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2007-10-12, 08:12 PM
Hi I'm new and joined because I'm working on my first homebrew class. I'm trying to make one of the Formula User class that Arnaud uses in Wild Arms 4. In order to recreate MP I am going to use Power Points but since I don't know much about the psionic classes I would appreciate help with how many to get each level and how much each spell should cost. Also if this class seems over or under powered then please tell me and maybe some ideas on how to fix it.

Formula User
Alignment: Any
Hit Die: d4
Will high
Fort low
Ref low
BAB as Wizard
starting gold: as wizard
starting age: as sorceror

Proffecient simple weapons
Not proffecient in any armor

Class Skills
Concentration, Spellcraft, Knowledge (arcana,
planes), Use Magic Device, Decipher Script,
Profession, Bluff

(4+Int Modifier)x4
4+Int Modifier

A Formula User has no material components in their spells, but
all spells must involve both verbal and somatic components. They
can never use Still Spell or Silent Spell meta-magic feats with
Formula User spells. Formula Users have an extremely small list of
spell compared to Wizards, Sorcerer's and Bards. They make up for
it by being able to use their magic more often. The land is criss-
crossed with Leylines. When a Formula USer is standing on one the
Leyline will change his Blast (and all variations of it) into that
element. Elements can be added or subtracted to the list as the
DM wishes. Also other spells gain a +5 to DC when the Formula User
stand on a Leypoint of an element that the target is weak against.

Formula User
{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special


+3|Crisis Dexterity




+5|Crisis Magic

+5|Lock Out


+6|Slow Down


+7| none

+8|Sense Laypoint



+9|Exploit Weakness

+10|Jump & Act


+11|MP Charge

+11|Final Blast

+12|Magic Blocker[/table]

Saves: 10+1/2 caster level (rounded down) +Int modifier

Does 1d4 + Int/caster level max 5d4 to a target. 1d6 determines
elemental type. Once elemental type determined all uses from that
spot will be the same element. Blast counts as a standard action.
Ref save halves damage.
1 & 2 - Non elemental
3 - Fire
4 - Water
5 - Earth
6 - Wind

Crisis Dexterity
When the Formula User's HP drops below 25% his Dex modifier will increase by
an extra half (rounded up). If his Dex modifier is negative then it will go
to 0.

Crisis Magic
Doubles Int bonus to the Formula User's magic when he has less then 25% of his
total HP.

Exploit Weakness
The Formula User's magic increases the die of his elemental spells by 1/2
(rounded down) when used on monsters that are weak against that element.
This is ontop of any other bonuses to using elements that the target are
weak against.

Final Blast
Same as Blast except uses 1d10 with Max die 15. Final Blast is a standard

Target must make Dex check or take -1 penalty/2 caster levels to AC & against
all saves versus magic. Lasts 3 rounds +caster level. Fragile takes a full
round. Save negates

There is a 25% chance that any spell that is used by the Formula User to
kill a target will leave a Gemstone. This Gemstone can be used to cast Blast
but there is no Intelligence bonus and it uses 1d10 1d4s.
Blue- Water
Yellow - Earth
Green - Wind
Clear - Non elemental

Same as Dimension Door except it only affects the Formula User and anyone he
is touching. If using Jump then the Formula User may take no other actions.

Jump & Act
The Formula User can now use Jump as a move equvalent action.

Same as Blast except that it uses a 1d6 instead of 1d4 with a max of 10 die.
Hi-Blast is a standard action.

Everyone in a 10x10 square must make Will save or be teleproted randomly.
Roll a 1d8 to figure out direction and in 1d30 feet. Takes a full round
to use. Will save negates.

Lock Out
No one can exit or enter a 5x5 square that has been locked out. However
someone can still attack, cast spells and launch projectiles either through
or from inside the Locked Out area. Takes a full round to use. Lasts 1 min/
caster level.

Magic Blocker
The Formula User has a 15% chance of completely nullifying any offensive
magic that would affect him. If he was the target of the spell then it is
nullified completely if he is in the area of affect (but not the target) it
just nullfies it for him.

MP Charge
If the Formula User makes a Concentration check (DC 15) he will restor 5%
of his MP. This takes 30 seconds of concentration. If attacked while using
this ability another check must be made to see if concentration is maintained
DC 10+damage taken.

Slow Down
Make Will save or Dexterity is halved for Lasts 3 rounds +caster level. Takes
full round to use.

Sense Laypoint
The Formula User can sense if there is a Laypoint where he is standing and
what element it is.

Opponent must make Will save or fall into coma for 1d4turns /caster level
turns. Will save negates. Takes full round to use.