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2007-10-08, 12:38 PM
This class has zero fluff and no tables. If you wish to help, please do so in a post or PM. It would help greatly.

The Elemental Born

Just like when a Aasimar claims Celestial descent, Elemental Born can claim Elemental blood. And when it manifests, they can harness the power that lies within their viens and use it to their advantage. Those that become Elemental Born are prodigies, and each manifests their abilities differently. Some might find that they can concentrate their powers into blasts of energy, others find they can morph into the forms of their ancestors. Often, the Born begin to adopt the traits of their ancestors: They will harness the personality of the element, and their physical representation will change to match it. And when tthey reach the peak of their power, they can earn their right to match their ancestors in their elemental glory.

HD: Dependent on Element Chosen
Shadow/Light/Water: d8
Air: d6
Fire/Earth: D10

BAB: Dependent on Element Chosen
Light/Shadow: 3/4
Air/Water: 1/2
Earth/Fire: 1/1

Saves: Dependent on Element Chosen
Light/Shadow: Will Bad, Reflex good, Fort Good
Air/Water: Will Good, Reflex Good, Fort Bad
Fire/Earth: Will Good, Fort good, Reflex Bad

An Elemental Born is proficient with all Simple and five Martial weaponsof his, and Light Armor, but not sheilds.

Skills: 6 Skill Points +Int modifier, Skills are as Follows:
Appraise, Bluff, Intimidate, Perform, Profession, Jump, Ride, Tumble, Balance, Escape Artist, Spellcraft, Forgery, Speak Languages, UMD, and Knowledge (Any). Handle Energy (Cha) is also a class Skill.

Airborn Gets 8 Skillpoints +Int instead of 6. Earthborn only get 4 Skillpoints+int.

Earth: Acid Energy.
Fire: Fire Energy
Water: Cold Energy.
Air: Electric Energy OR Sonic Energy (Players Choice when using an ability)
Shadow/Light: Force Energy

Level Path
Level 1: Track I+1
Level 2: Bonus Feat
Level 3: Track I+2, Track II+1
Level 4: Track III+1
Level 5: Track I+3
Level 6: Track II+2
Level 7: Track I+4
Level 8: Track III+2
Level 9: Track I+5, Track II+3
Level 10: Bonus Feat
Level 11: Track I+6
Level 12: Track II+4, Track III+3
Level 13: Track I+7
Level 14: Bonus Feat
Level 15: Track I+8, Track II+5
Level 16: Track III+4
Level 17: Track I+9
Level 18: Track II+6
Level 19: Track I+10
Level 20: Track III+5, Elemental Apeothesis

As youc an see, Tracks form the major part of this class. You see, There are Five Tracks: Offensive, Defensive, Agility, Energy, and Blood. When you get a +1 in any track, you select a track to pick. Obviously, your first track will deifine your character, and you get more power in that track than the others. Each track has 10 abilities, and are all the same. The only difference is the type of energy and visual effects of a character.

Offensive Track (Su)
+1: Elemental Weapon
+2: Elemental Critical
+3: Elemental Burst
+4: Elemental Penetration
+5: Elemental BackLash
+6: Elemental Double Strike
+7: Elemental Fury
+8: Elemental Explosion
+9: Elemental Spinstrike
+10: Elemental Coup De Grace

