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2007-10-19, 09:14 AM
Do I make them work?

First, background, laser weapons and psionics;
I am planning to GM a new campaign taking place what in my mind would equal to late PL 5, the main fixture being that a new world war (followed by a cold war, history repeats itself again. Is humanity doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again?) accelerated research and some PL 6 technology such as laser weapons is now in limited production runs and is undergoing extensive field testing.

This is where the PCs come in, the introductory adventure features them as US Special Forces, maybe SEALS or Rangers, investigating a (fictional) volcanic Pacific island US territory whose inhabitants have broken contact with the mainland.
This is worrying, since a base conducting secret experiments occupies the same island. Experiments on the cloning of new human breeds (alien hybrids), researching that strange hallucinogenic mineral/crystal that rained down from the skies about 20 years ago and all leading to that mysterious "brain power", psionics...

Since a handful of the soldiers participating in the mission will carry "laser rifles", perhaps one PC might have one too, I wonder how I could make a "rifle" that is more of an antitank weapon. I'm thinking (conceptually, not mechanically) something like somewhat longranged flamethrowers. But I don't want that kind of weapon to be able to snipe people. Do you think I should add penalties to hit targets smaller than Large? Something like that is what I'm thinking about, because I'm picturing the soldiers starting fires just sweeping their laser beams and driving the enemy before them. Or, eh, something like that. Give me your thoughts :smallsmile:

Also, I want all kinds of psionicists to be able to cast just a bit more, ideally without being overpowering or tinkering around to much. However, I have no practical experience of psionics. No, I'm not talking about real life experiences :smalltongue:

Secondly, "blindfire"
if anyone here has played Gears of War, they should understand what I mean with "blindfire". If not, it's basically just firing from behind an object without revealing oneself or aiming. I'm thinking this should add to characters' survivability in close quarter gunfights. Also, it would be almost useless from medium to long ranges.
So how do you think I should go about this mechanically?

As a side note, I'm planning on using (at least some of) these rules http://forums.gleemax.com/showthread.php?t=794436 for combat (gunfights). What experience do you, if any of course, have with that variant or similiar variants? Again, give me your thoughts :smallsmile:
I'm also looking for something akin to WarhammerFRP (which I've regrettably haven't played, but I think the rules seems fun and fluid enough) variant rules which add abilities to certain types of weapons. I can't remember them offhand, but I think it's mostly about making some weapons slightly better against armor, faster/slower, more damaging. Regarding armors, the link I gave discusses that a bit.
I also wonder how you think vanilla firearms manage themselves in d20 modern? Are they worth it, or are they maybe overpowering?

Thirdly, in regards to the introductory adventure and the campaign I'm planning, that's a oneshot adventure to get the PCs into the feel of the game. They won't have access to laser weapons without being special forces, also I'm thinking their characters should dislike the current (martial law) administration. In addition, I'm planning to concentrate the playing area on NY state, because I think it seems like a cool and diverse state and it would give my players a good sized area to "play" in.

I'll be glad to fluff out the setting and answer any questions when asked, it's just that I have a lot of it in my head and my preliminary timeline is in Swedish :smallredface:

2007-10-19, 10:43 AM
For the blindfire, the shooter has to guess which sqaure the target is in (he can't see it). If he guesses correctly, the target gets any cover bonus that they would normally be entitled to, but also get's the benefit of full concealment (50% miss chance for the shooter).

If the shooter is going autofire, he just picks which squares to spray, and the targets in those squares get cover and miss chance benefits like above.

As far as how the firearms handle, we've only run 1 session so far, but havn't had any gripes so far. Modern is allegedly a bit more deadly than D&D, which is fine with us, and has performed as such so far.