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2007-11-15, 01:34 PM
Okay, here's the deal: I'm trying to create a comic, mainly for practice purposes, but i also want to tell a story. And stories are annoyingly hard to create, that's for frikkin' sure.

So, i think: Why not ask for help? At least a few ideas would be appreciated, along with whatever tips you people have. I would be incredibly grateful for any help.

Here's what i have so far:
Setting-wise i'm thinking dystopian future, just to hand my own ass to me by taking it upon myself to draw too many details :smallamused: .
The story's set in a great city complex, think the hive worlds of 40k and you got my main inspiration. The lower levels of this great city are really one big machine room, but a lot of people have taken to building their homes there, creating societies in the "cellar".
Most people are cyborgs, because of two factors mainly:
1. Injuries. There's lot's of them, and they live in a city of metal and machinery.
2. Practicality. You get to choose between your hand and a mechanical claw with built in gun, grappling hook and +10 to awesome. What do you choose?
Another thing: Technology is everywhere, and not very hard to get your hands on, even advanced stuff. On the other hand, food is HARD to get your grubby little tendrils close to. While the city is surrounded by vast fields and animal farms, most of it goes to the upper levels.
Psychic (a.k.a. Sci-fi magic): They exist, but most are "hired" by the goverment. Also, manifesting psychic abilities without any kind of conduit harms you. And by harm i mean your bones shatter, your old wounds reopen, your eyes pop out, you get heart-attacks etc. etc. (of course, this varies based on skill, luck and how much power you're using) This makes most psychics use technological gadgets to channel their abilities (making it almost safe). These gadgets are usually crafted by minor psychics, known as Cyborgsmiths.
Character concepts: i'm thinking three main characters, possibly more. So far i've got:
One high level psychic, Almost completely turned cyborg. Possibly a refugee from some sort of goverment project or something.
One "nine-niner", (that is, a person with about 99% of their body still made up of organic tissue. These are famous for their combat prowess and generall nastiness, which comes from surviving to adult age with almost their complete body still intact. (100%'rs doesn't exist, it's that simple.)) Who's a master of various gadgets and general badassery.
And lastly a Cyborgsmith, known as Arach or something to that effect, because he has eight robotic arms attached to his back.
(Note that i have some more ideas for these characters, but it's not decided in any way, shape or form, so i'd rather not inhibit your creativity...)

What i don't have is a plot idea. A few thoughts, but generally? Nothing.
So, as i said. Anything you can contribute with at all would b tremendously appreciated.