Weapon: Whenever an elemental born attacks, He may substitute N Points of damage for elemental damage. N represents the Elemental born's class levels. The DC for a Handle Energy Check is DC 10+Damage Changed. (So a 3-point conversion is DC 13)
Critical: Whenever an ELemental born scores a critical Hit, he may add 1x to the multiplier and treat that damage as elemental damage. DC is 10+Elemental Damage
Burst: Any weapon that a Elemental Born uses is treated as a burst weapon, the damage from the burst depenedent on the Element chosen. DC for such an ability is DC 15
Penetration: The elemental born can bypass up to their class level in elmental resistance. Immunity of an element does not count for this ability. DC is 10+Resistance Bypassed.
Backlash: Whenever an Enemy Attacks you, you may make a counter attack at your lowest BAB, and deal Nd4 Elemental Damage, where N is your class level. The DC is 5+N
Double Strike: For a number of times per day equal to your class level, when you make a full attack, you may add the same amount of elemental damage to the total amount. The DC for such an action is DC 15+1/2 of the Elemental Damage
Fury: You may Rage, as a Barbarian of your level, 3/day. Any damage you deal is delivered as Elemental, Peetrating (As the ability above), and you add +2 to any score of your choice during the Rage. DC is 20
Explosion: When you strike with a weapon, all targets within 5'/Level take Half the Elemental Born's class Level in d6s in damage, including the target. This ability does not differntiate from friend or foe. The DC for such an action is 15+ Number of Feet / 5.
Spinstrike: Whenever you make an attack action, and you are being flanked, you may attack the flanker as well with the same bonuses as a normal attack, but all damage is elemental. DC is 15+ Number of Flankers.
Coup De Grace: An Elemental Born that drops an enemy to 10% of the creatures HP, THe Elemental may make a free action to deal enough elemental damage to drop the enemy to 0HP. Number is DC 10+ The amount of damage required to drop the enemy.

Defensive Track (Su)
+1: Armor
+2: Resistance 5
+3: Cover Shield
+4: Resistance 10
+5: Recoil
+6: Resistance 15
+7: Reversal
+8: Resistance 30
+9: Take the Fall
+10: Immunity
Armor: You may add your class levels to your AC when dealing with any elemental attack.
Resistance: You gain Resistance to your favored element.
Cover Shield: Your Elemental Energies reduce any damage you take by your class level.
Recoil: When your attacker strikes you in melee, they take 1/2 of the damage in your favored elemental damage in recoil on a succesful Handle Energy Check of DC 10+The Damage dealt.
Reversal: When your struck with ANY attack, you may reflect that attack back at your attacker with a succesful Handle Energy check of DC 15+The Attack Roll. The Damage changes to your favored elemental energy. Critical Hits cannot be reversed.
Take the Fall: If any ally within 5' per level takes damage from your favored element, you can redirect that damage with a successful Handle Energy check of DC 15+Damage dealt.
Immunity: You are immune to all kinds of damage from your favored element

Agility Track (Su)
+1: Burst 1
+2: Rush
+3: Burst 2
+4: Jump
+5: Burst 3
+6: Elemental Movement
+7: Elemental Flash
+8: Burst 6
+9: Elemental Charge
+10: Elemental Traveler

Burst: You may add +N Squares to your movement speed, where N Is the number that it corrisponds to on the chart. These bonuses replace eachother. This is a passive ability.
Rush: Whenever you Charge or Bullrush a target, You may charge a target who is up to your class level away from you, exculding your normal range and your Burst ability. This is a passive ability.
Jump: Add your class level to your ranks in Jump, and when jumping from a concentration of the element of your choice (Hot Coals for Fire, for example), you are treated as if running. This is Passive.
Movement: You may now take a new movement speed: Air and Fire get a Fly speed of their normal movement range at good manuverability, Earth gets a burrow speed of their normal movement range, Water gets a swimspeed of their normal movement range and can breath underwater, and Shadow and Light may gain a flight speed or a +30 bonus to their land speed. This is a Passive ability.
Flash: You may Teleport Without Error to any location you may see, as long as it is not within 2x your movement range. To do this, you must make a Handle Energy Check of DC 15+1 for every 5 feet of distance past your normal movement range.
Charge: You no longer trigger attacks of opportunity when moving within your normal movement range When moving on your elemental speed.
Traveler: You may cast Plane Shift as a standard action, but only to the plane that corrisponds to your element. Light and Shadow go to the Ethereal plane. The DC for this 20.

Energy Track (Su)
+1: Elemental Blast, 1d6
+2: Elemental Blast, 2d6
+3: Elemental Blast, 3d6
+4: Elemental Blast, 4d6
+5: Elemental Blast, 5d6
+6: Elemental Blast, 6d6
+7: Elemental Blast, 7d6
+8: Elemental Blast, 8d6
+9: Elemental Blast, 9d6
+10: Elemental Blast, 10d6

Elemental Blast: Your Basic Elemental Blast (No Modifications) Has a range of 35ft and is a touch attack. However, you may sacrifice one die of damage for special modifications. You may not have an elemental blast less than 1d6. There is no check required for an elemental blast.

Arcing: You may ark your shot. By doing so, you may negate any cover the target has.
Ranged: Your shot goes farther. Every time you take this modification, you add 35ft to the range of the shot.
Homing Your shots home in on targets. You may add +2 to the "To Hit" role of your shot.
Chain Your shots may rebound off of targets. On a roll that beats the targets AC by at least 5 points, You may select another target to deal the same amount of damage minus 1d4, as long as the secondary target is within 20 ft of the first. You must still roll to hit the second target. Each buying of this ability allows you to continue jumping from target to target.
Shotgun You fire multiple blasts that deal less damage, but target everything in a 30ft cone. Each blast is treated as the maximum damage you have - the number of targets, but a target may not be hit by more than four blasts. IE: A Fireborn with 10d6 blast uses this at 7 targets. Each is hit by one 3d6 blast, and three are hit by two 3d6 blasts. If he uses it at two people, then each takes 4d6 damage, as they cannot be hit by more than 4 blasts.
Penetration Your shots penetrate more. They can bypas 2 points of DR for every buy of this ability.

Blood Track (Su)
+1: Absorb
+2: Morph 1
+3: Drain
+4: Morph 2
+5: Elemental Control
+6: Morph 3
+7: Elemental Traits
+8: Morph 4
+9: Giga Drain
+10: Morph 5

Absorb: If you are the target of elemental damage, you may absorb it and reduce the damage by 1/4 of the total damage.
Morph 3/day, you may morph into an elemental of your chosen type. The size is dependent on the Number: 1 is Small, 2 is Medium Sized, 3 is Large, 4 is Huge, 5 is The-Size-catagory-bigger-than-huge. The DC is 15 +5 for every size catagory. 20 For Small, 25 for Medium, 30 for Large, ect.
For the case of Light and Shadow Born, You simply gain the Positive or Negative energy subtypes for the duration. The Duration of this ability is your Class Level d4 Rounds. You may elect to transform into a lower size catagory of elemental.
Drain If you are within 30ft of a target creature that has an elemental subtype, then you may drain its energies and gain a random ability from that energy. Roll 1d10 after every drain. Draining is a Move-Equivilant Action. The DC for this action is 10+1d4

1-2: Your enemy looses Class level d3 in HP as force damage.
3-4: You gain Class Level d6 Elemental Resistance for 2d2 Rounds.
5-6: A small sized elemental is created of that element drained.
7-8: The Target takes Class Level d6 force damage from the ripping of energies, and you gain that as HP. Any Excess is temporary.
9-10: You gain that targets subtypes. All bonuses and penalties associated with them stay with you for Class Level d8 rounds.

Elemental Control: You may control and rebuke elementals as a cleric of your level turns and rebukes undead. The DC for this is 10+HD of Elemental in question.

Traits: You gain all traits associated with being an elemental., such as losing the need for sleep.

Giga Drain: When you drain a creature, it must make a fortitude save with a DC of your level or suffer 1d4 HD Drain, Permanently.

Elemental Apeothesis(Su, Ex)
You realize your full heritage as an Elemental. You now pick up the Half-Elemental Template, and gain all the bonuses associated with it.

Bonus Feats A Elemental Born may pick any feat from the list below.


Energy Substitution [Elemental]
Pre-Reqs: Elemental Blast 1d6
Effect: You may substitute a different elemental energy for your elemental blast. Possible Substitutions: Sonic, Negative Energy, Positive Energy, Law, Chaos, ect.

