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2019-03-25, 12:58 PM
I will be posting one change, or group of changes, at a time to hopefully allow for a little more discussion/ tweaks/ general thoughts, if you would be so kind

A note before starting: I am aware that this edition is.. unstable, especially at higher levels. My rules don't necessarily aim to completely eliminate that issue, too large a task. What I'm going for is general playability, a certain feel I have about things, and of course, fun for all players including those running muggles. With that said, do let me know if I've horribly broken anything. Also, feel free to ask for any clarification.

On to the races! I think these are best posted in a group to compare and contrast balance. Here goes:
Races no longer have a limited selection of bonus languages; anyone can learn any language, other than secret languages.

Races no longer have a favored class; see Classes section.

Mostly flavour changes based on personal view of them.
All subraces of elves with a base land speed of 30 ft. and a racial bonus to Dexterity, instead have a base land speed of 35 ft.

They also receive the Two-Weapon Fighting feat automatically, provided they meet the prerequisite Dexterity at level 1, and they belong to a subrace that receives a racial bonus to Dexterity.

They are not automatically proficient with rapiers or shortbows, including composite shortbows.

All subraces of elves with automatic longsword and longbow proficiency who choose a class at level 1 that also gains proficiency with those weapons, receive a +1 bonus to attack with them

Only a slight thing here for flavour.
Dwarves receive automatic proficiency with light hammers and warhammers.

If they choose a class at level 1 that also gains proficiency with those weapons, they receive a +1 bonus to attack with them.

Again, a small stylistic change. I previously had a version without keeping the STR/CON but a concern was voiced that only changing their mental stats would leave a small creature with too high of a Strength. I couldn't just arbitrarily take something so important as Strength away so I opted to give them the Constitution back as well. Is that really an issue I should be worried about? Anything especially wrong with small Gnomes with average medium sized Strength scores?
Gnomes receive a +2 bonus to Intelligence and a -2 penalty to Wisdom, as well as their +2 to Constitution and -2 to Strength.

Gnomesí innate spells are Intelligence based, not Charisma.

Half-Dwarves. My creation, not exactly creative, it's exactly half of a dwarf and half of a human. You'll see I redid the Half-Elves to be the same thing with elf/human.
Half-Dwarves are medium-sized creatures.

Their base land speed is 30 ft. even when wearing medium, but not heavy, armor or when carrying a medium load.

They treat heavy loads as if it were medium instead.

They receive a bonus feat at level 1.

Half-Dwarves consider dwarven waraxes and dwarven urgoshes to be martial weapons, rather than exotic.

They receive a +2 bonus on checks made to resist being tripped or bull rushed when standing firmly on the ground.

They also receive a +1 racial bonus on saving throws against poison, spells, and spell-like effects.

They receive the Dwarven Blood racial feature. For all effects related to race, Half-Dwarves are considered Dwarves.

Their automatic languages are Common and Dwarven.

Half-Dwarves have approximately the same lifespan as Halflings, and are approximately the same height and weight as Half-Elves.

Demographically they replace the Half-Orc race.

Half-Elves receive a bonus feat at level 1.

They receive a +1 racial bonus on saving throws against enchantment spells or effects, not +2.

They do not receive a +2 racial bonus on Diplomacy or Gather Information checks.

Halflings. This little line never really affects anything other than mental image:smallbiggrin:
Halflings are treated as if wearing shoes even when barefoot.

Half-Orcs. I don't dislike them, this is just a setting choice. They can be played if someone insists but will be viewed nearly the same as a full orc in "civilized" society.
Half-Orcs are extremely rare and no longer listed among the common playable races.

Demographically replaced by Half-Dwarves

I had a previous version without the negative but there was concern for them being overpowered. Again, is this a problem? Will people use this or is it just a gateway to min-maxing? Would they really be too good without the negative?
Humans receive a +2 bonus to an ability score of their choice, or +1 to two different ability scores, at level 1; also, a -2 penalty to an ability score of their choice or a -1 to two different ability scores.

They may choose to forgo this racial trait.

2019-03-30, 05:25 PM
I like most of these.

I dislike the fractional elf speed increase, just give them a base speed of 40 feet.

The bonus feat for half-dwarves and half-elves seems too powerful.