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Slayer Lord
2019-03-08, 11:31 PM
What are some of the weirdest, most outlandish things you have seen or participated in? Anything that leaves you speechless and going WTF?

I'll start:

1. In one of my first 3.5 games, we were invading the mansion of the local despot. While describing the interior to us, the DM mentioned that the room we were in had a large, gem encrusted chandelier. Our party wizard decided on the spot that he wanted it. Not the gems on the chandelier. He wanted the whole thing. So he blasted it off its chain, and when he found it wouldn't fit into his normal, nonmagical backpack, he insisted on dragging it everywhere with him. Even after a draw from a Deck of Many Things turned him evil, all he wanted was his chandelier.

2. While DMing a game to teach my wife and her friends Pathfinder, the party had to clear a nest of goblins that had taken up residence in a crypt. I had the goblins set up some basic defenses and ambush points, just to make things more interesting. Instead, the group used feminine wiles to lure the goblins away from their posts and ambush them instead, imitating female goblins actually going "Yoo-hoo! Oh, boys!" and such from around the corners of the dungeon. And because I couldn't roll for crap on Sense Motive that night, it wound up working. Twice.

3. Same group, doing the Murder's Mark module. The party had just arrived at the Umbra Carnival and taking in the sights, helping themselves to the carnival junkfood. Then the druid went up to the fried-whatever-on-a-stick guy and bought out all of his butter. Then covered herself in the butter. I have a know idea why, she wouldn't give any reason. Just covered in butter. And remained covered in butter for the rest of the session while the group started investigating the murders. By the next day, it had started to spoil and stink, but she was determined to remain covered in butter, no matter how much the NPCs gawked or commented on it.