Elemental Weaponry [Elemental]
You are never without a weapon, as you can conjure one of elemental power.
Pre-Req: Elemental Critical
Effect:You make conjure a weapon that you have Weapon Focus with as a Magic Weapon as a standard action. You may use any abilities you have with this weapon, including Elemental Weapon. This weapon lasts for Class Level d8 Rounds.

Greater Elemental Weaponry [Elemental]
Your Weapons are more powerful than others.
Pre-Req Elemental Weaponry
Effect: Your weapons may have an enhancement bonus equivilant to one half of your Elemental Born Class Level, but only up to +5. All Other bonuses must be gained through abilities, but elemental abilities must match your elemental energy.

Mount of Elements [Elemental]
You have a mount imbuned with your chosen element.
Pre-Req:Agility Track I, 1st Level
Effect You are able to use a mount, like a paladin is. However, it has an Elemental Subtype that matches your chosen element, and therefore suffers the same penalties and immunities as that element dictates. (IE: A Fire Warhorse Mount takes 1.5x damage from cold, but nothing from fire.)

Elemental Adept [Elemental]
You find that activating your elemental powers is easier than normal.
Pre-Req: Track I+1
Effect: All DCs for Handle Energy checks are reduced by -2.
Special: You may take this feat multiple Times. Its effects stack.

Soon to Come

Other Things you Should Know about being an Elemental Born.
Starting Age: 18.
Starting Gold: 5d4x10
There is aproximately One Elemental born in any given settlement of Village or larger.
Typical Races: Humans and Half Elves often become Elemental Born, but other races have a tendency to become more intune with their own elemental born. Dwarves produce the most Earthborn, While Halflings produce the most Airborn. Elves tend to produce Waterborn, and Gnomes tend to produce Fireborn more than the other types of Borns. Humans often make Light or Dark Born, because of the inherent strive to survive that lies within them.

Alignment: Any. Elemental born come from all walks of life, and all alignments.

Other Classes: Elemental born get along with all classes. Fireborn complement the fighters drive to do battle, Waterborn take instrest in spells. Rogues and Airborn tend to become friends and sneak around together, whilst Earthborn feel a spiritual connection with the Tribal Barbarians. Lightborn tend to be good friends with Paladins, because of their Positive Energy sterotype, and Shadowborn tend to mix well with all classes due to their general versitality.

Abilities: Charisma is good for them, because it boosts the amount of time they can use their abilities. Dexterity is good because they wear light armor, And Int is good if they want to pump skillpoints into Handle Energy.

2007-10-08, 03:27 PM
Handle Energy (Cha)
Handle Energy, a new skill, dictates how well somebody can harness the Elemental powers that roam around them. In order to do so, a check must be made. When a check succeeds, the effect succeeds. If not, then the user may try again in 1d4 rounds. This is a skill for Elemental Born only, just like Control Shape is for Lycans.

2007-10-08, 06:10 PM
Fluff has been added, as well as some extra bonus thingies.

2007-10-09, 07:28 AM
100 Views, no posts? Is their anything wrong with this class?

2007-10-09, 07:45 AM
Air gets the short end of the stick, while Earth is extremely broken! Air has the lowest BAB and HD, and Earth gets the highest HD and highest BAB. Consider eliminating the HD/BAB/saves differences between the elements.

Mr. Moogle
2007-10-09, 08:34 AM
Air gets the short end of the stick, while Earth is extremely broken! Air has the lowest BAB and HD, and Earth gets the highest HD and highest BAB. Consider eliminating the HD/BAB/saves differences between the elements.

I'd have to disagree somewhat but i do think that you should up the airblood's (maybe give them fly speed?) all in all its a awsome class and the idea of tracks is really innovative, :smallbiggrin: Mind if i Yoink?

2007-10-09, 08:53 AM
I'd have to disagree somewhat but i do think that you should up the airblood's (maybe give them fly speed?) all in all its a awsome class and the idea of tracks is really innovative, :smallbiggrin: Mind if i Yoink?

