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2019-04-03, 10:22 PM
I had this idea a while back and I just wanted you all to take a look and tell me what you think.
I tried to make it as even as possible while still adding flavor.

Blood of The Great Ones
Your blood is not of this world.
-reduce Hit Die by 1 die (Eg. If your character's Hit Die is a D8, you would use a D6 instead)
-Anyone who takes your blood into themselves (such as a vampire) must make a DC15 CON save or be stunned for 1 round and be poisoned for 1D4 rounds taking 1D4 poison damage per round.
On a successful save they take half damage and are not poisoned
-Upon Death dissolve into white mist
Revive at last place slept. Make a DC 10 Wis save. On a failed save, increase the save by 1.
When the save reaches 20, your character decides to dream no longer and will die permanently next time.

2019-04-04, 01:18 AM
Iím not sure what you are trying to create here. Try describing what you want out of this.

I read through the gameís concept, and having this as a condition just doesnít work. Not to mention that messing around hit die value is bad.
There are very few creatures that suck blood, making one of the features almost worthless.
The free resurrection is ok but it need more define parameters/restrictions .

Itís late form me, Iíll try to help you sometime after my sleep.