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2007-10-14, 11:43 PM
A nice change of pace from all the negative, 'worst thing EVER' posts. We've all had really good moments, I'm sure. I'd like to share those.

I was DM'ing a game with my wife, best friend, and a girl he'd invited to the game. Well, I'm throwing a dungeon together as we go (love those dungeon tile sets btw), and I'm trying to mix it up a little, throw in traps, etc.

Well, my wife and best friend, they take everything very straightforward. Long hallway? Walk down it. Lever on the wall? Pull it!

I was unfamiliar with the new girl's play style so I didn't want to throw her off or anything, but as it turns out, she was one of the best players I've ever had.

She tested levers properly (no ZOMG LEVER! PULL!). She took her time before deciding her course of action, she even (and this's the one that knocked me outta my chair) stopped and talked to the other players about strategy, her thoughts on the room we're in, possible weaknesses of monster, etc.

All in all, having a good extra player like that was a HUGE help to the game. Made all my traps less 'TPK' and more 'Phew, barely got by that!'. I can't wait for the chance to have her over again for another session.

2007-10-15, 12:44 AM
My first DM was a great DM. Knew how to set up a story and everything.

Pity he got religious and abandoned the game, though.

I miss him.

2007-10-15, 04:24 AM
The best player I've ever met (not in my adventure, but as a companion) was (and is) someone playing a Kalashtar Psion. I am frequently astonded by the depth of his character and great characterization supported by averagely optimized Psion. It's just something amazing in all respects. And in the same party are also two very warm and friendly people who literally keep the party together - they have a great empathy IC and OOC wise and always struggle to keep up the conversation and personal bonds between party members. They're playing a half-elf cleric and half-elf swashbuckler.

Of the best DM, not sure. I know one who is very considerate about players and his games are fun, but his language characterization is very horrible and frequently breaks the immersion of the game. There's one very good in mechanics, balance and running modules stuff, but his NPCs are always the same and he works quite slowly. The DM in the abovementioned game (first paragraph) might be a candidate for the best if the adventure lasts though, he combines all the good traits with none of the bad.

2007-10-15, 06:09 AM
The players in the campaign I'm currently running in the pbp section of these boards are awesome. They're great role-players; one of them even threw in large scenes describing his character's interactions with his family between sessions. And at one point, when I had them confront quirky minions who were overusing assonances and alliterations (and rhyming. Can't forget the rhyming.), my players started spouting poetics back as they fought them.
Plus, they've got great group dynamics.

Dark Knight Renee
2007-10-15, 07:02 AM
Best DM I ever had was before I'd even heard of D&D. I think she played some Vampire game IRL, but this was on a message board largely dedicated to an obscure Playstation game which I will not bore yo with. My sister had started a freeform RPG (creatively* named "Roleplaying") in that setting, which Nyteflyer joined and quickly took over. It was awesome, and I very much doubt I'll ever see a better GM. She was in a couple of other PbP games, too. Her grasp of english was a little lacking (not her first language and all), but it didn't matter at all.

Too bad Real Life got in the way. :smallfrown:

2007-10-15, 09:58 AM
The best DM I've had would be my dad. He's been playing since first edition and always runs us in worlds that are original, or at least versions of standing worlds that are suitably mangled so that things are always different. Pretty decent at balancing encounters and fair all-around. We have some serious power-gamers in the group and he does a good job of keeping them from stealing EVERY spotlight.

Best player in my campaigns is a little tougher... I'd probably have to go with my wife, who's ambition has always been to run an Evil drow, instead of a typical CG rebel. That kind of approach is refreshing and I've found I enjoy running with a party that leans more toward neutral. More interesting party dynamic.

2007-10-15, 10:10 AM
Patrick "Captain Swift" Duke, creator of Sigil Prep. Great storyteller. Better humorist. Stays crunchy in milk.