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2007-10-31, 10:15 AM
Though barbarian tribes often scorn what they see as "book learning," there is no denying the advantages that magic and psionics bring to combat. These tribes, though disdaining wizards, psions, and other learning-based spellcasters, respect those who instinctively understand how to manipulate the universe, and are willing to teach them how to tap into their own anger to help them. Because physical ability is less important to those being taught, they learn instead how to channel that anger into bolstering their mysical abilities.
Mage Rage
Prerequisites: ability to cast at least 2 third-level spells or manifest powers costing at least 7 PP. May not have Int as primary caster/manifester stat. Must have spent at least 1 full month in close company with 1 or more Barbarians (doesn't have to be the same character or characters)
Benefits: Mage Rage is identical to the Barbarian class ability Rage for Rages per day/per encounter, the effects of ending Rage, and Will Save bonus. However, a Mage Rage, instead of increasing Str and Con, increases Cha and Wis by 4 points each. Additionally, while in Mage Rage, a character can cast any spells he or she would normally be capable of. Spontaneous casters are considered to have one extra spell slot of the highest level and the Save DC of their powers is increased by 1. Nonspontaneous casters are gain an effective +1 bonus to their caster level. Manifesters are considered 1 manifester level higher for purposes of power augmentation, and gain 1 temporary Power Point per (unenhanced)manifester level (temporary power points may not be transferred to items or other characters, and expire if not used by the time Mage Rage ends)
Mage Rage provides no bonuses to spells cast or powers manifested using Int as the primary stat (so a multiclass Wiz/Sorc would gain the boost only to spontaneous spells, and a multiclass Psion/Wilder would only gain temporary PP equal to their Wilder levels)
The duration of a Mage Rage is the number of rounds equal to 3+ the character's (newly boosted) caster/manifester stat
Normal: Characters cannot Mage Rage.

Sorcerers, Wilders, and such seem to fit in with the "Barbarian tribe" image I have in my mind, and I don't see why they wouldn't be able to tap their anger in a similar way, but apply it differently. Wizards, psions, and other book-learning types don't really fit my picture.

Please criticize/comment! Balanced? Unbalanced? Stupid? Brilliant? Need work? Tell me!

2007-10-31, 06:11 PM
Well, frankly, I don't really like the idea of a mage raging... I mean, Barbarian-presence thingy prerequisite is no explanation. While barb. charges into battle in a screaming frenzy of blood, Mage has his mental skills improved? Naaaaah.. I think it's just fine without it really. But I suppose you could always add something like that in a "looser" RPG story(my favorites hehe)...

my 2 honest cents...:smallwink:

Charlie Kemek
2007-10-31, 09:20 PM
scary! imagine an evil cleric with this feat. +4 wis and chr (they do qualify). extra rebuke, more evil spells...:smalleek: give it the normal -2 to AC. give it instead +4 main casting mod, +8 temp hit points, that are lost first, or some other thing.

2007-10-31, 11:01 PM
I believe there is an entire prestige class based on this ability - the Rage Mage.

It's in one of the complete books - Warrior, I think.

2007-11-01, 12:06 AM
Not only is there already a PrC for it, it sucks. So here's Lord Iames' version on the boards: Link (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=38898&highlight=rage+mage)
As is it's a bit powerful for a feat.

2007-11-01, 12:33 AM
You know, I think it's best if we use a different emotion for each class rather than just 'I'm pissed' for everybody.

Mage Depression
No one is quite able to channel misery like you are.
Prereqs: Must have whined at least once (DM ruling), and have attempted suicide (yes, adventuring counts). Cha 13. Must be able to cast at least 2 3rd level spells.
Benefits: May enter a severe state of Depression whenever one of the following happens:
-Another character is the target of any spell or ability.
-Another character betrays the character (with a highly flexible definition of betrayal).
-The character is required to do something he doesn't want to in order to live / ensure future happiness.
The mage may enter this state a number of times equal to one half his class levels in his primary spellcasting class plus his Charisma modifier. This state gives the character a -2 Morale penalty to all combat rolls, saves, and skill checks. This cannot be altered while Depressed, as the character finds it particularly difficult to become more depressed or be cheered up. He also becomes immune to Fear effects, cannot rage if he has the Barbarian ability, and cannot become fascinated or confused. Add 2 to the character's charisma, as they are now particularly forceful in their opinion of the hopelessness of the situation. Any spells the mage casts while Depressed also Depress his targets, regardless of what spell and whether or not the target is friendly. Add the effects of Crushing Despair to any spell the mage casts. Treat this effect as a metamagic spell that boosts the spell's level by one. Therefore, the caster may never cast their highest level of spells while in this state. This effect lasts for up to 3 + the mage's charisma modifier. When the state of Depression ends, so does the morale penalty and the charisma bonus.

Rogue's Glee
Success causes you great pleasure.
Prerequisites: 1 rank in 3 of the following: Pick Locks, Tumble, Disable Device, Move Silently, Hide, Sleight of Hand.
Benefit: Whenever you pass a skill check in whichever of the three skills you used as prerequisites for this feat, you may enter into a state of glee. Add 2 to your charisma for your distinctively upbeat look on the situation. You gain a +2 morale bonus to attack rolls, damage, AC, and skill checks. This morale bonus cannot be altered downward while you are in a state of euphoria. However, as a side effect, you begin grinning helplessly and (if trying to move silently) mumble to yourself about how awesome you are / how awesome what you are doing is. This provides a +4 bonus to anyone attempting to hear you with a Listen check. You use Sense Motive at a -6 penalty while in a state of intense glee--you more readily tend to take people at their word. Any bluff checks made regarding whatever you did that triggered the state of euphoria are done at -6 as well--you feel like bragging about it, and so really want to tell people. Finally, you suffer a -2 to any Dexterity or Intellgence-based skills, as you are distracted by your recent success. The state of euphoria lasts up to 3 + your charisma modifier in rounds, and you may enter a state of euphoria a number of times per day equal to the sum of your class levels in Rogue, Bard, or Ranger divided by 2.
Special: You may take this feat multiple times. The second time, you may add two skills from the prerequisite list that you qualify for to the list of triggers for your glee. The third time, you may take the sixth.