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2019-03-14, 11:23 AM
In my most recent game, I had a player that wanted to play a vampire. I tend to allow anything, Ua included, so long as itís core, however I really donít like the MTG vampires. I felt that making vampire a race really killed a lot of the potential, so I homebrewed a class. Kind of a pseudo-prestige class, but without prerequisites, unless you want to multi class into it. Then youíd need to be bitten my a vampire or something.

I play tested this sparring a 10th level vengeance paladin. The paladin won, as he should, but it was pretty close. I think I may need to rebalance some of the features, namely, a few the vampire traits. I think some of those might be a little too powerful.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Link to homebrew:
(I forgot how to make it a link, and it doesnít show on my phone)

2019-03-20, 04:19 AM
I love it! Here are my thoughts

The Vampiric Dice table is unclear. Two uses of 2d8?
I don't see why the natural Armor is needed? Does it accomplishes something special for the class or is it just a stat bump?
Are you sure DnD vampires don't have a reflection?
Are you sure Garlic and Holy stuff is a dnd weakness and not just a 'pop culture' weakness. Just thinking about being semi consistent with the monster manual.
You might want to consider acid and radiant damage equal to five time its level, just so a high level vampire also has to at least consider fighting in sunlight.

All in all another great take on the vampire. I currently have an Arcane Trickster Rogue in my group which we've tweaked to function lika a vampire, using Second Wind as Regeneration and picking vampire-esque spells. I'm guessing it's the Vampiric Traits that really set your class aside from all the other Vampire Homebrewes. I'll take a look at them in a different post.