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Lady Tialait
2007-12-02, 10:32 AM
Newr is a city. and a planet all rolled into one. (think Sigil on crack) Mighty Mages Rule the City and keep it in working order, Gnomes run bardic collages, Halflings roam the city as tour guides, and everything is wonderful...The problem is the current city was build on top of the old city that was in turn built ontop of the city before it. Creating a perfect 'Undercity' Newr cannot expand out so new additions are built ontop of existing ones. and so on and so forth. Most of the time a group of builder mages come in and just put a plain of force over the old buildings. The Terra Mancers (Earthshaping Dwarven Mages) then put a nice furtial ground over it. the whole proscess takes a little over 30 minuets and all the inhabites usually get a 1 week notice that they have been due for a upgrade. needless to say some valuables will be left.

Magic is Very Common in Newr.
Classes I'll allow and their place in the city are as follows:

Barbarians : Also known as 'Rabble' are the peaple in the city who just can't stand the rush of it all. they get upset. usally they spend all their time in the undercities. where a shadow copy of the city has formed as a result. Wizards Loath such chaos as it forces them to Come down from their council chambers and acually beat someone up. Very unbecomeing.

Bard: So many peaple bottled up in one place without thease chrismatic peaplemost would kill eachother sendind the city into chaos. that is why the wizards allow the Bardic collages to continue. A bard is highly loved by the peaple of the city. but distrusted by the wizard controled goverment.

Cleric : Not as rare as most think, but carful not to revil themselves. Gods have forsaken the great city, But other sources of Divine magic can be found. Faith alone can create it. One of the most common Clerics is the 'Cleric of the Endless Dragon' A god that only came into being sense the city made a seond layer of itself.

Endless Dragon
Domains: Distruction, Healing, and Travel
Doctrune: THe dragon's clerics beilve that only by distroying that witch is stood so long can the city truely build farther infact they belive that anything that is unfortunate that befalls someone in the city is because of the building over building. So they are called to go deep into the city and find things that no longer should be and ruin them once and for all, and begin the rejuvination.

Fighter : A mostly ignored class of peaple the wizards do not belive that any one of them could cause enough harm to matter. They realize that any Fighter that could become powerful enough to distroy a wizard would need magic to do so. They find them foolish for their waste of time on learning weapones, Most commoners are at awe at the power of a highly trained figher, Magic isn't awegiveing but a man without its help getting the same results can create a err of quasi-worship.

Monk: The Wizards of Newr Value Order and Magic. They Know that Magic is not unlimeted and without a bodygaurd they would all be slaughtered in their studies. They found those they called 'Mage-Unfit' and trained them in the ways of the mind. the result was astounding. A disopline that allowed the person speed and strangth beyond that of normal man. and the ablitly to never be unarmed. Pleased that it worked out the wizards now have monk bodyguards.

Ranger/Urban Ranger: It's a big City. A very big City. instead of needing a local you need a tour guide. Rangers fit this to the letter. They Guide and find that witch others cant find. They hunt down creatures that sholdn't be found in the city (most likly a wizard did it) and most of all just act as police without athority. Most have meager liveings just being a guide but some explore the undercities in search of more

Rouge: When there are over 500 peaple per city block of city squeezed together why not try to make a profit. as always rouges are opotunistic scoundrels who have no quams about defying the athorities. The wizards hate them deeply. Most do not trust them. but then again. alot do..suckers.

Sorcerer: The Most hated people in all the city. the wizards made sure of that. Most didn't do anything wrong but be born with magical talent. the law is 'Kill the demon Spawn on sight or he will kill you' the witch hunt is HUGE as for some reason more and more of them are born every day. and everyone is afraid of them.

Psion: see Sorcerer

Psionic Warrior: see monk

Wilder: see sorcerer add da crack

Soul Knife: see monk...again.

any comments?...pwease :eek:

2007-12-02, 11:30 AM
Say, seems like everyone is making their own setting!
Its a nice start, maybe the barbarians could keep young sorcerers safe, wanting them to overthrow the wizards.

How about, a small team of inventors have just created the first guns and anti-magic armour and have given them to the fighters.

