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2019-09-26, 08:50 PM

Martial Energy

Martial energy is when warriors of sufficient prowess and certain combat affinities channel some of their fighting ability to tap into other types of energy. This is a method of using fighting energy in alternative methods to perform extraordinary and supernatural feats in a manner compared to how monks are able to use Ki to perform extraordinary and supernatural feats.

One method of tapping into martial energy is for a warrior to expend some of their base attack bonus by meditating for 1 hour. They then expend a certain amount of that base attack bonus until they meditate again for 1 hour or voluntarily choose to reclaim it after no less than 24 hours. Depending on what sort of energy is being channeled, different amounts of base attack bonus may grant certain benefits. One possibility is for 1 point of base attack bonus to grant minor attachment, 2 points of base attack bonus grant intermediate attachment, and 3 points of base attack bonus grant major attachment.

It is possible for sources of energy to require more than just base attack bonus investment. Requiring a level or levels in certain classes, a feat, an item, or any number of other possibilities could exist.

Martial Energy - Heat of Battle

Requirements: Class Levels: Fighter 1 or Barbarian 2 or Bard 2
Requirements: Alignment: Any chaotic

Minor Energy -

The minor energy attachment of Heat of Battle does not count it's reduction of base attack bonus for the purpose of meeting prerequisites. If a higher attachment is established, it is counted as using one less point of base attack bonus for the purpose of meeting prerequisites as such.

Firepower (Su)

Each round roll 1d20. On a result of 1+ ignore fire resistance on a target if it is less than the dice roll for that round. On a result of 11+ ignore all fire resistance on targets for that round. On a result of 16+ ignore all fire resistance and fire immunity for that round. On a natural 20 roll (the dice itself shows a result of 20), add 1d6 + 1d6 per 5 class levels (minimum 2d6 at 1st level) of fire damage to the first source of fire damage the warrior would deal that round.

Friendly Fire (Su)

The warrior may choose to have their fire (any fire they would produce or cause from an ability or item they possess) produce no heat. This means that it cannot cause surroundings to ignite, but it is still possible for it to be affected by fire resistance and immunity.

Intermediate Energy -

+Add 1 to the d20 roll for Firepower
+A static bonus

Major Energy -

+Produce fireballs, split up d6's up to a max reserve of 2 times class level and no more than 1d6 per class level at once

+The remainder as a maneuver system requiring perhaps points invested that are gained after meditation (amount depending on BAB investment and level perhaps) and can be switched out by meditating again


I'm doing this differently than I normally do. Usually I post most of my stuff after I've gotten it a good portion of the way done or completely done. In this case I'm going to work on it as I go and post it here somewhat.

This is an idea for a martial energy system that can require even as little as base attack bonus or other requirements rather than taking a feat or a new class. I am not certain of the balance of this particular instance. It grants extra firepower (in the literal sense). The purpose is to allow martial characters to have an option to select a variant class feature without necessarily needing to level up or obtain new equipment. So if you're tired of just rage/charge/power attack, you can invest some base attack bonus into Heat of Battle. This particular instance is very very lightly inspired from the bloodline system, but that's just one possibility.

I refer to the character using the system as the warrior, not the warrior class.

2019-09-27, 12:44 AM
I think sacrificing BAB for cool effects is a fine idea. I think you should structure it like Power Attack on a round by round basis though.

The obvious way to do it would be a series of tactical feats. Probably it would be good to note that a monk could take these instead of their 6th level bonus feat, and they would of course be fighter bonus feats as well.

But having simply a subsystem accessible by anyone featless or not is perfectly fine though it would have to be less powerful than if it were feat based.

Maybe rename 'Friendly Fire' to 'Inner Fire' and combine it with the fire resistance one, saying that it converts the fire damage into ki fire damage that doesn't ignite things and bypasses or half bypasses fire resistance. Maybe also specify that it can only be activated by an attack roll?

2019-09-27, 09:33 AM
While i like the idea loseing that sweet bab hurts to much no thanks