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Lanth Sor
2019-03-19, 10:18 AM
Any Pathfinder changes are listed in brackets {}

Cascading Dervish

New Mechanic

Level 1
Cascading Climax - Strike - Expend built up momentum to deal a devastating strike.
Momentous Step - Boost - Use built momentum to move a short distance.
Denying Blades - Reaction - Use built momentum to block an incoming attack.
Whirling Momentum - Stance - Gain momentum stacks and deal bonus damage each time a attack hits after missing.

Level 2
Biding Spin - Boost - Spend a move action to maintain current momentum while not in a Cascading Dervish stance.
Sweeping Culmination - Strike - Make an arching strike that hits a number of enemies based on current momentum.
Biding Savagery - Reaction - Convert moment up to critical multiplier.
Droning Spin - Reaction - You modify your spin to create a droning sound that interrupts concentration.

Level 3
Feedback Strike - Strike - Next attack causes the target to lose PP or spell slots based on momentum.
Enhance Resonance - Reaction - Either gain or enhance current spell or power resistance.
Esoteric Resonance Twirl - Stance - Gain momentum stacks and spell resistance.
Psychic Resonance Twirl - Stance - Gain momentum stacks and power resistance.

Level 4
Esoteric Denial Sphere - Boost - The resonance of your spinning blade creates a area of denial around you.
Brutality of the Biding Blade - Strike -

Level 5

Level 6
Whirling Defense - Stance - Gain momentum stacks and increase AC.

Level 7

Level 8
- Reaction -
- Boost -
Biding Savagery - Stance - Gain momentum stacks and increase critical damage.

Level 9
Crimson Rapids Strike - Strike -
Unending Cascade - Stance -

Lanth Sor
2019-03-19, 10:26 AM
5E Content

Cascading Dervish Archetype
Whiling Dervish is an archetype available to Barbarians, Fighters, Monks, and Rangers.

Lanth Sor
2019-03-19, 10:27 AM

2019-03-22, 07:21 PM
Did I perhaps inspire you (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?582822-(ToB)-(Maneuver)-Faultline-Maneuver(s)-for-Stone-Dragon-(P-E-A-C-H-))?

Regardless, remind me to provide one of my "Wikipedia-Like Cross-Indexing" links at the top of the original post of my thread when you get far enough with this. If you would considering doing the same I would appreciate it. I have laid out the basic idea of two different series of maneuvers, one of which has two entries "officially" so far, and one of which is only a single maneuver at this point. I think this is enough that persons following such a link would have enough to not feel disappointed.

Lanth Sor
2019-03-22, 08:47 PM
Its something I've been mulling over for a few years now. But building it in a satisfactory way has been challenging as prefer to follow Xefas's ground work (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?263957-3-5-ToB-Xefas-Rambles-Makes-a-Base-Class-And-Expands-Things) on the topic. Additionally I'm a strong proponent of making content system agnostic as best you can, thus why I'll be including 5e integration.