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2007-11-14, 02:23 PM
Attention all Discworld fanatics!! (in the USA and possibly Canada)

November 25th at 7ET Hogfather will be shown on ION channel. I already have my dvr set to record. I have no idea how good it's going to be, but just the idea of being able to see Death in a santa suit is good enough for me at this point. It was made this year, and some of the people in the cast are, Joss Ackland, David Warner, Timothy Bateson, Dominic Borrelli.

4 hours of Discworld goodness! I can't wait!

2007-11-14, 02:24 PM
We had it last christmas in the UK, although i think it seems liek its a different production in america, new actors and stuff, the british one was really good, so that one should be to :smallbiggrin:

2007-11-14, 02:28 PM
If it's the same as the UK version you'll love it.
This year we get The Colour Of Magic combined with The Light Fantastic. I think.
Either way; you'll love it. If it's the British version; for the American version (if this is one) I don't know.

2007-11-14, 02:35 PM
No idea if it's the British version or not..doesn't say... all it says is that it was made in 2007... which makes me think it may be an American version if y'all saw your version last year... in 2006. Still excited tho. :smallbiggrin:

2007-11-14, 02:39 PM
Well, given the cast members specified in the OP, I'd say this is the same show as the Sky One version from last year. I'm lucky enough to have seen it at some point (in the US) and liked it well enough.

2007-11-14, 06:51 PM
I liked the acting in the british version, but not the directing. It was all a bit slow paced and it could have been faster.

Green Bean
2007-11-14, 07:36 PM
I watched it in England, and I have to admit that it was certainly a fun movie. I wonder how it'll fare on a second viewing.

2007-11-14, 09:33 PM
Dang it! Movies based on Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels, and New Zealand doesn't show them! :smallfurious: