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2019-10-09, 09:07 PM
Hello everybody. I'm making a Half-Orc Deity because I'm bored. So here's Dorn.

Dorn The Redeemed Half-Orc Deity
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Home Plane: Arborea
Domains: Good, Chaos, Protection, Healing
Portfolio: Peace, Half-Orcs, Orcs, Friendship, Family
Favoured Weapon: Quarterstaff
Description: Dorn described himself as a young tall muscular half-orc with a no hair. He wears a white robe with no armour and carried a quarterstaff.
History: Dorn used to be an evil soldier of Gruumsh army. He questions his purpose of why should Orcs fight against everybody. So he made his choice by quitting Gruumsh army and moved to Arborea. Correllon Laitherian spotted Dorm and as he about to fight Dorn. Dorn explains that he wants to make peace and apologized of his attacking the elves for the never-ending battle with the Orcs against the elves. Correllon was very surprised and he gives Dorn a chance. So Dorn proved Correllon and his elf pantheon a chance that and he did. Dorm join forces with Correllon to fight against Gruumsh army in a few occasions and they succeed. Dorn proved to be Correllon ally. Dorn has a very small following of Orcs and Half-Orcs worshippers only a few temples worldwide.