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2007-11-19, 01:53 AM
"100 Slivers from the world of Magic the Gathering are sent to the SWverse, where both the Jedi and current Sith Lords must unite for the time being to beat back this threat.

Primordial eggs under Coruscant also hatch and begin to grow in numbers when they are discovered by swoop gangs wanting to sell the Slivers as exotics for money. Unfortunately, the Sliver Queen finds out and deems all species within the swoop gang as a threat and must be eliminated. Basically that includes the entire galaxy.

The Jedi Masters and Sith Lords realize what might come to pass if they cannot stop this threat via visions. This occurs right before the Clone Wars can happen, the Droid and Clone Armies are ready to fight, Dooku and Palpatine must now work with the Jedi.

Slivers continue to grow in number and skill, they are already able to go space faring it the chance presents themselves."

What happans? I personally think the G.F.F.A is screwed unless the BDZ Coruscant quick.

Paragon Badger
2007-11-19, 02:07 AM
The thousand or so Jedi in Coruscant alone could probably deal with the threat if it was found soon enough.

And then there are the billions of clone troopers that are just waiting in Kamino; plus the trillions of droids.

Even if Coruscant was overrun before they could muster their troops; that's as far as the Slivers could get. A good amount of stardestroyer-like ships can reduce a city-planet to rubble in short order.

Any attempt to leave through starship would be easily neutralized via other star ships or throwing the mass of clone troopers/droids at the isolated 'mini-hives' until they are all wiped out.

2007-11-19, 04:49 AM
Yeah, Coruscant is not the best choice. Not in that period at least.
Make the same contest somewhere more crucial to the jedi\sith, like a sanctuary planet, like ossus or ilum or dantooine. They couldn't wipe them out from above for fear of destroying the artifacts and they must act quickly to deal with the threat, lest they want the planet to be swarming with insectoids. I doubt the sith would jus ally with the jedi. They'd probably just disguise as jedis, and join forces with them, while trying to get some more insight on who's who i the temple and if they can save a specimen of sliver for wiser use. Just change your LS crystal and get a blade which is not red, and get a bathing robe, and you're jedi 110%....