View Full Version : Moderators please remove thread, contest will not be held

2007-10-23, 09:24 AM
Hello people, this is an contest of art, made in the OOTS style.
The rules will be pretty much the same as they are with the Iron Contests.
But for anybody new I will tell the rules.

- Any work submitted by you must be made by you, no copying, overpainting etc.

- You may not flame or critisize people here about they´re art, you may give Constructive Critisism.

- When submitting a piece of art you must put one of the following categories you are going for in bold above.
- best single(one person)
- Best group(more than one person)
- Best other(things that you dont think really fit the two categories above)

The judges will be :
Dr. Bath, Ego Slayer and Abardam
Ofcourse they can also not want to be judge but an artist or just dont want to be a judge, just tell me in a PM so I can search for an replacement.

May the most creative and best artist win!

Ow, I heard it would be best for only one contest at a time, so this may be the next subject of the Iron Contest!
So if you want to do something like this, look towards the next contest, hopefully it will be there.