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2007-12-07, 02:11 PM
To let it be known, I feel ill even starting a vs. thread but what the hell, I'm bored and this might be entertaining.

On the one side we have Asmodeus, Lord of the Ninth Layer Nessus. Holder of the Ruby Rod and master of all devils. Power great enough to stretch across the multiverse to multiple Material Plane worlds and to other Planes. To date, no creature or creatures have bested Asmodeus in battle or outwitted him. (Individual games with extremely epic PCs not included.)

In the other corner we have Morgoth/Melkor. Source of evil in Arda and master of Sauron. The Great Enemy and brother to the king of the Valar. Many impressive beings flocked to his banner and he serves as an example against many sins in the LoTR universe. (I'd elaborate on Morgoth but I don't really know much about him or care to learn more then is readily available on Wiki).

Some points of reference:
The Pact Primeval does not count as a valid origin story for Asmodeus or any other devil. (It even states that the Pact legend may be a devil started lie.)
Various armies and allies are allowed on both sides (See below about Control though)
For the purpose of this discussion, Asmodeus may NOT call on the other Ancient Ones or embody the aspect of the Serpent (Somebody will know what I mean by this.)
Controlled or corrupted allies are not withstanding. (Otherwise it just gets silly with Morgoth controlling (mind control or otherwise) the other Valar and demons and Asmodeus tricking demons, archons, eladrin, etc. etc. to help him out)
Personal combat, political, and large-scale warfare are all valid subjects. (Though you need to clarify which one your addressing when presenting an arguement)
Mixing and matching the three above should be avoided. Each of them should be addressed on their on without the other two being involved. (No using political ability to explain why one will have an advantage in personal combat and so on)
Signature items only. Only something their always known for having. No 'Well if Morgoth used the One Ring and the others...' just no. The same goes for Asmodeus, signature artifacts only otherwise theres a ****load and a half of magical items and artifacts to consider on both sides.
The arguement of 'Well since Morgoth represents Satan in Arda and Asmodeus replaced Lucifer AND Satan..' is not entirely trustworthy.
Third party material is usable within limits.

Have at it. I may return to argue the case of Big A, but then again I might not.

2007-12-19, 02:09 PM
Guess everyone thought it was so obvious they didn't bother to post!:smallbiggrin: