man. You better put in some ear plugs half the people here are talking about it." Jimmy hands over the draft and then moves down the bar to fill a couple more orders. When he cashes out one of the accounts he notices the message and responds.

[A couple of Johnsons have booked all the private rooms in the back and seem to have scheduled bunches meetings. Must be something big or at least coordinated or maybe just doomed to failure. They've got all the two-bit wannabe runner groups I've ever seen here tonight. Just look around. You can smell the fear in the room. I overheard someone say their was an open posting on one of the nearly public message boards.]

2007-11-22, 09:31 PM
Damien comes back in a few minutes later. Ok. Joe's going to look around for us, see if he can find anything. In the mean time, I think I should probably get some sleep. Wake me if something comes up.

He flops down on one of the couches, polishes off his beer, and tries to go to sleep.

2007-11-23, 01:05 PM

All the response Sin gets from Sabrina is a nod. She leans back and listens to the music, letting it zone her brain so she might have a chance of sleeping. She isn't fully aware of the fact that she downed her whole cup until she goes to take another sip and it's empty. Just as she's pondering whether she should refill it or just go to bed, Damien returns and the decision seems to be made for her.

"Feel free. I should get to bed, too." She stands up, just a little wobbly, and cruises via furniture to the kitchen, where she dumps her cup, then to the larger bedroom, from whence she produces a dark green knitted blanket. The blanket gets dumped onto Damien's head. "Sorry. No spare pillows. Night." Then she hits the door to her room maybe a little bit harder than she normally might and shuts it behind herself.

Once she's lying in bed, changed into her pajamas, she stares at the ceiling for a few minutes. I shot something. I shot it and it went down. Renko and Onyx shot it, too, but man, those things really work. And it was all really real. It's so much different than SimSense. The thoughts meander about this general idea for a little bit, then she drifts off to sleep, the alcohol blurring the edges enough to let her relax.

2007-11-25, 02:08 AM

Sinkalip chuckles softly at the two. "Oy," he says rolling his eyes slightly. He stands up as he drains the last bit of his drink, then heads towards his room. "If you two are going to sleep," he says, chuckling softly. He emerges a few moments later, in a clean black shirt and back in his long coat with his sunglasses pushed up into his hair. "I'll be back later," he says, heading towards the door. "Don't wait up," he adds as he closes the door behind himself.

He'll make a quick call for a taxi as he goes into his room, dropping off the mainly his bow and case for it. He keeps his knives on him though, better safe than completely sorry.

Also feel free to add a 'its busy' as response to the following if you would like. ;) Not trying to force my way into other people's plotlines, just didn't figure he would be ready for bed so early in a night.

As he descends the stairs, he tilts his head and attempts to call up Renko to see if he was anywhere fun. Might as well get to know some of these people if they were going to be working closely together.

2007-11-26, 09:41 PM
Renko sends this message to the rest of the team.
[Hey, I'm at Spikes and it looks like some Johnsons are putting somthing together for wet-behind the ears teams. Should I check it out?]

2007-11-27, 01:55 PM
"Fo sure mate. The adrenaline is pumping better than any game so lets keep the roll going." Onyx says as he screams down the highway on his bike. "If ya need some backup give me the loc and I will catch up. Just letting off some speed at the moment."

2007-11-27, 01:59 PM

[Sounds good to me,] Sin replies, a slight grin crossing his face. He glances up and down the road and taps his foot. [Soon as the fraggin' taxi shows up I'll head that way.] he adds before disconnecting.

2007-11-27, 05:25 PM

While Renko nurses his beer and waits for Sinkalip to show up one of the Johnsons comes out. He climbs up on a chair near the private meeting rooms. He stands up on the chair so he can see over the crowd. When he speaks, his voice booms over the din of the crowd. He obviously has some sort of voice augmentation. Johnson seems to be of Anglo heritage with a short professional haircut and only a slight tan. He's wearing a fairly non-descriptive blue business suit, white shirt and tie.

"We will begin in a few moments. When we call your number please come in right away so we can get to it. We've got a lot to do. Did each group pick up a number on the way in?" He pauses and motions to a ring of old pull tabs, the 'Now serving #26' type.

He climbs down and heads back into the private rooms. As he opens the door, you can see asian woman in a business suit already in the back hallway. She is quite attractive, but with a very serious expression on her face.

2007-11-29, 04:50 PM

Renko, unsure what to do, remains seated and hopes the rest of the team shows up at some point.

After a few minutes, the Johnson comes back out. Everyone goes quiet except for an obnoxious ork in the middle of joke, who blurts out the end of the joke loud enough for the now quiet room to hear, "she says, 'not my tip!'". Then he laughs heartily for several seconds before realizing that everyone is watching him.

The Johnson climbs back up on the chair and says, with an elevated voice, "Groups One and Two. Please come this way."

Six of the patrons rise and follow the Johnson into the back room. Its not really clear where group 1 ends and group 2 begins. The 'runners' are :
1. A tall black female human in a 'power suit' carrying a briefcase.
2. A male caucasian ork in dirty old street clothes.
3. A long haired caucasian male in a white bathrobe with a green peace symbol on the back.
4. Pink haired grandmothery looking woman with a large handbag.
5. A petite chinese dwarven woman, with a ponytail that seems to rock to some internal music. She's visibly armed with several small knives.
6. A pimple faced kid(male human) wearing the football jersey from a local school which proclaims him as #34 of the 'Basilisks'

Once they are all inside the door, everyone goes back to talking again. After 10 minutes, the process repeats with groups 3 and 4 going into the back room, while groups 1 and 2 leave and exit the building.

About 5 minutes later, Sinkalip and Onyx arrive at Spikes to join Renko for a beer. There is probably only one runner group left. A group of 4 women sitting together(one blonde, one redhead, one brunette, one blue mohawk).

2007-11-29, 05:00 PM
Now that the rest of the team has arrived Renko takes a number, not wanting to have been called before anybody else shows up. While waiting he turns to Jimmy, speaking in a voice loud enough so that Onyx and Sink can hear.
"Me and my friends are goign to check this out, do me a favor and don't give em anything to drink until after were called, same goes for me."

2007-11-30, 01:57 AM
Johnny Starr

The sound of tires screeching can be heard outside of Spike's, and moments later Johnny walks through the bar door. Giving the room a quick scan, he walks over to where Renko, Onyx, and Sinkalip are seated. "Hey chummers. Got the message that the lot of you were down here, looks like Sabrina and Demian didn't make though. Not that I'm surprised or anything." Johnny wears a black suit jacket over the cloths had been wearing earlier, the sleeves rolled up to the elbow, and he taps his foot continuously on the bar floor while drumming on the bar with his fingers. On closer inspection, his pupils have dilated and his nostrils appear red and raw. "I hope I didn't miss anything, had some stuff to take care of."

Used one dose of Novacoke about half an hour ago, so 6 and a half more hours on it.

2007-11-30, 11:10 AM
As the headache that is forming from coming off his earlier drinking binge starts to affect Onyx he looks around the room to size up the rest of the 'runners'.

So this is what 'real' runners look like? Well if this is the competition we should be able to pick up a couple quick jobs here. I wonder how long these things normally take. Onyx thinks to himself as he scans the room. "So what did ya find out before we got here?" Onyx says glancing back towards Renko but keeping his peripheral aware of anything.

Not sure if I could have gotten my Ares in here or not so if not it is under the seat of my bike outside, with the alarm turned on. I need to see if there is an alarm that can send me a text on my commlink. If I do have it then it is under my trenchcoat in it's holster which should provide some decent conceal.

2007-11-30, 01:57 PM

Sin smirks towards Renko as he sits down. "Just because you all couldn't control yourselves earlier," he says, a slight grin forming on his face as he peers about the room. His eyes take on a slightly golden cast as he does, curious about the other patrons, before looking his friends here.

He frowns slightly as he catches sight of Onyx, but remains silent, for now at least. "They were falling asleep as I left," he says with a slight shrug. "Still an early night though, especially here from the looks of it," he adds as he glances over his shoulder towards the other remaining patrons.

2007-11-30, 04:30 PM

The new bounty hunter didn't want to try to mess with this many runners, so he didn't even bother to complain about Onyx and his little gun.

Even though the whole team isn't present, there are as many if not more than several of the other teams. Team 5, which is entirely female, no doubt calling themselves 'Fox Force Five', sits in a booth across the bar from Sinkalip, Renko, Onxy, and Johnny. Although there are only 4 of them present, the are still a force to be reckoned with.

The blonde is bulging out of her white T-shirt in so many ways. She could probably easily bench press Onyx's motorcycle. Other than obvious bulk, ripped blue jeans, and a few scars on her forearms, she doesn't seem too threatening.

She's got implants and 'dead' space in her.

The redhead is an elf. She's dressed like she has a date downtown after this. Slinky, seductive, yet she has obvious cybereyes and several data/chip jacks.

The blue-haired babe looks to have fallen out of the 'ugly tree' and hit every branch on the way down. Her face is contorted and twisted from scars and/or burn marks. Her ears are basically missing, but in the ear canal, you can see metal from implants. She's wearing a leather duster marked with gang symbols.

She's a mage and has active spells and foci on her.

The brunette smiles when the 'boys' look over. She's not real easy on the eyes, but she won't turn you to stone either. She's dress in mens clothes, which don't fit, don't seem to clean, and haven't been fashionable for a couple decades.


After a couple minutes, the Johnson comes back out. Group 3 leaves the bar. Group 4 goes over to the bar to get another round of drinks. The Johnson climbs back up on the chair and says, with an elevated voice(which isn't really needed this time), "Groups Five and Six. Please come this way."

2007-11-30, 06:33 PM
Renko stands up and starts walking over to where the Johnsons are.

2007-12-01, 06:25 PM
The blond, followed by the three non-blonds jump up and follow the Johnson into the back rooms.

Renko, the quickest of the runners, arrives at the door just as Johnson is starting to close it. He can see the women led into the third private room by the Asian woman he saw before. Mr. Johnson waits for anyone to join Renko before leading him into the first of the private rooms.

Onyx, Johnny, and Sinkalip rush over, once they realize they are part of group six. Everyone gets a closer look at Johnson. He is of Anglo heritage with a short professional haircut and only a slight tan. He's wearing a fairly non-descriptive blue business suit, white shirt and tie. He's got a few gray hairs on the side of his head just above his ears. He has a small mole on his left temple and smells of "Eau d' Fromage", a populate cologne.

Johnson leads the team into the first private booth and sits down with them. He quickly looks them over and then he begins, "As we stated in the posting, the pay is 14000 nuyen. The job should be very straight forward, but perhaps more intense than you are used to."

With a sweeping motion of his hand, is suddenly has a datachip. He sets it on the table and says, "There are six times and six locations specified on the chip. We need you to stage an assault on those locations at exactly the time specified, for the durations specified. You need not kill anyone if you do not wish to. You don't need to enter the buildings if you don't want to. We just need you to interact with security in a violent fashion. Once the duration has expired, get out of there."

Johnson pauses to assess the teams' reaction to the task as laid out. He then adds, "That is part 1. Part 2 is somewhat more simple. While at location 4, you need to plant this device", he put a small stainless steel box on the table(about 10cm by 5cm by 8cm), "on a light grey Mercury Sunflare in the secure parking lot. You must not be seen doing this. Keep the guards distracted while it happens. Watch for cameras, or erase any security footage afterwards."

Johnson pauses again to assess the teams' reaction to part 2. Satisfied, he continues, "Finally part 3. While assaulting location 6, you will need to avoid the man pictured in a file on the data chip. Do not shoot him. Do not attack him in anyway. No matter what happens, do not target him at all. Run away, whatever. Make it obvious that you are avoiding him."

The Johnson leans back, smirks at the team and says, "It is imperative that you stick to the schedule. Obviously there is a lot going on tomorrow. Your actions, combined with those of the other teams are designed to work together in harmony. Any questions. Please don't hesitate to ask."

2007-12-04, 01:31 PM
After hearing that most of the run is a 'smash and grab' or mostly just smash he visibly relaxes. Not taking his eyes from the Johnson he leans back in his chair.

Seems easy enough, there has to be more in it for us than a simple smash up. 14000 nuyen. Man thats more than we made for finals at the blasterball arena. Well this should surely get our name known.

Looking back up towards the Johnson Onyx begins to speak "So how bad are these guards armed? They shooting to kill or just to stop?" Onyx then looks around to the rest of his team for any further questions.

2007-12-04, 04:00 PM
The Johnson raises an eyebrow at the question. He then says, "If you have body armor, I would really consider wearing it."

