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2019-08-24, 10:42 AM
So, I'm about to start a game for a group of friends as the dm, in an setting of my own making (made long ago and being revived)

However, I'm not quite sure what system to use.

Originally I've used a modified version of 3.5, but 4th and 5th had quite a few elements that I feel improve the game. There is also pathfinder that I'm not overly familiar with, but I've heard might be good, and want another opinion.

The issue is, the setting requires the existence of a universal, mana based magic system that governs all spell casting, and is used for activating magic items (they tend to use little mana, mostly as a maintenance fee of sorts) everyone can learn some magic, but most really can't do more than basic level 0-1 spells.
Additionally, the game is set at the dawn of the "alchemical revolution". High tier potions are getting invented, cannons and guns, though rare and expensive, are starting to hit the field and new formulas are discovered all the time in the past few years.

In the past I've used 3.5, and gave every class some mana dice (like hit dice), with casters getting the big bucks and non casters getting little, being somewhat similar to the alternative spell point system.
Learning spells was also modified to work based on skill points rather than by level (thus characters got more skill points per level, with caster classes getting some dedicated spell points)

So...can 4th, 5th or PF have side variant to be a better fit, or should I stick with my existing 3.5 variant?

2019-08-24, 10:58 AM
This is GURPS. You are inventing the default magic system used by GURPS on a high mana world.