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Fuum Bango
2007-11-12, 03:35 PM
Hey people, I have a habit of starting projects and ending them in the same day...so don't expect this to be any different! :cool:

I'm trying to stat out archetypal gods, there will be two of each. The idea is you can slip these guys into any world. It's a vague project, but give it a look. At the moment only the Weather Gods and a Devil are complete.

Proud Weather
With magnetism only a god could have, the Proud Weather is a natural leader and a master of political manipulation. He occupies most of his time debating with the other gods on a number of subjects, forever imposing his ideas onto them. He is patient by mortal standards, but to other gods the Proud is considered whimsical and free spirited.
He tries to maintain a presence of grandeur and holiness, but is not above toying with mortals for his amusement, though he is equally likely to show mercy to those in need. He is behind many civil wars and feuds, some he didn’t even mean to cause. He is particularly harsh on women; many of his past mortal lovers are now feared monsters.
He is known to travel the mortal realm more than other gods. He can take any form he wishes, but often travels as a nobleman or a large bird like a swan or goose. He is also known to deal out his own personal forms of justice as he travels the land, thieves and tax collects are his favourite to harm.
He is accepted by the other gods for his battle prowess; he has many times over battled the foes of the gods to show his greatness.
Proud Weather is fond of sports of all kinds and often blesses events and sometimes comes down from his cloud palace to greet spectators and sportsmen alike. He is more likely to bestow power on mortals that have reached there peak in their chosen skill, rather than for their devotion. In the past he has granted kings powerful abilities, often with flaws greater than the gift, such as giving a king the power to kill with a touch without showing the man how to stop it.
Clerics of the Proud Weather must uphold the image of their god through feats of strength and through quick wit. They must spend an equal amount of time honing their physical skills and force their beliefs on others. They must pay tribute to the temples of their faith regularly unless they have been sent on a mission by the higher bishops. Unlike many religions clerics of the Proud Weather can meet their god personally, as he travels from land to land; this gives them an inflated sense that their god is the only true god.
Symbol: A fist holding lightening, a throne on a cloud, a javelin on a royal blue background
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Omens: Thunder on a clear day, Lightening storms, the disappearance or appearance of eagles and other large birds of prey, the death of beautiful birds like parrots, swans or peacocks, men achieving great things.
Worshipers: sportsmen, warriors, warlords, poor peasants, kings and generals
Cleric Alignments: Any
Domains: Weather, Nobility, Strength, Trickery, Chaos
Favoured Weapon: Glorious Javelin

Watchful Weather
Ancient and distant, the Watchful expended a huge about of energy just staying up to date. At creations beginning she was little more than a vast elemental, but as mortals began to worship her she turned and formed eyes to watch and ears to listen, as she gathered knowledge on these mortals, she learned of selfless goodness and hasn’t strayed from that concept in all these eons. It is rare she speaks with other gods and is either incapable or unwilling to travel the mortal realms, she remands in the shape of clouds at all times.
The Watchful enjoys hardworking mortals, having a preference for farmers. She blesses the crops of good farmers and spreads rain across good kingdoms. However she is not known for pondering upon her work and doesn’t go out of her way to change people who are evil towards good.
She rests within her own land far from all others, it is a land filled with clouds and constant rain, hail and uplifting air currents. Younger gods may seek her out for her wisdom but she is difficult to find. It is said from her home are large floating windows that she uses to watch the world.
Divine powers are often thrust upon mortal worshipers that the Watchful has noticed do great deeds. She is however, nervous in giving the cleric too much power, knowing through experience that mortals hold power poorly. Those that she can trust however are some of the most powerful people alive and wield storms like the god themselves for the cause of good.
Cleric of the Watchful are kindly and passionate about their faith, rare is it that they are questioned, they travel from town to town with ease, often staying free with peoples houses for they are thought of as lucky. Meetings are held at irregular times on open fields, there are no temples of the Watchful. Clerics are expected to work hard each day to bring good into the world, but the manner can range from fighting vile creatures to caring for orphans. Clerics of the Watchful should be diligent at all times, open to other beliefs and at least acknowledge other nature related gods.
Symbol: A grey cloud with a face, a blue eye, a swaying wheat field on a green background
Alignment: Neutral Good
Omens: Strong winds, rain over a temple, unnaturally long storms, shooting stars, a face or hand in clouds
Worshipers: Farmers and the general population
Clerics Alignment: NG, LG, CG
Domains: Weather, Air, Storm, Plant, Good
Favoured Weapon: Sickle of a Harvest’s Breeze

Guiding Sun
Symbol: A yellow sun above a traveller on a white background, a simple golden ring, a rusted sword
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Omens: Warm days in winter, light reflecting brightly, a rainbow
Worshipers: Guides, sailors, travellers and the general population
Clerics Alignment: LN, LG, NG
Domains: Sun, Healing, Law, Travel, Courage
Favoured Weapon: Sunbeam Longbow

