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2007-12-05, 11:07 PM
For the purposes of this template, HD is always any Racial HD+class levels.
Soul-Melded Template (or something cooler, if i think of it ;)

Template can be applied to any humanoid or monstrous humanoid.

Type : Type changes to Native outsider.

Speed : As a free action, Soul-Melded can manifest wings, which are a nearly invisible force effect. (treat as noticeable, but nearly invisible. Like an obvious shimmering, shaped vaguely like wings). Fly 2x land speed, good maneuver.
Causing the wings to dissapear is also a free action.

Armor Class : Nat Armor +1

Stats : Str +4 Dex +2 Con +2 Int +4 Wis +4 Cha +4

Special Qualities :

Darkvision 60ft
Resistances Acid 10, Cold 10, Electricity 10, Fire 10
DR = 5/magic, becomes 10/magic at 12HD
Spell Resistance HD +10

Aspects :

Soul-Melded can change aspects as a full round action. Either aspect gives access to certain abilities, listed below.

Note : When the ability of a certain level is used on one side, it counts as a use of the ability of that level FOR THE DAY on both sides. The use of at will abilities does not count towards the opposite side.
EG1 : Soul Melded uses Restoration. Baleful Polymorph has effectively been used for the day.
EG2 : Soul Melded Uses ray of enfeeblement 2x. Bless is at will, can still be used.
EG3 : Soul Melded uses bless. ray of enfeeblement can still be used 2x.
EG4 : True Ressurection is used. Next day, Dominate Monster can be used.

Spells are cast using either wisdom or charisma, chosen at character creation. Caster level is equal HD.

Light Aspect :

Aura of Good, as a cleric of the character's level.

Special Attacks :
Daylight - At Will.
Smite Evil - 1/day

Spell-Like Abilities :
HD : 1-2 Bless - 1/day
HD : 3-4 Bless - at will
HD : 5-6 Cure Serious Wounds - 1/day
HD : 7-8 Remove Disease/Neutralize Poison/Remove Curse (only one of them) - 1/day
HD : 9-10 Cure Critical Wounds - 2/day
HD : 11-12 Restoration - 1/day
HD : 13-14 Divine Power - 1/day
HD : 15-16 Heroes Feast - 1/day
HD : 17-18 Heal - 1/day
HD : 19-20 True Resurrection - 1/Month

Dark Aspect :

Aura of Evil, as a cleric of the character's level.

Special Qualities :
Ability to see normally in magical darkness.

Spell-Like Abilities :
HD : 1-2 Darkness - 1/day
HD : 3-4 Ray of Enfeeblement - 2/day
HD : 5-6 Alter Self - 1/day
HD : 7-8 Deeper Darkness - At will
HD : 9-10 Bestow Curse - 1/day
HD : 11-12 Baleful Polymorph - 1/day
HD : 13-14 Divine Power - 1/day
HD : 15-16 Eyebite - 1/day
HD : 17-18 Summon monster IX (Evil only) - 1/day
HD : 19-20 Dominate Monster - 1/Day

Questions, Suggestions, and Comments Welcome.

Also, what LA would you pin this at? I was thinking LA+3 or +4.

2007-12-07, 10:32 AM
cmon guys... comment! I'd like some second opinions, some sort of discussion... anything :)