View Full Version : Pathfinder 2E multiclass Archetype Hype!

Silver Raven
2019-09-03, 09:57 PM
I haven't read the full book yet only what's on the srd and Nethys, praise be to the two-toned God. 🙏

With that said I was fiddling around with pathbuilder 2E app on my phone, and as I was making my human half orc Unarmed Barb build where I have ape animal instinct. I was selecting my class feats at 2nd lvl when I notice this little feats called monk dedication.

And when I saw this lights went off in my head. And it turns out that you could make the Legendary Super Sayain who can rage shoot ki blasts and can fly at 20th lvl.

TL;DR. PATHFINDER 2E MULTICLASSING IS INSANE!!! And this post is to see what kind of Archetype builds ppl come up with. Post your build idea down below and discuss.

Dedication(multiclass can have more than one)
Theme: (what the build is about)

Name:Legendary Super Sayain
Class:Barbarian Animal instinct Ape
Dedication:Monk focusing on Ki feats
Theme Raging Martial master with the ability to shoot Ki blast And use Thash to deal A ton of dmg to grappeld foes.