And the older generation of wizards controls the younger with magic and they are trying to kill tham and take their place as the leaders, they help the barbarians sometimes but will be just as evil as the older wizards.

Lady Tialait
2007-12-02, 11:38 AM
ooo nice ideas.
I was thinking about the inventors if i could find a good gun-mage i would think aobut it.

Basically the effect the world should have is 'the wizards own the city, you live in this city. You sir are owned' kinda..a big brother kinda feel

whatcha think?

2007-12-02, 12:12 PM
I think its a great idea, hey,

How about the heroes get some magical items from a kindly old man and use them to defeat a wizard... only to find out the old man was a wizard too and was using them a soldiers. :smalleek: :smallsmile:

2007-12-02, 12:15 PM
You've made a very interesting setting. It lends itself well to adventures, since the underground is now just one huge dungeon. Nice.

I don't know how much thought you've put into your setting, but I would consider the following:

What races exist in your setting? You've listed gnomes and dwarves, and I am assuming that humans are present. What effect do elves have (generally considered the "magic" race)? Are there half-orcs? Actually, the orc races and goblin races would make great races native to the underground, which suits their racial abilities well. It would also help give your world a bit more flavor, as you would have races that could actively fight against the constant sealing of layers (would you want your home sealed beneath the earth without any air or food?)

OrganizationsWith the rebuilding that happens in your world, there has to be some organizations that specialize in the detail work. Who handles the formal declarations? Who brings in the materials? What guild hires adventures to go underground the bring back lost possessions on the behalf of the owners? How big is your black market as a result?

SkillsIt would seem to me that a few skills might be vitally import to this campaign. Knowledge (Architecture) might give people clues or forewarnings about the stability of really old layers, as well as help them locate where they want to go. Knowledge (Dungeonering) might give information on the races or beings native to the underground, rather than just the listed monster types. Likewise, Knowledge (arcana) would definately fill in gaps for players who wanted to learn more about the all-mighty wizards.

You've got a real nice premise right now. Just try and get a few more details together, and you'll have one heck of a campaign setting.

2007-12-02, 05:52 PM
Sounds like cyberpunk setting painted over with fantasy. and i think i like it.

What other creatures live in the city? Of course i do believe the wizard have lots of created/summoned monsters around but anything else? like uhm a dragon or two sleeping in the undercity?

the infinitely expanding buildings and the cut off process of old buildings make it almost sound like "Blame!". that story had a city which expanded even through different spaces.

2007-12-02, 06:23 PM
so a mages disjunction would collapse several city blocks? I can see why the don't like sorcerors.

Lady Tialait
2007-12-02, 11:32 PM
Alright..the Races of Newr!

Humans: The humans are ofcorse the most common race in all the city. They are so adaptable that they change to the part of town they live in.

Elves: Hotty, Magically Inept, and long-lived. High Elves make most of the Wizard's of the city, A few are ofcorse not talented thease poor creatures are either put though the Rite and turned into Dark elves. or just pushed into the city. After their ears are cliped (showing they are NOT a true elf).

Dwarves: Stoic and Traditional the Dwarven Race has a inate talent for all things Stone, makeing them the ideal city planners when it comes to makeing new layers. Many Dwarves learn the fighting arts and still more are put though Monk Training.
Note: Dwarven Favored class changes to Monk in Newr.

Half-Elves: Most Half-elven don't realize they are as they are. the only thing they know is they seem to understand peaple. Unlike in other places Half-elven look exactly like humans other then an unreal grace of their pressance.

Halfling: Quick and Inquisitive, this race is the best at knowing things about the city. Most seem to innatly know the city as if it was their own front yard.
Note: Halfling Favored class is Ranger in Newr.

Gnome: Creative and Masters of Illution. Perhaps a little crazy. Gnomes are the top entertainers of the city and as such command great respect. Whole parts of the town are controled by thease Bardic Masters only second to the Wizards in Influance would be the Gnomish Bardic Collages.

Goblinoid:"the Standard Goblin is commonly known as a 'Street Rat' they live in the less Rich areas of the city and scrounge for this or that. they almost know more about the city as a whole then the halfling. the only thing is they have a very short lifespan due to lack of common sense and a total commented to trying 'something stupid'

The HobGoblin are an experiment of the Wizards on the goblin to try the 'Monk' training on the Goblin the creatures mutated and made a very tatile creature. HobGoblins usally stay on the lower levels of the city makeing 'outposts' of the abandoned homes.

