View Full Version : Balancing Trap & Construct Price

2007-12-04, 03:04 AM
I'm looking for advice on how much I should reduce the prices for traps and constructs. My players are building a trapped stronghold, and I would like to give them reasonable prices.

My current rule of thumb is a trap/construct shouldn't cost more than the treasure it guards, so a CR 6 trap shouldn't cost more than the average treasure for a CR 6 encounter. My guideline is that most traps/constructs cost half of its CR treasure value, so a CR 6 trap should guard a 2,000 gp treasure and cost about 1,000 gp.

I don't want the players spending 20,000 gp for a CR 6 trap or construct, but if I reduce their prices this much, my PCs might buy 1-2 dozen of them. So here's my question:

How much should a trap or construct cost compared to its CR's treasure per encounter?