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2019-03-26, 03:27 PM
Caliburnus- sword of giant lords
Caluburnus is the former sword of the god of giants

I am working on an artifact for my homebrew setting, the idea is that the god of giants lost in an ancient battle, and it fell into a stone and can't be removed (it is basically Excalibur but for giants).

I would love feedback on it! I tried to steal the way artifacts worked in 4e, and I am not sure if it works with 5e, would like your opinions!

It is a greatsword

Great strength

Caliburnus grants you great strength, you gain proficiency in athletics if you do not already have it. Add double your proficiency modifier to any athletics checks.

Size Control

You can cast enlarge/reduce on yourself at will

Broadside swing

You can use one of your attacks to attempt to knock people over with the broadside of your sword, with disadvantage make an attempt to shove every creature in your weapon range.

Giant presence

You have advantage on charisma checks against creatures with the giant type..

As a senitent weapon, Caliburnus gives more power to those it likes, and curses those who it dislikes

Starting Score 5
(a) Owner is a worshiper of iskander +2
(a) Owner kills a creature with the dragon type +2
(a) a creature swears fealty to the owner (maximum 1/day) +1
(a) Owner conquers a group (such as a city, or tribe) (maximum 1/day) +2
(a) Owner attacks a creature with the giant type (max once per hour) -2
(a) Owner gives an enemy mercy -2

pleased (16-20 concordance)

You become a perfect example of giant kind.

(a)Your size increases by one category (such as medium to large), Caliburnus grows in proportion, increasing in damage to 4d6. This is not a spell, and can stack with enlarge/reduce or anything else that increases your size.
(a)your reach increases by 5 feet
(a)your movement speed increases by 10 feet
(a)your strength increases by 2 (to a maximum of 26)
(a)in addition attacks with Caliburnus now deal an extra 3d6 to creatures with the dragon type.

Satisfied (12-15)

You begin to take on giant traits

(a) Your height increases by a foot (this is not enough to increase your size category
(a) vYour carrying capacity, and capacity to push and grapple increase by 1 size (this stacks with powerful build)
(a) your strength increases by 2 (to a maximum of 24)
(a) You can cast the command spell at its lowest level against any creature with the giant type, your ability for this spell is streangth, and after a creature suceeds on its saving throw against this spell, you can not cast it again on that creature until you take a long rest

Normal (5-11)

There is no special effect with this tier

Unsatisfied (1-4)

You gain none of the benefits of caliburnus,

Angered (0 or lower)

You have disadvantage on all attacks made against creatures other than dragons.


Caliburus is a sentient lawful neutral weapon with an Intelligence of 12, a Wisdom of 16, and a Charisma of 15. It has hearing and darkvision out to a range of 120 feet.

The weapon communicates telepathically with its wielder and can, read, and understand Giant and celestial


Caliburnus' purpose it to serve the ruler of giant kind, it seeks to destroy dragons of all sort, and bring conquest to the land. Conflict arises when the wilder fails to subicate their enemies, or tries to harm giant kind.

Proficiency with a greatsword allows you to add your proficiency bonus to the attack roll for any attack you make with it.

2019-03-26, 05:44 PM
Size Control

You can cast enlarge/reduce on yourself at will

This power of the weapon should come with a number of charges and a time limit.

For example:

At Normal concordance, you have 2 uses per day and it acts exactly like the Enlarge/Reduce spell.

At Satisfied concordance, you have 4 uses per day and they no longer require concentration.

At Pleased concordance, each use now lasts an hour instead of a minute.