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Lady Tialait
2007-12-04, 11:17 AM
In my Campaign Setting Newr, the Monks are Wizardy Experaments. So I say "Would the Necromancers really want a non-customized monk? noo!" so I took my Raiden class and Retooled to fit the Necromancer theame...muahahha..erm..what?

Necro Fist(working name)

Knowledge (Religion or Arcane) 7 ranks

Toughness, Improved Initiative, Stunning Fist

{table=head]Level|Base Attack<br>Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

+2|Monk Abilities, Immuity to Stunning, Rebuke Undead

+3|Aspect of Undeath 1/day, One of Them

+3|Lesser Skin of Netherworld, Necropolis Born

+4|Aspect of Undeath 2/day, Grave Less

+4|Eye to the Depths, Immunity to Critical Hits, and Non-Leathal Damage

+5|Aspect of Undeath 3/day, Skin of Netherworld

+6|Chill of the Grave, Corpse less

+6|Aspect of Undeath 4/day, Awaken Brother 1/day

+7|Greater Skin of the Netherworld

+8|Soul less, Darkness Comes[/table]
4+Int Skills: Balance, Climb, Concentration, Escape Artist, Hide, Jump, Knowlage (Religion), Knowlage (arcana), Listen, Move Silently, Spot, Search, Tumble.

Monk Abilities:
A level of Necro Fist counts as a Level of monk for perposes of Unarmed Damage, Flurry of Blows,and Unarmored Speed.

Rebuke Undead:
this ability is like an Evil cleric's ability to rebuke undead, his Rebukeing level is equal to his Necro Fist level, A necro Fist cannot Conmmand undead with this ability.

One of Them:
A Necrofist has a continous 'Santuary' Effect that only applies to undead. the save is equal to the Necro Fists 10 + HD + Wis Modifier.

Skin of the NetherWorld:
A Necrofist gains DR 5/bludgeoning Or DR 5/Slashing the Necrofist's choice apon gaining this ability, the Necro's skin then either becomes Tough and slightly rotten (5/Slashing) or falls off in places showing bone (5/Bludgeoning)

At later levels this imroves to 10/(whatever) at level 6 and again to 15/(whatever) at level 9

Necropolis Born:
the Necro Fist gains the following as Spell-Like abilities useable 1/day: Chill Touch, Ghoul Touch, and Spectral Hand.
the Caster Level of thease Abilites is the Necro fists level in this class.

Grave Less:
the Necrofist has loss his restful death, Apon death he will raise as a Zombie or Skeleton (depends on his DR) This creature can be Raised as normal but may have to be Subduide. It does gain the Necropolis born abilies.

Eye to the Depths:
the Necro Fist gains Darkvision 60ft. or may forgo this ability for 24 hours to gain the effects of True Seeing for 1 Minet.

Chill of the Grave:
The Necrofist may convert his unarmed damage to either Cold or Negitive Energy at his option. If Cold is delt the struck must make a DC 10 + wis mod Fort Save or loose 1D6 Con Damage. if Negitive Energy is delt the struck must make a DC 10+ wis mod Fort save or gain 2 negitive levels, the victom may make another save in 12 hours to shed this negitive level if they fail that save, the Negitive level becomes perament.

Corpse Less:
the NecroFist looses his ability to come back as anything more then a Spirit, when slain the Necro fist will come back as a Wraith with his Necropolis Born abilities.

Awaken Brother:
A Necro Fist can once a day cast Animate Dead as a spell like ability his caster level is his Necro Fist level.

Soul Less:
The Necro fist is no longer able to truely die, he can be distroyed but after he is brought to 0 HP he fades from existance for 1 week after that time he comes back with 2 negitive levels.
A Necrofist takes 1D6 damage from Holy Water, if their Last Hit point is taken this way they do not gain the use of this ability.

Darkness Comes:
A Necro Fist is in tune with his Inner Negitive Energy so much that he can Convert a Simple Strike to pure Malice, At 10th level a Necro Fist may as a full Round Action that Provoces Attacks of Oppertunity regain a Use of his Aspect of Undeath ability.

Aspect of Undeath:
This ablitly is the Necro Fists ablitly to harness dark Energy for gain, according to level the Necro Fist gains differnt powers,
The caster level is the Necro Fist Level, cast off Wisdom
level + Wisdom modifyer to determine the uses maximum Effect
1 Death Armor
2 Veil of Shadows
3 Inflict Moderate Wounds
4 Night's Caress
5 Wrack
6 Spectrial Touch
7 Opalescent Glare
8 Grey Mantle
9 Bargest Feast
10 Energy Ebb
11 Inflict Critical Wounds
12 Blackfire
13 Desicrate
14 Destruction
15 Harm
16 Horrid Wilting
17 Symbol of Death
18 Energy Drain
19 Implotion
20+ Wail of the Banshee

All of thease spells are from the Spell Compiam or the PHB..teehee


2007-12-04, 01:53 PM
Looks interesting:
A few comments:

Can we add a non-good alignment restriction?

Awaken Brother doesn't seem to fit the mold: I'm turning into an undead creature, but I can cast Raise Dead? Would Animate Dead or Create Undead fit the intent better?

I'd suggest having Chill of the Grave's DC scale with class level (say DC 10+Wis+half of class level) to give it a little more punch at higher level.

Also, I'd suggest a way to permanently kill the characters, even after they come back as a spirit... just for balance (e.g. Lich's phylactery, vampire's coffin).

Lady Tialait
2007-12-04, 01:54 PM
Yeah, I was just unsure if it would be too powerful. on the Chill of the Grave...

Oops on the Raise Dead, Yeah..lemme check that..

And i'm not sure what it would be give me a suggestion on what you think the thingy to keel them would be.

2007-12-04, 02:40 PM
Is there a limit to awaken brother? Otherwise they will be able to create undead hordes from everything they kill. That doesn't sound too balanced. As for how to kill them I can think of several methods.

A. Kill their creator, somehow they are tied to them and if they die they do permanently. Puts a bit of a damper as a PC class.
B. Full immersion in holy water will kill them. This will inadvertently give them a weakness against large bodies of water as the bless water could offer permanent death.
C. This is a bit extreme but a miracle or wish after they have been destroyed.

Lady Tialait
2007-12-04, 02:45 PM
Awaken Brother is limeted only by the amount of undead you can control, because Animate dead does not give you very much control you'll have to Rebuke..again not very many undead there either. so yeah, there is a limet plus the only once per day hurts a bit.

I think the idea of Holy Water works out pretty well, I mean you don't see Vampires going out in the middle of the day. they know better, so yes. but I'll also give it a bit more Muhaha to it. Gimme a Sec lemme show you.