The BugBear often found in the employ of pretty much anyone who has a buisness on of the only true helpful experiments of the wizards. Bugbears have a loyalty complex. as long as they are paid they will do as they are told the nickname for them is 'Musclie'

Kobolds: Kobolds belive themsleves to be the will of the endless dragon made Manafest. Unlike most devoties of the endless dragon they belive that the oldest and most wore down things of the city are the 'Gnomish Tradition' and will try to kill a gnome on sight. other then they have a tentancy to distroy as much of the city as they can.

Drow: Drow are elves who have been unable to learn to be a wizard by their 100th birthday. They are taken down to the lowest layers of the city and thrown into a pit full of undead and insects. The few who survive are twisted and come out dark skinned and stronger then they once where. the dark energies of this 'Necromatic Swath' infuse them and give them a few powers. Many of them are obessed with becomeing a mage powerful enough to distroy the city. others belive that only martial ability can overcome.

Undead: The city covers the whole planet. No space to 'bury' the dead. so they simply put them on the lowest levels of the city and let them rot. This has created lots and lots of undead down there. the dark energies created means all undead created down there remember who they were.
Note: All undead that wern't created have a minimun INT of 3


The Divination of Trust or DoTs: They are mostly Wizards who specialize in looking in the city. But a few agents of them are Fighters, Monks, or Rangers who go out to deal with Crime of the city.

Church of the Endless Dragon: A mostly unknown Church that is differnt from one to the next. As each person who is called by the Church has their own idea of the goals of the Dragon. They all belive that the Dragon wants the city to grow. But they have odd ways of dealing with it.

Lucky's Boys: Lucky is one of the oldest Humans (acually he's a ex-elf) in the whole city A fighter of unparrelled ability He trains alot of Rouges, Fighers and Rangers in his...akward way of fighting.

Newr City Tours: Sense there is no Tourism from other places into Newr this place has been adopted by the city as basicly local Transit. tho useing a Teleportation Circle would be quicker. The Tourgroup will take anyone anywhere for a price.

Council of Nine: The ruling senate of Newr. 8 specialist wizards and 1 master of all magic make laws, enforce them and make sure the city's needs are taken care of.

so a mages disjunction would collapse several city blocks? I can see why the don't like sorcerors.

That and the fact that they are bigoted fools.

Sounds like cyberpunk setting painted over with fantasy. and i think i like it.

Thankies, My first DMing was Cyberpunk 2020..peaple still talk about it...teehee.

Lady Tialait
2007-12-18, 01:01 PM
I really had an Itch to work on Newr some more for you guys. sooo without farer adue

Necromancer's Swath

Magical Location
Some say the place is the lowest of the low places, some say it's a place of increadiable power. Still some Call it home. The Necromancy school in Newr is the least loved of all the schools sure you'll call them up to buy your dead aunt, and purchace a spell or two for perserving things around the house, but all along you can't stand the smell of them. Hence most of the Necromancers go to the lowest parts of the city where the ground can still be found. where waves of Negitive energy sometimes gather. Here, they try to learn the greatest secretes of unlife. Liches and Mortal Necromancers alike study here. And once every year the Swath gains a Necropotence unlike any other.
During the Necropotance any charitor with the ability to cast 4th level necromatic spells or higher gains the ability to apply Augment Summinging's effects to any Undead created by the necromancer. They gain this ability as a bonus they need not take it. In addion they may wave the matierial componate for the first 200HD of undead they create.

Gaining the Ability: During the Wave of Negitive energy the Charitor must be on the Alter of the Swath

How long does it last?: 1 Month or till 200HD of undead are created

Recharge?: this event is slightly rare but happens atleast once a year.

Market Value: 1,000gp

Gnomish Weapons

Gnomes in Newr enertainers and inventers, they are Respected and at the same time suspected. As such their warfare in the city has become a combination of Spy work and Creativity

The Pen
the pen is a small ink pen that is sharpened to a extreamly sharp point. not cabable of dealing heavy damage it's application may not even be noticed by some. Makeing a bluff check with the attack and the attacked gets a Sense Motive check if the oposed bluff is successful the attack is completely unnoticed as long as no other aggrestive actions are made. The Pen has a small reservoir for liquid (often Poison).

