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2007-11-03, 03:05 PM
As quite a few people know by now, I am planning to run a non-evil afflicted lycanthrope campaign (By which I mean a non-evil party who is infected with the strain of their choice and do not change alignments, not a party composed entirely of werebears, wereravens, and werelions). However, part of the plot I am composing involves a story arc in that old horror campaign setting, Ravenloft (the plane, not Strhad's castle). Now my problem is...

How do you run a werebeast campaign in the Land of the Mists? Which Darklords should I use (Besides Alfred Timothy because of that whole "evil counterpart" thing. Though I'm not sure about Harkon Lucas because I don't know his backstory. Could you tell me?)? Should I homebrew one? If so, what should his/her and the corresponding domain's motif be? What Terror Track (string of effects of failed power checks) should I spring on a PC who is already a monster (albeit a misunderstood one), and if there isn't one in the books, could you make one for me? How should I factor in Van Richten and other good-aligned monster hunters (Because frankly, they don't know the difference between them and most Ravenloft lycanthropes, who frankly deserve to be hunted!)? How should I factor in other afflicted lycanthropes, given the houserule in this campaign that afflicted lycanthropy does not change your alignment (but other people think it does for the reason that well, "those that do not know power will soon be ruled by it" (Cookie to who gets the quote) and that lycanthropy grants you well, a lot of power)? What should be some of the effects of a failed madness save be (because no Ravenloft campaign should be complete without screwing with a player's mind:smallamused: )? As a side note, how do I run a "doppleganger" adventure when the players can see-or rather smell-through one's (the previously mentioned monster) disguise?

Heh-heh-heee...Now, servants of the Dark Forum, show me your infinite knowledge!

Oops, I just failed a dark powers save (Inner munchkin:smallbiggrin: ).

2007-11-03, 05:08 PM
Come on, it's a good idea, isn't it?:smallfrown: