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2019-03-08, 05:06 AM
Gish is usually defined as a compitent melee and casting character. But it seems that most Gish builds either have variable scaling (at some point the melee part just stops scaling) or they have a specific level which the build "comes online".

What is the most natural way to build a Gish whilst leveling. Which options would you take if you want to see your character's melee and casting ability get stronger as you level up. What is the "natural Gish"?

Can we make a small level of melee casters, alongside their pros and cons and general playstyle?

Oh, nvm. I found this (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?582642-How-do-the-quot-Martial-quot-Full-Casters-Fare) discussion which answers all my questions perfectly.