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2007-11-01, 09:22 PM
I was wondering, since i don't have weapons locker, what is the best way to increase damage with the guns? i believe there is defferent ammo out there, i just don't know all of them or most of the stats, for that matter. sorry if this all sounds a bit n00bish.

2007-11-01, 09:54 PM
Explosive ammunition, from Urban Arcana, increases gun damage by one die. The double-tap and burst-fire feats are good as well.

Modern Player's Companion, a 3rd party book by The Game Mechanics, also has some alternate ammo types that may be better balanced than the UA ones.

If you're playing Future, d20 Future Tech has several weapon gadgets that increase damage.

2007-11-01, 10:37 PM
Also, don't forget that mastercrafting works slightly differently in modern than it does in classic D&D. The +1-+3 bonus can apply to both attack rolls and damage rolls, although it begins to get really expensive quickly.

The main damage increases you have will come from double tap, burst fire and the other gun oriented feats. Ammo is just icing on the cake.

2007-11-02, 03:23 AM
Also, Weaopn Specialisation. The +2 (or +4) could be that extra bit that gets you over your target's MDT.

2007-11-02, 04:15 AM
If you're playing Future, d20 Future Tech has several weapon gadgets that increase damage.:smallamused:

2007-11-02, 05:01 AM
The snarky answer: pistol whip and use the rifle as a club. A strong hero at 5th level with the melee smash tree and 16 strength can be doing 1d4+6 (average 8.5) with a pistol that, in the hands of everyone else would do 2d6 (average 7). And can power attack.

As for actual stuff, yeah, the explosive bullets (I've got them in the Dark Matter setting book, but they may be elsewhere) are a good addition to things like .50 cal rifles, where an additional dice is a lot more damage. Double tap is the same thing, despite it's sheer illogicalness, but it's got that annoying attack penalty and uses more of your magazine. Burst fire I wouldn't recommend just because autofire is terrible, so you're more-or-less wasting a feat.

Just in general pick the largest dice weapon you can acquire and use, most of the other features will come up rarely.