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2007-12-03, 08:19 PM
5 of my friends are currently on an adventure, me being the Dm. We are all roughly 20, and as the title says, its based on first edition. I have taken a few 3.5 modifications, but they are extremely small, and it will be quite some time before they even show up. First Edition is fairly similar to 3.5, both being D&D, so while some things won't make sense, you will get the idea.

The 5 Players are named Ryan, Tylas, Josh, Tristan, and Darren (and I am Danny, hi :smallsmile: )

The stats of each person at level 1: (we used 4d6, 12 times, so they are high)

Ryan: Wild elf
Character name: Adt'shi Veritul
Class: Fighter/thief
Alignment: True neutral, likely to become chaotic good or neutral good
Hitpoints: 5
Strength: 18/14 <----- 14 means exceptional, which later is removed
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 14
Charisma: 14
Wisdom: 14

Ryan has other than Tylas, the most D&D experience, and often takes the roll of party leader.Plays it smart and safe, and is often the only one alive at the end. Best Roll player, which came to much the parties demise last game, when he played an assassin, and accepted bribes to deal off fellow party members.

Tylas: Gray Elf
Character name: Tylas
Class: Magic User/Thief
Alignment: True Neutral, likely to head towards chaotic evil
Hitpoints: 5
Strength: 16
Dexterity: 18
Constitution: 15
Intelligence: 18
Charisma: 15
Wisdom: 16

Tylas is the power gamer of the party. The character he created is almost identical to the one he played last time, and he is very likely to play games on the other party members. Often will make fun of the other party members, except for his older brother Ryan. He is the definition of chaotic evil, known for killing children if he thinks he can get away with it. He Rolled crazy stats, having all but one of his rolls come from the first 6 rolls.

Tristan: Human
Character Name: Tristan (he may decide to extend it)
Class: Paladin
Alignment: Lawful Good
Hitpoints: 8
Strength: 15
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 18
Charisma: 17
Wisdom: 18

Tristan is often considered the "police" of the party. He carefully watches out for evil, and is often at odds with Tylas and Darren. He often departs from the party, choosing to go his own way, which rarely works in his favor.He rolled the human way of rolling, which is an alternative that doesn't allow him to move his rolls, but generally generates higher rolls. Unfortunately, he rolled high intelligence and wisdom, which especially in first edition, do him jack all.

Josh: human
Character name: Ghangis
Class: Monk
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Hitpoints: 8
Strength: 15
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 13
Charisma: 13
Wisdom: 16

Josh often plays the "different" classes, which more often than not, ends in his demise. He frequently has bad luck, and dies the most out of everyone. Often works as a cohort for another player, whether its body guard, or just back up, to get what he wants. Plays Lawful surprisingly well, although despite wanting to get a good alignment, I have doubts about him being capable of doing this, especially with Tylas in the party.

Darren: Drow
Character name: Unknown, but is female
Class: Cleric
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Hitpoints: 8
Strength: 14
Dexterity: 17
Constitution: 13
Intelligence: 14
Charisma: 14
Wisdom: 17

Darren loves to play a cleric, for reasons the rest of us aren't aware of. They are easily one of the most horrible classes in first edition, the player being restricted to being a "band-aid box". To balance them out a little, I brought in domains, rewriting the whole thing to include only first edition spells. Generally plays evil. He is often at odds with Tristan, who previously has killed Darren for being evil. Darren occasionally plays chaotic crazy, hiring Ryan to first kill Tylas because Tylas was picking on him, and then attacking a boat full of people, which effectively got him killed.

The module I created myself, although it is based off of something else, and will sound familiar to some of the readers. If you do happen to figure it out, do not spoil it. If you truly feel the need to prove that you have it figured out, message me with your guess and I will get back to you.

