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Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-21, 08:29 PM
The lizards have picked up the pass, and all of you have seen them now. They haven't called for the alarm yet, probably because they think they have the element of suprise, but surely they will once the battle joins.

You don't find anything around the door no trap, magical or mundane. When you deem it safe, you place the side of your head against the door and hear the scrap of scaled feat, and the heavy breathing of animals. From the bottom of the door, the crack at the bottom wafted the smell of animal fecess and dried urine, reasuring your thought that the room stored animals, probably more lizards.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-22, 09:36 PM
PS. They are around thirty feat away, and if you start combat know you get a suprise round, though you should probably kill them or they will raise the alarm.

2007-12-23, 08:52 AM
Seeing the drow lizard riders pick up speed, Peiros draws an arrow and releases it at the closest one, hoping to catch it unaware.

surprise round
I assume with their movement they got within 30 feet.


((ooc: The holidays are upon us, so posting may go slow for the next week or so))

((ooc: Eck, lovely combat rolls continue..))

Nowhere Girl
2007-12-24, 03:33 AM
Swearing softly under her breath, Naenre, too, draws her crossbow and lets fly at the nearest rider.

Attack: [roll0]

On successful hit, damage: [roll1] + [roll2] sneak attack if applicable, and DC 13 Fort save vs. unconsciousness

Nowhere Girl
2007-12-24, 03:34 AM
Er ... and to confirm the critical ...


2007-12-24, 10:32 PM
Watching the lizards bearing down on them Balth swears softly under his breath.

((How far away are they?))

Waiting for them to come within range Balth calls once again on the power of his God and unleashes a ball of fire at one of the drow and his lizard.


Save DC 16 reflex for half damage. No Spell Resistance allowed.

((If they are out of range then Balth will defer until they come within 30ft))

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-12-25, 11:06 PM
((You guys got a suprise round, soo... Boom))

A Crossbow bolt flies from Naerne's handbow and slices right through the drow rider, causing him to fall from his mount. Pheiro's arrow it's flies wide of the second drow rider, but he is happly supprised as the drow, mount and all, burst into flames. Looking back Pheiros spots a satisfied smirk on Balth's face, though steely determanation hardens his eyes. Everybody shares a glance realizing that combat very easly could have been heard through any of these doors.

((ps. Hurry, the walls are climable but only to those with skill. pss. the stables are there for a reason.))

Sornjss Lichdom
2008-01-05, 12:08 AM
Bump, Guys. Holiday over, Game up.

2008-01-05, 11:10 AM
Pheiros looks for a way up the walls, "We need to get up there quickly!"

Assuming Pheiros doesn't know what Naenre has discovered, but if she tells him..

2008-01-05, 02:28 PM
Balth looks at the lizard things warily.

We are going to ride those things? Up a wall. Damn. Why can't drow just have stairs like civilzed people. But I suppose we don't have a choice. Okay let grab the lizards and go.

2008-01-15, 03:43 PM
Warily eyeing its teeth, Pheiros climbs on top of a lizard, "Let's hope this thing knows where to go on its own!"

Thought I'd try a post to see if could jog this game back into action :smallsmile:

Sornjss Lichdom
2008-01-15, 03:48 PM
((00C-> Sounds fun. Role handle animal checks. Scrap that, roll diplomancy.))

2008-01-15, 04:02 PM
Pheiros makes cooing sounds at the lizard, while he repeats "Don't look like food, don't look like food..." over and over again in his head.

Yay! A roll...