By all means, go ahead! I love to have my works being used in actual games.

As for the Air-Born and EarthBorn tradeoff: Should I equalize by bumping up the Air BAB and reducing the Earth HD? Air already gets a flyspeed when they hit Agility Track +6 (Therefor it must be your First or Second Track), so any suggestions would be nice.

2007-10-09, 04:35 PM
I made a change to the Airborn: They get 10 Skillpoints, instead of Six.

I also added a new feat to be chosen.

2007-10-09, 05:59 PM
Wow, well now their's almost no reason to play anything but an air or earth born. Having ten skill points a level is incredible, although I definitely do not see that class ever doing anything offensive...ever. OTOH, the good BAB, HD, and saves (will and fort? sign me up!) of the earthborn, combined with 6 skill points a level is just incredible. The greater elemental weaponry feat just blows everything else I've ever seen outa the water. Seriously, weapon focus at first level with offensive track, elemental weapon at 3rd level, and greater elemental weapon at 6th level=a free +3 martial weapon at third level. Dip fighter, and this could be an exotic weapon. Given that no duration is given on the feat, the weapon never dissapears. With these two feats, you've just handed someone a weapon that is going to have a higher enhancement bonus then anyone their level has a right to have. Think about it, by twelth level that's going to be a +6 weapon! You can't even craft a +6 weapon until 18th level (you can't even craft a weapon with a +6 enhancement for that matter). a +6 weapon has a value of 72,000, way to good to be something that can be made at will.

2007-10-09, 06:33 PM
I've altered some abilities, and changed a few feats. How does it look now?

Mr. Moogle
2007-10-09, 10:11 PM
By the way. What is a shadow/light elemental?

2007-10-10, 05:53 AM
I was trying to think of some sort of Positive/Negative energy being: Got any ideas?

2007-10-10, 03:41 PM
I've made a few more alterations: Is the class balanced and playable?

2007-10-10, 03:59 PM
I was trying to think of some sort of Positive/Negative energy being: Got any ideas?

Try something along the lines of Bright-born (Positive) and Void-born (negative).

2007-10-10, 05:23 PM
Try something along the lines of Bright-born (Positive) and Void-born (negative).

Well, what are they? Are they in an MM? The Lightborn and Shadowborn fill the Positive and Negative sets of the gap: I'm looking for Light or Dark elementals, if there are any.

Mr. Moogle
2007-10-10, 09:44 PM
Maybe you could become an assimar (Heh... assimar) or a teifling.
also ive never seen the half elemental template, i own core+CW (sort of limited i know) but i have access to many more. If you could tell me the book i could probably find out.

Also i think you might want to make Improved Elemental Weapons +1 every three levels and take away the duration, after all it would be a drag to have to resummon your weapon every 4.5 rounds.

2007-10-11, 02:32 PM
While the Aasimar might have potential, it doesnt erally fit the theme. Perhaps I might scrap the Shadow- and Light-born.

As for the feat, thats a good idea.

2007-10-11, 03:30 PM
My suggestion?

Ditch the positive and negative energy versions.

Positive and negative energy really are treated different from the elements in DnD, and near as I can tell you're trying to make a thing to make elements stand up and shine.

Also, if I were to do this, I'd give each of them one good, one bad, and one middle. Like so.

HD: Dependent on Element Chosen
Water: d8
Air/Fire: d6
Earth: D10

BAB: Dependent on Element Chosen
Air: 3/4
Water/Earth: 1/2
Fire: 1/1

Saves: Dependent on Element Chosen
Water/Air: Fort/Ref/Will
Fire: Ref/Will
Earth: Fort/Will

So water is good with saves, has okay HD, and a crappy BAB, and air is similar but has HD and BAB swapped, then fire and earth are both fairly decent with saves, having two good ones, and differ in whether they are good with soaking or dealing damage, with the remaining bit being bad, and giving fire reflex instead of fort, with earth getting vice versa, to reflect this.

That's just my two cents though.