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The Extinguisher
2007-11-19, 06:52 PM
Everyone was doing it, I just wanted to be cool.

My idea is bacially the future of the fantasy, "swords and sorcery" style worlds. It's set in a era that is the rough equivalent to our late 20th century, although slightly less advanced in some eras. Notably weaponry and space travel. Anyways...

Roughly one hundred years ago, there was a rebellion of sorts. The lands of Dolin used to be under the loose control of demons. They kept the world in check and the hatred between the various inhabitants from errupting in war. Most people were happy with that. However, one powerful demon named Zex, litterally a god fallen from divinity, wasn't. Gentlely and subtly, he pushed the lands Angels, Humans and Elves to put aside thier differences and ally together. The battles were swift and devestating. The three allies brought with them a empire, and the losers, the demons and the psionic 'monsters', we're left in the dust. The demons were forced to the edges of society and the psions were exiled to the underground caverns, which were completly sealed.
In the present day, demons and demon-born are hated and discriminated against, due to unoffical policy of the empire. People will often hide there heritage to get ahead in life, and upon discovery, the demons suddenly vanish in the night, leaving only a bloody mess in thier homes. The only safe haven is the island of Sem, which is completly hidden and is known only by those who live there.
In the human capital of Rain, a demon-born named Kain is run out of house and home after his heritage is revealed during a university class. Not wanting to live on the street in constant fear for his life, he decides to leave Rain in favor of Dust, a desert city on another island, where his sister lives. On the way, he meets a few other people, Amy a full demon and a necromancer named Enin, both a part of the criminal life Kain gets involved in while trapped in Solaria, the celestial capital between Rain and the island of Catalyst (the island where Dust is located)
Dust reveals several important things, including the full circumstances behind the war, which has thus far been taught to be the demon's oppressiveness. Kain and everyone else who discovers this decide something must be done about it. They find the one entrance to the underground that was never sealed of, because it was never used. They ventere into the darkness and strike a deal with the creatures, who asssemble thier forces and attack Solaria and the rest of the island of Celes. This gives Kain and co. from tracking the now moving Zex, while themselves being followed by the Angelborn, a order of paladins who focus in elminating all demons.

So that's it. That's covers roughly more than half, and is a fair enough explanation. What do you think? I can give more world building stuff if you need, like magic and geography, but it's not really nessicary.

Inhuman Bot
2007-11-19, 10:38 PM
not bad *claps* but taht's just me.

2007-11-20, 04:53 AM
the idea seems promising..I guess the rendition of the scenario and the general "look" of the setting will be a, more than average, significant part of the success of the story itself...(random thought: you might want to play with colours to somehow graphically visualize the different nature of people of different races)

one question out of curiosity: you write something on the line of "it will be revealed who really is to blame for the situation"...so I guess the main protagonist will be sort of enraged with righteous anger and try to "right wrongs"...is a full scale battle and invasion the answer for this? or is it just because it's cool? or is it deliberate in that any means are accepted to reach the goal of changing the situation for the better and the "demon-born" have grown accustomed to using byways and "less than lega or pacificl" measures to accomplish what they set out to do, in obedience of the "socially accepted message" that they are the bad guys anyway?

The Extinguisher
2007-11-20, 06:24 PM
It's not going to be "this is what happened" and then the main character will be all "I'm so angry" etc etc etc.
Although it'll probably be close to that, I never really liked that method of plot twist.

But yes, it is the answer, or at least, the answer of my character. (To be honest, I hate big battle scenes) But they need a distraction, and all out war is the biggest distraction he can think of. It's mostly a matter of convience, but it is a fair point to say that none of the protagonists really care if the empire wins or not, and they'd prefer if they didn't. It's a means to both ends.

It's a fairly violent solution, but Kain is a fairly violent and angry person.

2007-11-21, 01:52 AM
Ah..I remember when I used to do Fantasy Concepts...seems like...a few months ago..

I was drawing a comic about people who have super powers and were discovering them gradually through out the series...

Then I HAD to turn it on NBC...then my dreams sank as Heroes came on..