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2019-04-04, 06:37 PM
I got the original idea from another board. I've modified it for my purposes. This is a plot point and side adventure in one of my scenarios. Given that the pool of victims is mostly farmers I estimate it will kill half to two-thirds of the victims before they become ambulatory threats. If the characters don't deal with this then they'll come back from the primary adventure to find the village has become a threat. It creates a quandary they have to decide how to deal with. The infected are not meant to be major individual threats.

It also allows me to add a plot point after the adventure if the characters bring the contagion with them.

Demonic Virus

Blood-borne contagion.
Roll 1d8 each round someone is in contact with blood from an infected person. On a 1 the person becomes infected. Make a DC10 Constitution saving throw to fight it off. Allow the save at advantage if someone with medical training and supplies is helping. A thorough rinse with water is enough to get rid of the blood. A quick rinse with a distilled alcohol product (brandy, etcÖ) will also do the trick. If someone is bitten by a fully infected person (with the mouth bleed) roll 1d4, on a 1 they become infected and must make a DC15 Constitution check to fight it off. Allow the save at advantage if someone with medical training and supplies is helping.
Reproduces within the host body very quickly.
Stage 1 - 1d6 hours of increasing fever, sweating, and muscle aches.

In stage 1 only a magical cure that restores the victim to full hit points will cure the disease.
Stage 2 - 1d6 hours of babbling, then inserting random abyssal words, then speaking only abyssal.

In Stage 2 the victim is being taken over by the virus and takes 1d4/2 damage per hour. They are also irrational and prone to aggression and self-injury. The fever intensifies and their skin draws tight over their flesh giving them a cadaverous appearance. Hit points can be healed in stage 2, but the disease cannot be cured outside of a wish spell or similar major magic.
Stage 3 - Terminal stage.

The victimís mind has been hybridized. They understand any languages they used to speak and abyssal. They only speak in abyssal. They have low, constant bleeding from the gums that turns their teeth red and a slow constant leakage of blood from their severely bloodshot eyes. They retain their basic personality but itís now entirely evil, and driven to bring the patron demon to this world. To this end they will seek to recruit assistance by infecting other people. They may also be unable to avoid attacking other people out of sheer maliciousness. Because of lack of self care max HP drop by one per day until it reaches 5 and drops no further.