Conquering Sun
Symbol: A skull with a red sun behind it,
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Omens: Famine, drought, scorching hot summers, a dead scorpion
Worshipers: NE, LE, LN, TN
Clerics Alignment: Soldiers both invading and defending, desert peasants
Domains: Sun, Fire, War, Glory, Courage
Favoured Weapon: Blistering Warhammer

Hunter Moon
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Omens: A bright full moon, a fox chasing a hare, a simple silver ring
Worshipers: Tribal or clan peasants, trackers, mourning people, gamblers
Clerics Alignment: CG, CN, LC, LN, TN
Domains: Darkness, Luck, Community, Repose, Animal
Favoured Weapon: Crossbow of Nights

Undeniable Moon
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Worshipers: Sorcerers, hags, beautiful or those that wish to be beautiful
Clerics Alignment: LE
Domains: Evil, Water, Charm, Tyranny, Darkness
Favoured Weapon: Lordly Mace

Cloaked Death
Diplomat Charon themed with dwarven mining
Symbol: A thigh bone, a broken black circle, a wooden boat on a grey background
Alignment: True Neutral
Omens: Gold dust in the air, finding a coin with teeth marks on it, tiny animals bones in a pile, eclipses
Worshipers: Judges, the old and decrepit, miners
Clerics Alignment: TN
Domains: Death, Strength, Darkness, Metal, Greed
Favoured Weapon: Broadsword of the End

Whispering Death
Acts as a false harvest god, secret blood alters
Symbol: A goat skull
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Omens: A person committing suicide, blood smeared across doors, the sound of goats at night, madness and great plagues
Worshipers: Those who fear death, necromancers, assassins, farmers & fishers
Clerics Alignment: Any
Domains: Death, Madness, Destruction, Knowledge, Pestilence
Favoured Weapon: Addled Dagger

Nurturing Earth
Symbol: A simple leaf or branch, a pine tree with a castle beneath it, a dark brown circle
Alignment: True Neutral
Omens: Grass growing long overnight, trees swaying without wind, early spring
Worshipers: Barbarians, hermits, shaman, doctors and the general population
Clerics Alignment: Any Good
Domains: Creation, Renewal, Balance, Healing, Earth
Favoured Weapon: World-Tree Quarterstaff

Imprisoned Earth
Worshippers believe if they free her a true world will be born
Symbol: A green circle with a beast crushed inside, a mass of red claws and feathers, a scarred pebble
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Omens: Ants acting strangely, fungus growing on food, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, cave bears sleeping outside her temples
Worshipers: Outcasts, bandits, those that fear the wilderness and the general population
Clerics Alignment: Any Neutral
Domains: Cavern, Earth, Liberation, Plant, Fire
Favoured Weapon: Scimitar Key

Lover Dream
Symbol: A silver stag on a pink background, a bending mirror, a theatrical mask, a rose bud, a glass rose
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Omens: A stag running through a town, a broken wine glass, petals in the wind, a moth fluttering over a bed, a cold wind
Worshipers: Poets, singers and all manner of bards, young lovers and a rare child that has nightmares and knows of the god
Clerics Alignment: CN, NG
Domains: Dream, Artifice, Charm, Glory, Nobility
Favoured Weapon: Rapier of Hope

Nameless Dream
Symbol: Spinning looms on a black background, a sleeping boy’s face, a elderly woman without eyes, a simplistic moth
Alignment: True Neutral
Omens: A headache, a shattered mirror or wine glass, a pile of sand
Worshipers: Those that suffer sleepless nights, illusionists, mediators and philosophers.
Clerics Alignment: Any
Domains: Dream, Illusion, Magic, Darkness, Rune
Favoured Weapon: Shimmering Blacklight Shortsword

