View Full Version : Magic-less Ranger (hear me out!)

2007-12-02, 08:05 PM
I was wondering, what if you removed the ranger's spells, and replaced them with a drift progression 1/2 levels starting at first. (Drift is in the geomancer on page 42 of Complete Divine)

Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll
2007-12-02, 08:13 PM

That might just work. Doesn't sound to unbalanced. You could just spread it out every 3 levels. Or just use it to mop up dead levels. Those are 2 ways 2 nerf it if it is too overpowered. Which it shouldn't be.

2007-12-02, 08:15 PM
Interesting idea, although I think I'd still prefer the Variant Ranger from Complete Warrior.

2007-12-02, 09:11 PM
Hmmm...is the CDiv Geomancer significantly different from the (Masters of the Wild?) 3.0 version? If so, I would be able to use my older source for this without having to buy the 3.5 version.

2007-12-03, 09:36 AM
Wow, that's very ... interesting. Perhaps the most interesting ranger variant i've seen yet. I think it'd be rather strange to have such dramatic variation in the physical appearances of such a common class. And I don't really like the level ones, not because they don't do anything but because a lot of them could kinda be a pain to roleplay. But on the whole? I give the variant a thumbs up. Good thinking!

2007-12-03, 10:11 AM
Two notes on this forum.
1. FlWiPig the version in Masters of Wild and Complete Divine are identical.
2. Just to put even more sense to reasons they drift. I would say the ranger can only drift to become more like one of their favored enemies, reason being they know that animal inside and out and start to become more like it. Or even becoming like an animal that on average is the predator of their favored enemy to give them a natural advantage.

Just my thoughts...

2007-12-03, 05:45 PM
Or perhaps they can drift also towards their animal companion, should they have one

2007-12-03, 05:52 PM
Interesting idea, although I think I'd still prefer the Variant Ranger from Complete Warrior.

This Variant is the weakest thing ever. It basicaly gives you few of normal ranger's spells a couple of levels later :smallyuk: With limited usage e.c.

Personally I'm okay with spells, instead I will eagerly replace Animal Companion with something.