I hope you enjoy reading about their adventures, and maybe you guys can learn a little about old school D&D

(if you happen to know first edition, and your like "hey, thats not suppose to work like that", feel free to comment on it, although bear in mind I purposely ignore some rules, and have changed others)

2007-12-03, 08:20 PM
So the adventure begins. They start off in the castle/town of Aliahan. The party meets up at the cliched tavern. After some interesting role playing from Ryan (greetings fellow warriors, I am looking for a party of which to travel) the party joins up. Sadly, Tristan decides that he would be better going off on his own, and doesn't follow the others. They all (Tristan beforehand) go to the castle to see the king. The king tells them of a man on the top of a tower which he feels can help them. Tristan then leaves. The king then proceeds to tell the rest of them that they should see to a cave for access to it that is to the west. He warns of monsters that have taken over the cave and the land in between.

The party members each have 50 gold to spend, and sadly for them, does not buy very much whatsoever. Short swords are 50 gold, daggers 10, clubs 20, leather armor 30.

Needless to say, the items available aren't as favorable to them as the party members we're hoping, but they buy their stuff and head out.

Items bought.

Darren. 2 clubs, holy symbol (borrowed 10 gold off of Josh)
Josh. Rations etc, nothing of major importance
Tylas. Dagger, pick and tools
Ryan. Short Sword
Tristan. Short Sword

We also Roll spells for Tylas, and he ends up with unseen servant, charm person, read magic, and a defensive spell, woops can't remember it offhand. I'll edit that after :smallconfused:

Sadly, the night ends, we had little time for D&D

Me and Darren got in an argument during this time, and he has yet to return to D&D. Ryan continues to play in case he changes his mind about playing.

Second night.

Tristan is unavailable to play, which is just as well, since he isn't even with the party. The rest move west towards the cave, running into giant smily faced slime creatures and ravens. They fight their way with little difficulty. They then decide instead of continuing west, to go north. They travel that way, running into some giant ant eaters along the way, and during the course of the fight, Josh is dropped to the negatives, but the battle ends and they heal him before he bleeds to death. The battles generally consist of Josh Tristan and Darren confronting the monsters, while Tylas throws daggers and Ryan attempts to get behind to backstab.

So they arrive at the village of Reeve, but much to their dismay, find nothing of interest, so they rest up and leave.

They then decide to head back south towards the cave, not a single battle in between. They enter the cave, finding a small shield, which is put onto Tristan. They head east, finding some gold and a pair of horned rabbits which they vanquish. They ascend up a flight of stairs. They see more stairs going up, but decide to explore this level instead and travel north, find a pair of locked doors. They succeed in opening one, and fail on the other. They find a healing potion, which goes to Darren and a rusty dagger, which Tylas takes and duel wields. They then head back south and head eastward, finding another staircase followed by a locked door. They fail to open, and head back where they came. They then head up the stairs.

They are clearly now in a tower, filled with numerous rooms. They travel through each, fighting giant frogs and more horned rabbit beast things. They find a staircase going down, and upon exploring, discover a man living their running an inn. They question his sanity for running an inn in such a weird place, but the man insist he enjoys it hear and the monsters don't bother him. They decide to leave out of worry they will be robbed or killed, and head back up. They find a staircase going up.

At the top of this, the path splits west and south. They vote, and decide to head west, eventually running into some gold (as well as a few mean tempered monsters) They head back east and head south, running into another party of adventures. They halt, drawing weapons, and demand friend or foe. The other party looks warn, and they appear to be supporting one of their members. After a short discussion, they find out that one of their party members had been poisoned by a green slime, and rather than risk peril, they decided to leave. The group decides to continue, heading further along, eventually coming across another staircase up

They go up, running into 2 of the green blobs that the other people had warned about. The battle waged, with Josh lucking out with making some well timed saving throws. Victorious, the group continues, eventually discovering a staircase up.

They end up in a small room, with an old man sitting at the top. He welcomes the party and says that he has been waiting for them. Confused, the party asks him how he knew they we're coming. He insists that details aren't important, and give them the thieves key. He says there's an old man in the town of Reeve that will aid them in continuing their quest. Ryan holds onto the key. He also rewards them with 2 scrolls, one which sadly fails, and the other one that teaches Tylas Feather fall. They also receive bonus exp for completely the goal set out for them.

They wander back down the tower, rather worn out by the battles. They get downstairs several floors, only to run into a few giant butterflies with massive jaws and teeth. Scared outta their mind, and with only a couple hp left each, they quickly descend down into the inn of the odd guys. He welcomes them again, and them, still confused, decide it would be probably best to stay the night.

And sadly, our second night of adventuring ended.

The third night began, with Tristan not yet with them. They leave the tower and head back To Reeve, fighting the occasional battle. They then arrive their , only to see the paladin they had originally met. After some more role playing by Ryan (great warrior, holy paladin, we would truly be gracious if you) etc etc. The paladin agrees, and they split loot. Sadly, none can yet afford anything they really want, so they instead go to meet the old man. He hands them a small spherical devise with runes engraved on it. He says to plant it at the gate of the wall in the cave to the east. They head that way, fighting more giant frogs, and a few robed fellows who attempted to hit them with a small sphere of fire. After defeating them, they finally reach the cave which is at the top of a lake.

They descend, heading west and running into a man clad in leather armor and a short sword. The party quickly shoots down Tylas's idea of killing him for his items. He explains he was on his way through to fight some monsters when he realized it was sealed. He then points to the wall, and Tylas heads over with the bomb. He plants it, and the party quickly flee's the cave. The man stays inside, confused, and by the time the party heads back down, they see the man covered head to toe in dust. Ryan then speaks to the man. "great warrior, we are on a great quest, and would be" blah blah blah. The man quickly shakes in his boots and decides that maybe he'll just return home instead.

The party heads down to find a cavern with many pits. Tylas crawls along one of the walls to get a rope to the other side for the people to climb across. He succeeds, spiking it to the ground and the party start climbing across. Josh unfortunately falls, and 2 silver colored giant ant eaters rush him. Lucky for him, he only sustains 2 points of damage, and engages the anteaters, while Ryan and Tristan descend the rope to help. Tylas then follows, but fails his climb rope (he has a 95% chance of success, rolls a 99) and falls. He then sustains 6 points of damage in the 10 foot fall (its a 1d6, what are the odds) and is now bleeding. Darren climbs down and heals Tylas, while the other 3 quickly finish off the monsters.

We laughed so hard about him falling.
Tylas: I'll save you!
Grabs the rope
Lets go
Falls on his head

Was great fun :smallbiggrin:

Anyways, they climbed back up, and wandered the cave, running into more of the silverish anteaters and the robed guys. They find a magical dagger, and Tylas gobbles it up. They then head downstairs, finding a forked path. it heads west/south, south, and east/south. They head south, but it results in robed guys shooting them with magic. They then head west, and they come across a circular pillar of a magical appearance.

I kinda screwed up my wording of it, and was quickly criticized by everyone. Ahh well, no ones perfect. After clearing up what it was, they jokingly say Darren touches it. Now normally, I wouldn't allow someone to speak for another character, except when he's not their. They we're only kidding, but I followed up with "Darren disappears". They go quiet, not sure if they just ended the life of a party member. Tylas finally in a bit of braveness touches the pillar, and disappears as well. He finds a small room with a locked door, and attempts to open the lock, but fails. Tylas then heads back through and tells the others that they got teleported to a demons lair and that Darren was killed. He then says he's kidding. They decide to head back and check out if they missed anything to the east. They didn't, and on the way back, run into 2 goblins.

Ryans response. Oh &#$@

I laughed, although the goblins are armed with clubs, and we're a considerable threat if they criticaled.

They defeat them, thrilled to have gotten clubs, and go back through the portal. They then open the lock with the key and continue onwards. They see a castle far off in the distance and head towards it. Along the way, they run into 4 goblins and 2 orcs.

All of them: oh %$#@

The battle begins, goblins armed with clubs, orcs with short swords. Josh lucked out and stunned a goblin for 5 melee rounds, Tylas dropped an orc with throwing his daggers, and Tristan quickly dispatches another goblin. Ryan backstabs the orc, and the battle is quickly won. Ryan managed to backstab with a short sword, scoring a crit. The crit modifier was 4x, that gets 2x for being a backstab, he rolled a 6 on his short sword damage, equaling 48 damage, plus 3 for strength. We we're all like "wow"

They finally have arrived at the town, and with that, Josh goes home. The rest of them pool their money together and buy Tristan ring mail and a longsword, and Ryan a longsword. This costs then nearly all their cash, leaving Josh and Darren ripped off. Neither was around to complain though, and well, monks don't exactly have to spend that much.

The only one who gained enough experience to level was Darren, and he'll be putting on his stats next night

Ryan and Tristan head to the castle, and upon speaking to the king, find out a bandit by the name of kandar has stolen his crown. He tells them Kandar is rumored to be hiding in a tower and that he is to publically speak in 4 days, and that he needs the crown before hand.

And that leaves us with the end of night 3, stay tuned for more of their adventures.

2007-12-03, 08:22 PM
And so it begins. Tylas finally openly tells everyone his character name. It is "George the magical magician magician the second". In case you couldn't guess, the character he created before that was almost identical was named "George the magical magician magician". Anyways, into the game.

The party heads to the tavern to find out information about the thief kandar, but all they are capable of coming up with is that he lives in a tower west of a village to the north. They choose to head out, and plan on marching the whole way to the tower without any stops, even at the village.

As they are wandering, they run into 8 goblins, 2 armed with slings, 2 short swords, 4 with daggers. Ryan attempts a backstab, but with so many goblins and such an open area, hope for that is low. Tylas throws daggers while everyone heads to melee. Blows are exchanged back and forth, Josh gets hurt, and Ryan gets a critical strike smacked against him. We all watched the multiplier to see if Ryans character would be no more. A 1 is rolled, and Ryan is saved, only taking a couple points of damage. Darren Decides to use his 1 cure light wounds on Josh.

After the battle, the group grabs up the weapons, and heads into the village. They stay only long enough to sell off the extra stuff they don't need, bringing in some well needed gold. They then continue on to the west in hope of finding the tower.

After traveling for only a short time, they run into a couple bug bears, who have hit dice of 3+1. Josh and Tristan move in while Ryan and Tylas attempt to move in for backstabs. Darren uses one of the slings from the goblins and attempts to hit them twice. Meanwhile, Josh, who has a lowly ac of 10, and is already injured, drops to -1 from a bug bear. The bug bear then pans its focus onto Tylas, who was directly behind him for backstab. A couple of decent rolls, including a critical strike from Tristan and the bug bears are dropped.

Yet another random encounter :(
ghouls this time, 3 of em. The only significance is Josh is of no help, so he doesn't get experience, and Darren is brought to -1, which Tristan quickly brings him back up to 1 with his lay on hands. Fortunately for Darren he is an elf, so he wasn't paralyzed in the encounter. Otherwise, he would of been hit more often and most likely would of died.

At this point, its looking pretty bad. The party decides to keep marching despite almost everyone being low on hp. They arrive at the tower, and decide to camp a little ways outside of it. It looks mostly run down, almost as if its abandoned, but they know better :smallsmile:

So they head in, traveling all the way up to the third level without any encounters. Then, when they turn the corner, they bump into another adventuring party, who are quick to draw weapons to fight. They consist of a half orc wielding a voulge, a dwarf with a mace, a human with a hammer, a human with a pair of daggers, and a half elf in a cloak. The battle begins with our forces of "light" winning initiative, Tristan scoring another crit, this time on the dwarf. He is quickly disposed off, while Josh misses once again and smacks the cleric. Tylas begins casting charm person on the half orc, while Darren attempts Tongues on the human thief.

The half orc misses Tristan, while the thief chucks a dagger at Tylas but misses. The half elf begins casting a spell, while the hammer wielding cleric misses against Josh (there's a first)

So Tylas uses charm person on the half orc, telling it "please help defend us, your good friends", and with the low saving throw of a fighter already, with its wisdom penalty on top of that :smallwink:

Meanwhile, Darren uses tongues, and since the thief only had an intelligence of 12, did not even get a saving throw. He pointed to the half elf and told it "attack". The thief uses its second dagger, but misses the half elf and that gives it enough time to cast magic missile on Tylas. Tylas takes 2 and laughs it off.

The boys win initiative again, damaging the cleric but otherwise suffering several misses. The half orc then with a swing of his voulge kills the cleric quite dead. The thief heads towards the mage, while The mage begins to cast yet another spell. Tylas quickly throws another dagger, striking the mage dead. At this point, the party doesn't realize, but tongues only last one round, so the thief chucks a dagger and then attempts to leave, but the party makes quick work of him.

With the battle over, Tylas convinces the half orc to drop his studded leather and his voulge, and then to cover the door in case anyone comes in. The party gets a scale mail off of the dwarf that they killed, and the magic user had a cloak and a spell book with him, which Tylas manages to aquire magic missile and expedious retreat (yeah, I added it)

With the amount of random encounters, the party decides to end the night on that note. Josh and Ryan are arguing over who should get the cloak, while Darren gobbles up the hammer and mace. Scale armor to Tristan, spells to Tylas. Josh grabs the voulge, although to be honest I'm not sure if he's capable of using it yet :smallconfused:

If anyone has a players handbook on them and can tell me, that be much appreciated, since I am now at home and don't have one

Anyways, stay tuned for next time when they most likely run into kandar :smalltongue:

Oh, and feel free to comment on their decisions with their characters so far. If you don't think one of em is playing it right, speak up :smallamused:

2007-12-03, 08:23 PM
Tylas has finally decided to name his character.

George the magical magician magician the second

So the party decides to rest, and then continue up the tower, leaving the recently charmed half orc to wander to the bottom to guard it. The party, weapons drawn, continue on around the corner where they encountered the evil party, and find a room with a staircase and a passage that continues east. They decide to continue east, and come upon a room that, except for a pair of boots, is empty. The guys, cautious as normal, do all their detects and such, to find nothing. They then approach the boots, and start telling Josh to put em on. After some laughs about how they are probably cursed, Josh decides to put them on. Go figure, they don't come off. They discuss what the boots could be, dancing, berserk, they finally decide that there is no way to find out and keep going.

They head up the stairs, and find a wide open area with a room in the middle. Instead of opening the door, Tylas peers off the edge and yells for the half orc who's at the bottom to come up. He then gets the half orc to open the door and walk inside. A few men can be seen on the inside, but they head up a stair case, leaving a table with cards, and a parrot. The parrot starts squawking about how the half orc is dumb. The half orc enters, a hole appears in the floor, and he falls through. Tylas yells down to make sure he's ok, and then orders him back up. Once he is back up, he tells the half orc orc that he should quite the bird. The half orc then proceeds to walk over and break the birds neck. Not expecting that, he then tells the half orc in a language that Tristan the paladin doesn't have, that parrots are tasty, and that he should remove some feathers and take a bite out of it.

After some laughs, Tylas sends the orc up to find Kandar and his men. He is using just fists and gets owned very quickly. Then Josh and and Ryan run in, while Tristan uses detect evil, Darren grabs his sling and Tylas magic missiles.

The party makes short work of Kandars men. Sadly though, it would not be a happy affair for one player. Josh got hit by one of his men (he had 2 on him at the time). I didn't call who I was hitting though, so he whined that I should reroll since I didn't say. Normally I wouldn't do something like that, but I decided to let it slide after enough whining. So I told Josh I hope I roll a crit and kill him. First attack, miss, was very sad. Second dude, Critical hit. At this point, we all stare intently, Josh's character could be very well dead. I roll the multiplier, and its a 4. Josh's character has 8 hp, and the battle axe does 1-8 damage. So a roll of 5 or higher would officially end his character. I roll a 7, burst out laughing, and yell out "haha Josh, you just got owned!!"

Ryan gets a backstab off, only to drop, Tristan smashes one and Darren eventually ran in with his duel clubs, only to decide to heal Ryan up instead. Kandar then takes out the crown and says he'll return it to them if he can leave. Tylas and Ryan say yes, so he drops the crown and takes off. Everyone except Ryan then decide to chase after him, Tristan feeling no obligation since he did not agree to this. They catch him, and takes them quite some time to beat him down. They decide to use non lethal damage, which since it was clear Kandar wasn't looking for a fight, especially one he was obviously outmatched, I let it count. It took them 5 rounds to beat him down, that gave me 5 attacks to swing at them. My highest roll was a 9!

I needed a 12 to hit them with Kandars plus 2 to hit. I was so mad. Anyways they captured Kandar and made their way to Romaly. Before getting there, they rested, and eventually ran into a monster with leathery green skin by the name of a Kesh (fiend folio, 5 hd, really nasty monster). They battle it, and manage to win, despite being down Josh.

They then head into town, get an audience with the king, and hand over Kandar. In return, they earn a whopping 2500 gold for the party :smallbiggrin:

As for Josh, he got to roll a new character, and made a Ranger. I will post the stats shortly.

The party held a grave for Ghangis. It consisted of Darren casting ceremony, Tristan putting a short sword to mark it, and Tylas giving a speech.

"Ghangis, he wasn't the smartest of us, but he was the flesh that dulled our Enemies Blades"

Stay tuned for next time, which will likely be a longer session, I'll post Josh's stats, and all that Jazz.

Enjoy :smallsmile:

2007-12-03, 08:24 PM
Empty Space for the adventure4

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Empty Space for the adventure5

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Empty Space for the adventure6

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Empty Space for the adventure7

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Empty space for adventure8 (sorry about all these, promise that each one will become quite full)

2007-12-03, 08:38 PM
aventure 9

2007-12-03, 08:41 PM
You might be better off starting a new Thread for each Adventure and hyperlinking each to an index.

Anyway, I will be interested to see how things go. Are you familiar with 1e or is this your first foray under that edition?

Also, what method did you use to generate the Attributes? They seem a little on the high side (though that usually just means the adventure is going to be exceptionally difficult!).

2007-12-03, 09:10 PM
Yay! Something I can write about...

First things first. To make it a real AD&D campaign your stat block should be:

And not any new-fangled scheme.

Next, I didn't look up any sub-races, but elves are limited to 7th level fighter and 11th level magic user. Don't worry too much, as this will take a few years to hit. Actually, if anybody followed RAW in AD&D, it would be much worse, but nobody even thought of playing RAW in AD&D.

Looks good, and you never look and RAW/rule 0 quite the same way.

2007-12-03, 09:50 PM
Wow... two thieves and a monk traveling with a Paladin? At least you've got a stealth group to work with... you're going to need it, since you're short on HP (having multiclasses of thieves and MUs).

BTW, a useful thing for 1e games is:


Aside from Weapon Proficiencies, this will generate quick NPCs (or PCs).

2007-12-03, 10:47 PM
We used 4d6 12 times, which does generate higher than normal skills. Its my second time dming, although we've played first edition for quite some time. We are using arcana, but only certain things that I am willing to use. I want to eventually switch over to 3.5 because there is quite a bit of it that it will fix, but we wanted at least one more first edition D&D adventure. Its gonna be a pretty long one

As for characters maxing, I'm not to worried about it. Tylas will eventually max his magic user, and Ryan eventually his fighter, but thats alright.

Weapon specilization I limited to being unavailable until level 3, and double specilization level 5.

but yeah, its pretty slow right now, what with the basic monsters. But with the kandar plot, it should pick up in excitement ;)

Oh, and yes, they will very much need to rely on stealth, which I imagine the paladin is likely to get them in trouble with. All of their armor classes are gonna be somewhat atrocious with the exception of the paladin, and he has a very "kick in the door" policy which has nearly resulted in a tpk before

2007-12-04, 12:08 AM
I wanted to coment on the cleric reference. They are actualy not that bad in 1st edition. they get the second best attach scheme and can wear plate armour. The modern game just turned the class into such ungodly monsters it makes the old ones look bad.

They're also one of the fastest advancing classes int he early game and Hold person is such an awesome offensive spell.

Also I'm pretty sure your fighters should be getting their second set of proficiencies at 4rth and 7th level. But i may be confusing this with my Dm's house rules.