Loyal Devil
Considered the middle child of the gods, not an ancient power from before mortal kind nor one of the youthful adventurous deities of war, love or any of the entertaining capacities. It is said the gods drew hairs from a unicorn, or straws in some versions, to decide who would rule over Hell that would soon be filled with evil souls. The Loyal drew the shortest and has been at it ever since, while it isn’t the life he hoped for, he acts upon his role with zeal creating elaborate punishments for the damned but even more impressive he wants to purify the souls, to cleanse them of their sin and send them off to the other gods. He is constantly tweaking and calculating to his methods and while the results haven’t been that promising, he has saved a few and sent them on his way. But the loyal is patience personified, like a coiled snake, and he has eternity to make every resident good.
He spends most of his time within the endless wastes and chasms of his kingdom, surveying the wicked and idly talking with them about why they were sinful and what can be done about it. It is said that the most terrifying thing in the world is the Loyal asking you why you did something, it is said he can make even the most hardened assassin weep. Hell itself is a multitude of joined worlds, most empty tundra while others are filled with sharp moving canyons that seek to harm any that trespass or even boiling oceans. Despite the endless nature of the realm, the Loyal has names for every mountain, every fire filled river and knows the intricacies of the bloody moon cycles, volcanic eruption times and the mismatched seasons of the underworld.
He does not travel the mortal realm in person, but instead has spies either from the Hell itself or in the form of his clerics. He keeps his distance in general believing that he has enough to do without interfering with the other god’s domains. He has a place in his heart for those that battle the wicked and has been known to gift them with weapons to aid them which are very much sort after. Those that fight common threats such as town guards are among is most highly favoured however and many a common watch has had “a moment of devilish” when defending his of her home.
He is highly respected with other gods for his willingness to do his duty without falling to what can only be described as the worst place imaginable. However he rarely aids with the battles the gods face or intervene on mortals behalf has given many a warped view on the god.
Clerics of the Loyal must first try to contact the god; he will not come to them for their faith alone. Their second task is to prove to them that they are not only just but truly need his help, for the Loyal runs Hell, he knows sinners will get what they deserve. Once a member of the clergy, they join a loose collective of hunters of malevolent immortals and any evil that can evade the dangers of entering Hell. A cleric must also attempt to persuade common criminals to turn to good and be generous to petty thieves and beggars. As a whole they regard the other deities as weak willed but will likely venerate another god that holds sway in the mortal realm.
Symbol: A crown made of nettles, a serpent underneath a white mountain, a simple prison design
Alignment: Lawful Good
Omens: A face appearing on the wall of a courtroom, a prisoner dead in his or her cell, a blizzard
Worshipers: Wardens, town guards, judges and lawyers, other stern yet caring individuals and repentant criminals
Clerics Alignment: LG, LN, LE
Domains: Law, Scalykind, Protection, Water, Destruction
Favoured Weapon: Trident of Justice

Astute Devil
Long ago she was a general in the many wars the gods faced; she was the greatest of angels, beautiful and powerful and full of pride. But every battle against evil degraded her mind to the point where everything was an obstacle, a foe. She had changed from what she had been designed to be. Her presence withered Heaven and caused a heavy fear in the tiny souls of mortals. She hated her makers and feeling that she alone was perfect; wished to rule over creation absolutely.
Tales differ, but it is said that she was put on trail by the gods for being villainous, but she was too clever and argued brilliantly that she had broken no laws, which was truth. So the naïve gods granted her a boon instead for her soldiering. She asked to leave the house of Heaven and go to live alone in Hell, under the conditions that she could feed on evil souls to sustain her as she would travel far from the gods, the gods readily excepted this…but soon the Astute’s first plan was fulfilled, she would tempt mortals to evil, growing stronger every moment.
Her activities in the mortal realm are secretive; often she creates avatars to start cults in her worship in far off tribes. Whatever she does, it has a place and purpose that can span hundreds of years, she is equal parts schemer and warrior. She will take the form of something fantastical such as a winged woman or a colossal bear, but never in the form of a mere mortal, for that is beneath her. Between grand schemes she is quite happy tormenting people relentlessly, driving them mad and causing them to do great evils out of fear. Cowards are a favourite to grant powers upon, forcing them into a spiral of vice as they try to survive her whims. She knows the value of force of will, and will never grant her power to intelligent people, for deep in her heart she fears that one day she will create another that can do what she has done. Rumours percit however, that once in a new moon she will talk to old women as they clean their clothes about very mundane things and later curse them to die painfully, which is almost random and without motive.
Hated by all she has no allies and will be openly attacked by the other gods.
Clerics of Astute are a strange lot, more often than not they are those that pray to her through fear and will frequently be chaotic, if not insane. They have no traditions or hierarchy; they follow orders directly from their god. Their lives are short, they only live to become evil enough to make a really good meal.
Symbol: A sceptre covered in gems, a staff with a baboon head, a nickel quill, a flaming sword
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Omens: A throne upturned, a group of dead toads, a burning building, a babbling vagrant, still born children, crabs marching on land
Worshipers: Insane murderers, desperate barbarian clans and some wizards
Clerics Alignment: NE, LE, CE
Domains: Nobility, Trickery, Rune, Fire, Evil
Favoured Weapon: Lost Soul's Net

2007-11-15, 12:23 PM
This strikes me as INCREDIBLY useful to the novice GM who doesn't want to bother learning an entire setting at once and wants to start of the campaign vague and get specific as his/her skills improve... unfortunately little comes to mind for contributions at this time.

2007-11-15, 01:27 PM
you forgot the insane demon/fire god/titan.

Fuum Bango
2007-11-15, 02:17 PM
you forgot the insane demon/fire god/titan.

Heh, I think what you want is about to be added.

DracoDei, thanks, I hope it will be of use in time. :smallsmile: