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2007-10-25, 03:13 PM
I don't tend to make a lot of avatars (read: none), but I decided to try and do one, and I did, and I wondered what anyone thought of it.


2007-10-25, 03:20 PM
It looks rather nice, but:

His boots are too square-ly.
I believe his arms should be attached to the bottom of his head.
What the heck happened to the top of the head/the hat??!

Lord Iames Osari
2007-10-25, 03:30 PM
In addition to and expanding on what ufo said, the body needs an outline, and I'm not sure why it and the hat are so fuzzy-looking. The brim of the hat needs to be better defined as projecting out over the face. Also, the mustache is a little too angular and the eyes are unevenly placed.

It's slightly worse than my first attempt, but then, I was conferring with a more experienced avatarist about how to use Inkscape as I was making it:

2007-10-26, 10:59 AM
What exactly is Inkscape? I was using powerpoint. :smallbiggrin:

The fuzziness is because I copied and pasted into paint to turn it into an image so I could use the transparency function. I've found a better way of doing that, so it won't come out fuzzy.

2007-10-26, 11:02 AM
Powerpoint? That's a new one.

Inkscape (http://www.inkscape.org/) is a free vector-based drawing program. Many are satisfied with it.

2007-10-26, 11:31 AM
Wait, isnt Powerpoint a slideshow program or something?

Becouse ya know, it is very lousy if you want to draw avatars and something in that catagory if you mean the one I mean, I mean, even paint is way better for that then.

2007-10-26, 11:47 AM
Indeed it is. It's what I've used to make some small pieces of shows for my friends before I learned I could entertain the world through a video by movie maker. Heck even once I made a mouse game. It was almost impossible. So powerpoint is mostly used for presentations or something. If you have the newest version, it can be useful to copy into powerpoint, turn a picture you want turned there and copy to paint.

2007-10-26, 03:17 PM

How's that?

Emperor Ing
2007-10-26, 03:19 PM
Slight improvement. But the mouth and arms are awkward. :smallredface:

2007-10-26, 03:26 PM
He doesn't have a mouth... and what do you mean by awkward.

2007-10-26, 06:38 PM
The hat needs a lower outline.

Raiser Blade
2007-10-26, 07:28 PM
Are you allowed to use a stalin avatar? Some people might get offended.

2007-10-27, 07:34 AM
I think by awkward he means that the arms look a bit strange becouse they begin at differnet points(not counting left and right)