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2019-09-17, 09:49 AM
So in my current SKT campaign, my players are just arriving in Bryn Shander. A few session back one of them has requested a festival event (mini games, celebrations, etc), and since the calendar has Greengrass only a couple of days away, this seems like the ideal time to deliver.

So... how can I run a Greengrass festival in Bryn Shander?
What would it look like from a narrator's perspective?
What types of activities would be appropriate to the event and the location?

I have a plan B lined up with the frost giant attack from the book, so if things get a bit slow and the players are not engaged I have an easy gear-change ready to go.
But I'm rather stumped on what the plan A will have.

Great Dragon
2019-09-17, 08:32 PM
I'd have to do a lot more research on FR for activities specific to the World, then the Region where Bryn Shander is located.

Sadly, I'm on my phone and AFBs.

For more general ideas, I'd go with your typical Carnival and Rodeo plus Renaissance Fair.

Although you could allow PCs to actually do the activities themselves, instead of just watching.

Here are some I thought of:

Catching greased pigs. (Athletics)

Roping while riding.
(Dex only - unless the PC has Land Vehicles as a tool, then add proficiency)

Barrel Racing.
Acrobatics and Animal Handling checks. Highest total wins.

Foot Race
(Move + Dash; Con Save DC 16 per round to avoid an Exhaustion Level. Cannot exceed Level 5)

Jousing contests.
Athletics and Animal Handling checks, plus Attack Rolls and re-rolling Initiative each round.

Archery (Dex) and/or Axe Throwing (Str):
Attacks with highest total being the winner of that round. Most wins in ten rounds decides victory.
Extra points for a Natural 20.

Eating Contest.
Con Save each round, after a number of rounds equal to Con Modifier, save at Disadvantage.
> Last person still eating wins <

Various "skill" games (pick an Ability or Skill) set a DC to beat for prizes.

Coin in - or Ring on - Bottles and Balloon Popping with darts (Dex), Ring the Bell (Str), Mirror Maze (Int), Item Locating in Dark Room (Wis), Lift max weight and hold as long as you can (Con), Storytelling (Cha).

(Prizes: Trinkets are 1-5 silver per try, Common Magic Items cost up to 50 gold per try, Uncommon Magic Items cost at least 200 gold per try)
* Halflings pay double 😀

Be a Clown = DC 14.
(Bards not allowed, especially with Expertise)

Intimidation: try to scare the crowd.

Persuasion: Try to amuse the Crowd.

Deception: Tell riddles to try and stump the Crowd.

Sleight of Hand: Stage magician style act to try and trick the Crowd.

2019-09-18, 09:54 PM
Catching a greased up pig sounds like a good one.
Eating competition I like, and with Good Mead nearby; drinking competitions are a must (plus there's a noticeable dwarf population in the region, ~10%).
As I'll downplay any militaristic proficiency in the town for the purposes of the giant attack, I'll have the standard archer competition replaced with throwing rocks at targets instead (same setup, but using improvised attack rules).
Prizes will be somewhat pedestrian. I'm generous with magic items in my games from the adventuring side, but in towns for common folk festivities, magic items feel a bit much.

I'll be running this session 5 hours from now, so any other suggestions people have will be greatly appreciated.

Great Dragon
2019-09-19, 10:55 AM

I just wanted to say:
Be sure to have fun with the descriptions of the town as well as the set up for each of the events.

Here's another one:
Intimidation Contest

All PCs can participate, encourage the Player to be as creative with their descriptions of Abilities and Class Features. From thew displaying for Mr Universe (Martials) to the casting of various Cantrips (all Casters) to juggling daggers/swords (Rogues).

I was going to send you a PM to inquire about the results of this Encounter.
But, I don't see a PM option?