View Full Version : horizon: redline, need some help.

2007-11-09, 05:53 AM
Anyway. I own spellslinger and just bought redline, but for both of them, especially redline, you need something more to run an campaign, many of the items presented have a cost in trade units, or can be “scrounged” now that’s al fun and games, but how in the world should one balance things against each other? How much trade units should a player get per CR, on average, or should they start scrounging everything once the game has started. And, then so, how often should they be able to scrounge and what for… I am somewhat confused. I have learned to eyeball a lot while DM’ing, but this just goes beyond me, is there anybody who has ran a redline game, or even better a campaign and has some advice. Or perhaps just a link to some site that has more info, the fantasy flight board has none, just some extra prestige classes.