View Full Version : Unusual Vs. Thread - Texas Tech vs. Hawaii

2007-11-17, 12:22 AM
For the college football aficionados.

Texas Tech and the University of Hawaii have the most prolific, high powered passing offenses in college football today. Who would win if these two offensive juggernauts collided?

Me, I'd have to say Hawaii. I think Colt Brennan is just a little better than Graham Harrell. It'd be one hell of an entertaining football game though.

2007-11-17, 02:56 AM
Even though I'm a Tech grad, I'm inclined to agree with you.

Missouri, Texas, and Oklohoma State have shown what a high-powered offense can do to Texas Tech, and it wasn't all that pretty. That being said, Tech can always hang in those games they shouldn't win, at least for a little while.

Even with Tech losing, they'd have over 600 yards passing and Crabtree would have four touchdowns.

Yeah, it'd be fun to watch at least.