View Full Version : Ackbar Snackbar - odd request

2007-11-13, 08:51 PM

I have a bit of an odd request for any of the bored creative types surfing the forum.

For my Prin of Advertising class, we have to plan the advertising for a product, real or fake. The teacher said the quality of artwork does not matter, but I would still love to put some cool graphic in there.

So, the product is the (Admiral) Ackbar Snackbar. Its taglines are "It's a Trap" (of course) and "You can't repel deliciousness of that magnitude!".

To a lesser extent, also "The Snack with Attack".

The bar itself is a standard bar shaped like the Mon Calimari battle cruisers, but its chocolate! (Yay freedom to invent Star Wars themed snack foods based on semi-obscure characters).

And so the request is to make anything showing the bar, or Ackbar, or with anything with the phrases. The best would be Ackbar himself holding the bar up to the screen exclaiming "You can't Repel Deliciousness of that Magnitude!"

Thanks in advance!