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2007-11-14, 12:33 PM
Anybody seen this yet?:smallsmile:


2007-11-14, 12:39 PM
It sounds like a REALLY flawed idea.

It will be six months minimum until any new comic is upped. So it only really will be useful for collectors and those looking for older stories.
Collectors tend to want to collect, not download. So they will more likely than not just stick to buying them at conventions.

As for people (like myself) who may want to catch up on old times and can tolerate the poorly aged Stan Lee dialogue, it will be too expensive.

This would work a LOT better with a micropayment system. Maybe 1 or 2 cents for individual issues, with package deals (A package that will let you read about all the stuff related to House of M or maybe every comic that was related to Spidey and the Symbiotes, etc). I just can't see myself paying five bucks to read maybe twenty issues, knowing that I can only read them for a single month.

Hell, this would work REALLY well with a Steam style program and service. Temporarily make older story lines free (to provide backstory for an upcoming crossover/major event), offer sales every week, etc.