Tiny Exotic Damage 1 pericing. price 1 gp

A alchemiical substance that is spread on the floor if the entertainer wishes to assasinate the person. It has no pain to it but sticks the soles of the feet (or to the shoes) It traps the person in place as a built in Acid eats away at the attached. It deals 1D6 acid damage each round in attion a strength check (DC 18) must be made to move out of the effected area. Each flask of Blankis holds enough for one 5 ft square.

Price: 50gp per flask

2008-05-27, 05:09 AM
I'm sure I've seen this setting before. Word from word. Have you posted this on the wotc forum before?

2008-05-27, 10:33 AM
I must ask: What do they eat?

Other than that, it's a great idea. I especially liked the little bit about hero worship towards fighters. Expand on that and it may well be the best thing since ninja vs pirate.

And maybe a mutated druid concept that worships the city?

2008-05-28, 11:28 PM
ummm...where would a beguiler fit in the whole wizard-bard-rouge society?

Lady Tialait
2008-05-28, 11:39 PM
The Beguiler, is a awkward specialist. I do see them in two places.

Firstly, as a wizardly inquisitor, they scour the city for criminals. Kinda a James bond thing.

Second, I see them in the undercity, as a dark reflection of the once popular (now build over) bardic collages, the skills they would teach there are twisted into the skills of a beguiler.

Lady Tialait
2008-05-29, 05:40 AM
Wizard's Central

The streets are pathed with what seems to be gold, the lamps glow with magical light. Overhead griffins glide, on the streets chariots pulled by unicorns, and Pegasus go next to strolling wizards who bring with them invisible servants carrying seemingly tiny bags of components. This is the Wizard's Market. Also the home of most of the renowned wizarding collages. If you cannot cast basic magical spells, you cannot get into this place. But, it's a place enless you can cast it will not help you.

Grand Central City

While not the true center of the city, this is the place that all goverment buildings are placed. Teleportion circles supply transport between any part of the city and this place. The grand Hall that the council of nine hold meetings is located here. Unlike most of the city, this place is restored instead of built over giving it a sunken in look to it. As if there was a great hole in the world with huge golden spikes growing out of it.

Common District

Homes built in towers make up much of the city as a whole, these are called 'common districts'. They veiry greatly from eachother. A mostly gnomish district would have a wimsical feel like, but a dwarven district would feel more drab. On the roofs of each town-tower is a garden. This garden has on top of it a evergreen stone. This was left to the city by the lost druids. It allows crops to grow even without water, sunlight, or soil. Each tower protects the stone. And makes sure taxes are paid so they may keep it.

Evergreen Stone
This stone makes all seeds around it to grow to fruitation. In addition, it may perform the following spell-like abilities 1/day Spike Growth, Entangle, Plant Growth, and Liveoak. And any druid may use the Evergreen stones to travel between evergreen stones as if the spell Treestride, this can be used at will.

Bardic District
Fresh bread, wondrous perfumes, and exotic spices are the smells of the bardic district. The sounds of lovely music wafts through the air, along with the songs of learning bards in chorus. The streets are pathed with multi-colored stones, gleaming with mischief. Confetti falls from the sky endlessly the whole thing feels like a dream party. The Bardic Districts act like as a grand market, bardic collage home and generic place to relax.

The Undercity is a place that mocks the topworld. You can feel a sense of gloom there, where the wizard district is glamorous the undercity is filled with necromantic creations and living spells. Attacking and destroying all who approach. Where the bardic district is a party, the undercity is shambles, with dark stolen knowledge being learned. Where the bards lul the peaple by their joy, the dark twists from the undercity cause the stolen knowledge to try to dominate and control them. A common district is full of beggers with the powerful bullying the weaker. Food is not grown next to evergreen stones, but grows on the walls as edible moss and fungus. Peaple here live hard lives, but some prefer this to the topworld, with the wizard domination.

That is a small overview of the Newr Ecology or whatever the term would be.