Over all though sounds like you have a good game going.

2007-12-04, 02:04 AM
Color me confused, but I remebered first edition not having races AND classes. Perhaps you are playing AD&D, which would be considered 2nd Ed.

Anyways, sounds like your enjoying yourselves, so you might as well stick with the rules you've got.

2007-12-04, 02:12 AM
Why are you playing the plot of Dragon Quest 3?:smalleek:

2007-12-04, 02:59 AM
Color me confused, but I remebered first edition not having races AND classes. Perhaps you are playing AD&D, which would be considered 2nd Ed.

No, you're thinking of the original D&D (pre-1E). First edition did have races and classes. I know for a fact that there was no monk class in 2E.

Short swords are 50 gold, daggers 10, clubs 20, leather armor 30.

Wow. Steep.

2007-12-04, 03:07 AM
Color me confused, but I remebered first edition not having races AND classes. Perhaps you are playing AD&D, which would be considered 2nd Ed.both 1st edition AD&D, and 2nd edition AD&D exist.

the wikipedia article has a good timeline (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dungeons_&_Dragons#Edition_history)

original D&D 1974
Basic D&D 1977, revised several times
AD&D (1ed AD&D, which is what the OP is playing), 1978
AD&D 2nd edition 1989
Then they dropped the "A" for 3rd edition and beyond.

2007-12-04, 06:57 AM
Also I'm pretty sure your fighters should be getting their second set of proficiencies at 4rth and 7th level. But i may be confusing this with my Dm's house rules.

That's correct for Weapon Proficiencies in 1e. For 2e it's Level 3 and 6. The confusion comes with the 'every three levels'. In 1e, it's every three levels after first, in 2e it's every three levels including first.

2007-12-04, 10:33 AM
I am interested in following the chronicles of these adventures. Also, do I detect some Dragon Quest influences?

Edit: Wup, Wadledo already caught that.

2007-12-17, 02:46 PM
It is now updated

2007-12-18, 09:27 AM
Josh grabs the voulge, although to be honest I'm not sure if he's capable of using it yet :smallconfused:

If anyone has a players handbook on them and can tell me, that be much appreciated, since I am now at home and don't have one

Monks can use Pole Arms, so he should be able to use a Voulge. Of course, if he's not proficient with it, then he suffers -3 to hit.

2007-12-18, 10:00 AM
Your paladin should have seen those rolls and decided to play a cleric or a wizard...a cleric in 1st ed with that setup is one bad bad man...a wizard like that is likewise very well off (but doesn't benefit as much as a cleric)...a paladin...what the hell...I mean, they were cool and all in 1st ed, but not that cool...

He is so gonna fall from hanging ut with those wack jobs :smallbiggrin:

2007-12-23, 03:28 AM
He had no choice in the way he rolled, he rolled a human way for paladin, which doesn't allow you to swap rolls. He was stuck as a paladin with utterly retarded rolls. And no, there's no chance of him switching classes, meaning he won't want to

As for an update, I will be updating the story tomorrow (sunday) night, so stay tuned.

And for a spoiler, there was a character killed (as in dead, no -'s, just gone, goodbye, see ya, adios)

2007-12-24, 01:32 AM
Updated in the next half hour or so

And I will correct the mistake from last time, it was not tongues cast in the battle but command

2007-12-24, 06:46 PM
And I will correct the mistake from last time, it was not tongues cast in the battle but command

I was wondering what on earth you was going on there; that makes a lot more sense. I have to admit I am a bit confused about some of your conventions, like the 'rolling method' for the Paladin... what was the source for that?

2007-12-24, 11:40 PM
Unearthed Arcana, allowed humans to roll according to their class.

it was a bit retarded to be honest, usually allowed multiple 18's

The method said 9 dice for the most important stat (paladins being charisma)
8 for con?
7 strength
6 wisdom
5 intelligence
4 dex

He just happen to get lucky on the wisdom and intelligence scores, and horrible on the rest

Comliness or whatever is also in there, but I don't bother using it

It was a stat for looks, with modifiers from charisma