View Full Version : Gamer Humor Our Party's Journey Through "The Netherworld"

2019-08-17, 03:18 PM
In one of my campaigns the group is traveling through a realm where demons, devils, undead, and abominations roam free. It's called The Netherworld. They're doing this to get to the "Gate of Eternity" so they can sue the evil deities for being evil and bog them down in red tape so they can't do stuff anymore.


Here's a screenshot of what the group has been through so far:

They are currently in the domain of the dreaded Candy Cult. They had to dodge suicide-bomber gumdrops, jawbreaker meteor strikes, caramel rain, and came to a gingerbread megalith where Candy Cultists were chanting in a low, droning voice: "YUM YUM IN MY TUM TUM. CHEW THE GUM GUM, IT IS FUN FUN." over and over again.

Then some gingerbread demons were brought forth in taffy chains and started a rebellion. The fight caused a magic candy-cane staff to be knocked near the group. The loudmouth ranger lady said "Mine!" and ran off with the group carrying it.