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2007-12-09, 01:29 AM
How did this come about? Well, I was reading some of the World Articles (Which by the way have some brilliant advice for world builders, you should really check them out!) and tow words flew out of my imagination and thwacked my conscious mind. Those words were “God's Mount”, which I later added the to creating “the God's Mount”. After thinking about that I came up with the idea of having the gods have lived on the physical world, but not now. Heres what I came up with in the last day or so after those words came up:

Long ago the Gods walked among men, and men walked among the Gods. They mingled with each other, the mortals giving the gods new ideas and thoughts, (for even then in that golden age the gods were not perfect) and the gods in their near infinite wisdom provided counseling for all mortals. In this age of plenty we mortals created the greatest city ever known to the world, it's people the happiest, it's homes the best constructed, it's markets the cheapest, and it's tax collectors the most non-existent. The gods guided our constructions and plans, their knowledge helping to create a city where the streets really were paved with gold and each day filled with possibility and advancement. The knowledge gathered in that time still guide us today. For what purpose do we need to find new knowledge if the ancients had all of it? It's taverns were always full of fresh fruit and it's bars full of wine, honey poured down it's fountains, and love flowed through the night air as the harmonious music of it's singers and players swayed through the city.

But, alas this could not last for mortal hubris is the greatest and most oft encountered force, something for which no god could prepare for. For in this paradise not all were happy some railed against the gods control over mortal affairs, feeling that the gods did not care for mortals. But how could they not? We are their children, we are there babies, their loved ones! We mortals need not have needed representation, for what mortal could do better than the gods in any field? What mortal could lead men better than an immortal being with knowledge and wisdom near infinite? None could!

Finally after an endless period of peace these feelings boiled over. They asked why their every whim was not answered, why their every need was not cared for if they were living in as the gods claimed “paradise”. And the gods responded, “what need would you have of life if there was not any challenges? What need would you have of bodies if their was nothing to do with them? what need would you have of minds if they could not puzzled?” And they responded in anger, demanding all of their dreams to be fulfilled. And the gods met them at the great plaza of the city with those still loyal and said “No!”.

Then the mortals swarmed the gods. Many were killed as mortal after mortal flung himself at the gods each one more fearful and more angry then the last. The battle raged for many days, but finally in the end the hubristic mortals were defeated and banished for the gods could not bare to kill them, their children the product of their labors. The Earth mother wept for her husband, the sky serpent who had been killed in the fight, causing the collapse the sky, and the Sea roiled and boiled angry at the death of it's husband the moon. And the all father picked up the souls of those killed protecting him and his progeny. He went to his opposite the Allkiller and asked him to release their energy so that he could ressurect them. The Allkiller refused knowing only that to do so would break his sacred vow from the beginning of time, causing the Allfather to cry onto their souls. With each tear he sent them up into the sky to twinkle for all generations to try and make up for the loss of the moon.

The Earth Mother looked at the destruction and in consort with her sister the Sea sunk the city and all of it's land, save for a small section which she raised up high into the sky to support the dome of the sky once more. With her she brought the gods and those still loyal and alive, who lived with her for many eons. This was what caused the God's Mount. The Earth Motherpicked up the bones of her lover and breathed life into them with the help of the Sky's brother the Sun, creating the Skychildren who were sent to live in the sunrise lands to live with their Uncle.

The humans left in the boats left after the battle heading for the distant lands that had been left as preserves for the spirits. Those mos penitent for their sins drowned themselves asking only to be accepted by the Soul Gatherer and brought to the kingdom of his father, the Allkiller. The sea looked at them and forgave them for their sins, giving them new life, creating the Sunkenones her eternal servants. In time most became penitent for their sins and when they found their new home in the lands we occupy now asked for forgiveness, creating temples and shrines to the gods and spirits. Some took to the wilderness and became one with the spirits, becoming the Wolfkin and the Horsekin. We are their descendants today living in the shadow of our forefathers sin.

There were of course those who did not feel penitent, but only angry. Overtime there minds and bodies became twisted and warped, and filled with eternal anger they became the demons. Those that turned away from them before the process became the sorcerers of the Magisterium, those with demonic blood and the will to control it. Others.... are not spoken of.

This city has ten thousand names, in a thousand tongues both known and forgotten, the great scholars of the Magisterium call it Athadun, the Skychildren of the Sunrise lands call it Kupechuqa, the Sunkenones call it something approximating a high pitched whine witch we humans cannot truly understand for all of it's nuances, nut all mean “Paradise Lost”.

I imagine this is what some village priest gives his flock after a a certain festival of remembrance. I kinda like where ths is going and will probably develop it further. Would any of you like to see it?

2007-12-09, 02:31 AM
Sounds very interesting. I for one would be grateful to see more.

2007-12-09, 11:08 AM
Sounds very interesting. I for one would be grateful to see more.
Thanks! I'm debating right now whether to do gods or races or magic. I envision the gods of this world (Which I have yet to name. Any suggestions? It should probably be a Magisterium name, so something that you might find in Hebrew or Yiddish) Are definitely not out there giving stuff to their followers, although everyone agrees that they are real. And they don't have names, just titles. It seems silly to me that all powerful beings would have actual names like Joe over there. Parts of the pantheon are already drawn up (as can be seen from what I gave you), but I have to figure out who wasn't killed in the battle. Races are more finite, I have most of them down so now I just need to compare what roles they have to archetypes (fighter, mage, priest, rogue etc.) and see what roles they take. Magic is the most defined of all of them, because I have an excellent idea of what it is and how it fits in with the world. I've been using the Magisterium for the learned men and women who know all about what happened in the city and it's lost knowledge (because, the refugees who refused to become penitent were mostly intellectuals, as were those were the most loyal in the battle, but now I'm getting off track...), but I need a knew name for them. Something ominous and old sounding. Hebrew works good as a basis for the tongue of the Magisterium.

And now I'm going to drop a hint about magic:
Wizards are evil, Druids are neutral to evil, and Sorcerers are good to evil in the eyes of the common man. I have a reason, but I'm not telling you yet! I challenge you to figure it out.

Also on the theme, setting and tone of this world: It's dark. Not as dark as Warhammer, but still very dark. A lot of bad stuff happens and none of the nations are really that “nice” (well maybe a few, but I haven't thought that out well enough yet). Most people are good (like in our world) but much of the time their actions aren't. I'm sort of basing things off of 11th century (western) Europe, what with it's balance of power between the church (probably in this world the Magisterium), the Holy Roman Empire (Not sure how this ones going to work out, but not like the Empire of WH) and France (also not sure about how this ones going to work).

Sorry this is so long, I just rambled on.