View Full Version : Pipe Dream - Short Story

2007-10-24, 01:21 PM
I just posted this story to my website called Pipe Dream (http://www.raidenstory.com/read/pipe-dream), I had submitted it to Interzone but I neither got a rejection or an acceptance so I guess it just got lost in the e-mail. So I decided to say screw it and put it online anyway, I hope someone here enjoys the read. It's roughly 7,000 words.

The story is set in Earths future in our first steps into Interstellar life with this being the second planet humans have started colonising. Adventerous humans, or those sick with no alternative, are killed and have their consciousness transferred out of their body and through a set of copper to a recipient body on the otherside of a wormhole. The only thing is, there's a sect of anti-transhumanist terrorists attempting to sabotage the colonisation process and kill everyone attempting to expand humanity into space.