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2019-03-18, 03:16 PM
Continuing with individual subclasses from an expansion I'm working on, we have the College of Curiosity. This Tabaxi-exclusive bardic college specializes in finding and using magic items, adding some fun and unique roleplaying opportunities. If you have any ideas/suggestions/critiques, please leave a comment below.

As the old saying goes, “Curiosity killed the cat”. Fittingly, the Tabaxi are a dangerously curious people, inquisitive wanderers with a penchant for ancient stories. While material wealth is oft unimportant to these folk, they take exceeding interest in tales of artifacts and other rarities, if not for the objects themselves then for the stories they hold. Thus, the Tabaxi forged the College of Curiosity, a bardic college befitting wandering minstrels and dedicated to unraveling ancient mysteries.

Racial Restriction: Tabaxi Only
Taught in the distant Tabaxi homeland, only Tabaxi may join the College of Curiosity. Bards of other races interested in ancient tales generally join the College of Lore, a classical counterpart to this bardic college.

This restriction reflects the history of the College of Curiosity in the Forgotten Realms. Your DM can lift this restriction to better suit the campaign, your DM's setting, or your DM's version of the Realms.

Upon joining the College of Curiosity at 3rd level, you learn to better barter lore. When in a city or town, you can spend some time and gold to learn information on specific items. Choose one common or uncommon item, spending 2 hours and 5 gold for each level of rarity. You learn the general location of this item and any restrictions to using the item (such as class, racial, or level restrictions). You also learn the general price of the item, within half the minimum cost for the item’s rarity (see page 135 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide).

As you grow as a bard of this college, you learn to gain information on rarer items. At 5th level, you can use this feature to learn about rare items, very rare items at 9th level, and legendary items at 14th level.

Your fascination with magical items allows you to better perform with them. Whenever you use your Bardic Inspiration feature, creatures gain a +1 bonus when they roll the Bardic Inspiration die for every magical item you are attuned to.

By 6th level, you’ve become used to being the center of attention, often by showing off any magical items you have. You can spend a use of your Bardic Inspiration, choosing as many creatures as you want within 30 feet. These creature must make a Wisdom saving throw, the DC equal to your Spell Save DC +1 for every magical item you are attuned to. On a failed save, they become charmed by you for one minute, or until you or your companions do something harmful to it.

At 14th level, your innate curiosity allows you to work out the functions of magical items, even when they aren’t intended for you. You ignore all class, race, and level requirements to attune to and use magic items.