He then motions to the data chip and says, "I don't think any of the facilities have major fortifications. The guards will certainly shoot to kill if they think you are shooting to kill. That said, I think its legal for them to do just about anything they want to, if you are on their property."

He pauses a bit as if deciding to say or not say something and then adds, "I would expect that all the locations listed have something to do with each other. So, they may communicate and put the rest of their associated facilities on alert. You may start off facing pop guns and end up facing machine guns. Some of that may depend on how you approach the task."

2007-12-05, 06:42 AM

Sinkalip reaches out, gently taking the data chip by its corners, then offers it to Renko. "Mind if we take a short look at the locations before we agree?" he asks curiously, raising an eyebrow and looking towards the Johnsons, looking for any reaction from them. "It would only serve to complicate things were unclear at all," he adds.

2007-12-05, 07:31 PM
The (singular) Johnson says, "Not that we don't trust you, but we'd prefer to keep that information more tightly controlled for now. If you agree to the job, you may look at the information so that you may ask questions, but I am not to allow you access until you agree."

The shifts a bit in his seat and fidgets with his hands a bit while waiting for the team to decide.

2007-12-05, 08:02 PM
Leaning forward in his chair again to address the Johnson Onyx speaks up, "I think we can come to an arrangement. How is payment going to be arranged? Is there an up front 'operations cost' or is the full payment based upon completion?"

2007-12-05, 10:13 PM
Renko scratches his chin.
"One question mister J, how about this guy were very specificallly not supposed to hit, is he going to be shooting at us or will he be flinging spells at us or somthing. I'm not going to leave him unshot if he can drop us all with a spell the moment we show up. And if we have to retreat to avoid not-shooting this guy, which takes precedence, not shooting him or keeping to the timetable."

2007-12-06, 07:13 AM
When the subject of cash comes up, Johnson leans in and says, "Ah yes, of course. Once your team agrees to the task, I am authorized to make a good faith payment of 1000 nuyen to each team member present."

He leans back again, twists he head to the side with a small cracking noise and says, "The balance can be transferred to an account you designate immediately following your actions at location six. Or.. if you prefer, we can meet again and exchange certified credsticks."

The Johnson smiles at Renko and says, "If you are unable to perform the task, you should let me know now so that I can arrange an alternate."

Johnson puts his hands flat on the table as he continues, you can see a slight 'tan line' on his finger where a ring used to be. "The guy you are not suppose to hit is not a magician. He may shoot at you. Take cover, move away from him but keep assaulting the target location. Let him chase you around the building, but don't shoot him, stun him, cast spells at him, or anything like that. When your time is up, flee, we don't expect the guards at these facilities to chase you through the city, so that should be the end of him."

Johnson adjusts his wristwatch and says, "You must keep to the timeline."

2007-12-06, 06:38 PM
"Mr. Johnson, I think you can count us in." I look around to the rest of the team for any visible arguments with the run.

Is the other team here as well? Are they listening to the same proposition we are?

2007-12-08, 08:05 AM
Mr. Johnson smirks briefly and the smirk morphs into a smile. He says, "We are happy to hear that." With a bit of a sleight of hand, he produces 4 certified credsticks, which he places on the table. "How would you like to receive he remainder of your compensation?"

He motions to the chip and says, "I think you'll find any normal chip reader will be able to access that, as will most higher-end commlinks."

{{ If you've got a Signal of 4 or higher on your commlink, you can access it. }}

The Johnson nods towards Sinkalip as if to indicate he may now access the data chip if he likes.

2007-12-08, 04:32 PM
There's a reason he's handing it to Renko to access. He doesn't do technology. Its a similiar reason he had Sabrina set his commlink. ;)

Sinkalip smiles slightly, still holding the chip out to Renko. "Sounds like a relatively lucrative offer for everyone involved," he says. "I assume each team will be hitting different locations?" he says, tilting his head curiously. "It would be rather bad to cross guns with someone else thinking they were there to stop us."

2007-12-08, 06:10 PM
Renko slips the chip into his comlink then frowns for a moment and looks at Onyx and Johnny.
"This Piece of Drek commlink can't read it, either of you got somthing better?". Only signal 2
Renko will hand it to whoever speaks up first.